Listings for Team/Volunteer Opportunities (19)

Does your team have a human-shaped hole in it you need to fill ? Want to volunteer for a group on or off playa? The Team Roles/Volunteer Opportunities section is for burners looking to connect about personnel openings or needs.

Help Build the Purr Pods



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Hello! I'm building giant metal cats that will purr when you pet them Lots of volunteer... more

Flybrary Liason needed for the “Human LibraryR...

flybrary head tilt


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Honorarium project: The Flybrary in need of a person with excellent communication skills who can... more

Bay Area Couple Looking to Volunteer & Find New Hom...



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Dear Fellow Burners, My partner and I are looking to connect with a group of mindful people to... more

skilled welder/builder volunteers needed for Honoraria ...



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Hello everyone, Thank you for wanting to get involved! Fragments is a monumental mirror... more

Vounteers needed? Let us know



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I am a fun-loving virgin burner, outgoing who loves people, dancing and making dreams come true:)... more

Art support camp seeks kitchen lead


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Hello! We are a Bay Area-based, honorarium-supported, art support camp building an immersive... more

Kitchen manager in camp team



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Greetings my dear Burners! Our camp team is looking for a kitchen manager to create a foodie... more

First time burner, first born unicorn!



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Hola beautiful souls, it’s a bit overwhelming for a first time burner to properly absorb all the... more

Honoraria Fragments Art Project seeks Volunteers



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Our Fragments Art Project is looking for volunteers: Fragments is a monumental mirror... more

Creative looking for volunteer position



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My name is Haley I have been living nomadically for the past 5 months and will be heading to the... more

Honoraria Project seeks Fundraising Expert and Videogra...


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Hello! We are excited to get working on our project and have already received support through... more

Mementomorium Project is looking for volunteers



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Learn about Mementomorium Project and our plans for unSCruz and Burning Man See how it resonates... more

Enthusiastic cat looking to get their hands dirty!



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Ignore the locationI am everywhere and willing to be anywhere to get things done I already have... more

Outgoing, Skilled Birgin Ready to Serve a Camp or Proje...


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I am a fun-loving, outgoing, well adjusted, tool-toting maker who loves building epic shit and... more

Looking to join a lovely camp and to help !


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Hi there lovely people, My boyfriend and I’ll be attending our first Burn this summer ! we... more



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hey i am an industrial designer focused on Parametric/Computational designI am looking for someone... more

Traveler seeking to help…



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I would like to help, whether that's helping people personally or helping a creative group I've... more

Designer/Writer/Traveler seeking project or team in nee...



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Hello from the East Coast! My name is Dr BooƧe, and I am a 4-time regional attendee with BRC... more

I can help build the art !!!


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It's my first time to burning man 2019 I would like to contribute my skills for any theme camps or... more