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Offering ride SF/BRC Sat 8/27, return after man burn



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Greetings! I am offering a ride from SF to BRC and back on Saturday Sept 27th (trying to arrive for... more

23 or 24 or 25 – One way from SFO + shopping + Re...


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Hi, we are two (she and he) burners coming from Europe We have room for one person Our trip is :... more

Offering a vehicle if someone can drive RV (from Las Ve...


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Hello! I have an RV booked from Las Vegas (and an alternative one from Los Angeles) but am not... more

Ride from Southern Oregon, Ashland


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Heading out Sat 27th for opening gate at midnight, though flexible, would love help with gas and... more

Denver to BRC – AUG 25th arrival – Can pick...



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I will be heading out early in my truck hauling a camper, following our 26’ box truck I have a... more

Need Vehicle Pass, can provide transportation from Bay ...


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Looking for a vehicle pass, 2 of us traveling to BM in large SUV, can give you a ride from Bay... more

From Los Angeles to BRC and back

$$100 each way

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I am looking for company to help drive up to BRC in an RV from Los Angeles and back I would like to... more

Ride from BRC to Reno, Monday 9/5


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Hi! We are sharing an (air conditioned) bus back to Reno on Monday 9/5 and have extra seats! Will... more

Thurs Aug 25 Ride from Truckee/Reno


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I am heading to the Playa sometime Thursday Have room for 1 for sure, dont know until I pack if I... more

Free Ride to Playa and Back

bug & butter edit copy 2


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Pineapple and Butterfly here ! We've got the a new shiny Rental RV Veteran burners that have... more

PDX burner looking for a copilot

resized smurfy


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I am looking for someone to copilot with me to (and if you desire) home from the burn Ideally we... more

SF to Blackrock 8/26 return 9/6 one person door to door...

$175 ow 300rt

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I have a van and a vehicle passI have one rider already and I have room for one more rider with a... more

Ride from Oakland, can bring bike, leaving 8/27 or 8/28...


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I have room for 1 person in my 2 seater van travelling from Oakland or I can pick you up from an... more

Driving across country from WV, offering a ride in my c...


$Split gas costs

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Hello! My name is Matthew AKA SEER I'm traveling from Fayetteville, WV - leaving on the 21st and... more

Reno to BRC 8/31 am

$Help with gas

85 total views, 7 today

I have a truck and room for 1-2 people plus some luggage I’m starting out in Sonoma County early... more

Leaving from Story, WYO on 8/27 Arrive 8/28-9


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Truck + Pull behind camper - looking for 1 or 2 passengers to join 2 of us on our drive We're... more

Ride Bay Area to BRC


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I'm renting a full size truck (RAM Rebel or similar) from 8/27-9/2 I live in San Mateo and am... more

Milwaukee/Chicago to Reno departing 8/23, arriving 8/25...


$split gas 50/50

117 total views, 5 today

Calendar at your service here! Veteran Burner driving to BRC for the first time, making my... more

Ride from Reno or nearby in exchange for a vehicle pass...


$vehicle pass

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I can offer a ride to one passenger and carry a decent amount of luggage I am in search of a... more

Driving my RV from NJ to BRC


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I am Driving my RV from NJ to BRC, planning on leaving August 25 (Maybe I can find someone to... more

DENVER To/From Playa in RV. WED 8/24 8PM, Return SUN 9/...


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Rideshare DENVER to PLAYA in RV We need both ways Departure: Leave DENVER WED 8/24 @8PM and arrive... more

Offering a ride from Bend, Oregon to BRC and back!

$Make an Offer

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Hi! Im a 29 year old male from Bend who is going ot my 3rd burn I've got an extra spot in my mini... more

Scenic Journy from BRC From DC/MD/VA



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Traveling from the Washington DC/MD/VA area through Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South... more

Looking for a camp and need a ride from Concord, CA and...


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Hello, I am looking for someone that needs a camp with hot shower, porta, kitchen at 4:30/E... more

BRC to Reno 9/5 or 9/6


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Hi, will be leaving BRC 9/5 during day when traffic lets up or 9/6 very early AM to get to Reno by... more

Reno to BRC 8/25


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Hi, will be traveling reno to BRC on 8/25 early entry by RV 6th burn, camping at Crossroads 845 and... more

Leaving Las Vegas Aug 29 to black Rock city


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Leaving Monday Aug 29 for Black Rock City from an event in Las Vegas I have an RV that could take 1... more

Ride offered SF > BRC Aug 27th returning Sept 6



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Hello dusty friends! I have a vehicle pass and am planning to fly into SFO on Saturday the 27th,... more

Driving Wyoming –> BRC, can scoop along way!! ...


$split pass+gas

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Hi party people!! I am looking for some awesome folks to accompany me for any portion of my... more

Offering Ride from Los Angeles Round Trip to BRC

$200.00 plus gas

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Hey Burner family, we are two burners renting a pretty spacious van (2010 Ford E-Series) that can... more

Space for one passenger SF-BRC Fri 8/26-Mon 9/5


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Have room for one passenger with average amount of gear round trip SF-BRC Must have early access... more

Available seats on the BRAT (Black Rock Area Transit) R...


$200 Round Trip

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We have available seats on the BRAT (Black Rock Area Transit) RV We leave from the Pittsburg, in... more

Early Man Aug 20 Arrival from Los Angeles, Return Sept ...

Petrolia New Years 2021

$One third gas

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Do you have a super early WAP and need a ride from Southern CA I'm leaving Aug 19, driving up the... more

RNO to BRC on August 25th – BRC to RNO on Sept 1s...


118 total views, 0 today

I'm getting a rental car at reno airport and looking for carpoolers! Leave Reno airport -... more

Roundtrip Ride San Diego-BRC-San Diego

$$150 toward gas

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Ride in style in our RV with two long-time Burners Leaving SD early afternoon Sat 8/27 aiming for... more

Round trip or one way


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Leaving on Aug 23rd or 24th, depending on passenger situation and making the run out to BRC Rocking... more

Offering ride from the Denver area


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I am travelling from the Denver area to Black Rock City in my bus - I have room for up to 3 people... more

Extra Room Colorado -> BRC & Back

IMG_2467 copy 2


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Hey Everyone! I’m driving a Ford Escape from Montrose, CO to BRC (taking Salt Lake City route)... more

Las Vegas, NV to Burningman Ride Share


$Share Gas

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Hello, I will be heading to Burningman on 8/26/22 returning to Las Vegas September 4th, possible... more

Ride offer from Bay Area/Reno–Early Arrival



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I am offering a ride from the SF Bay Area I'm also willing to grab someone from the Reno... more

Round trip RV ride from Portland Oregon


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Ride in RV comfort round trip to the Playa Can accomidate a reasonable amount of gear and bikes... more

LA > BRC, Friday 8/26 (Early Entry) and/or BRC >...



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I will be leaving Los Angeles late August 25th (Thursday) or early August 26th (Friday) for early... more

Denver Area to BRC and back

$Gas Share

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I have a large crew cab truck and have 2 seats available The truck has a large bed and can carry... more

SoCal to BRC

$Split Gas

188 total views, 2 today

Driving a Truck up to Black Rock City from Inland Empire, Southern California 40 Min from Los... more

Ride with me from OAK to BRC 8/24 early

$Share gas cost?

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Tobacco free camper Must already have your own physical ticket (Not stopping at will call) and WAP... more

Offering ride from Phoenix (must have WAP!)

$help with gas!

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Hello! Help us with some gas in our rv and we'll give you a lift from the phoenix area! we have... more

PNW to BRC return


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Leaving Victoria for BRC Aug 28 via Port Angeles, Olympia, I-5 to Eugene Cedarvill&e Return... more

Offering gear transportation to and from NC > BRC


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I will be driving out to BRC from NC and I have some space in my truck I can pick up gear anywhere... more

Offering ride to carpool


$Gas money

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We are virgins with tickets going to BM in our 73winnabrgo from coloradooffering rides to help with... more

Single Guy looking for a BM date…



453 total views, 5 today

Here’s a quick bio… Single Articulate Healthcare job w stops in law+pro ball Biz owner... more

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