Listings for Volunteer Opportunities (28)

Does your team have a human-shaped hole in it you need to fill ? Want to volunteer for a group on or off playa? The Team Roles/Volunteer Opportunities section is for burners looking to connect about personnel openings or needs.

Holistic Therapy Instructor and Sound Healing looking ...



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I am looking for a camp to be a part of and an opportunity to share my gifts A bit about me I... more

Seeking for camping



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Hey burners! Hope all your plans and organization is going well My name is Luis this is my first... more

ISO Volunteering-Haul Gear/People, Small Engines Repair...



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Solo Burner looking to get involved/participate I work on motorcycles, quads, golf carts, scooters,... more

Lost burner looking for a new home



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Hi, I am looking for ticket to burning man, I've been part of the Edm, burner and music community... more

Build Crew


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Looking to assist build crew If you need assistance I can bring some tools to assist with your... more

Join the Carillon Burn Perimeter

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We are bringing Carillon to the playa this year It a 45' bell tower with about 100 bells made from... more

Handyman looking for a camp and ticket!



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Hey! My names Dylan and im a 32 year old mcdonalds burger I was introduced to the world of burning... more

Handy and capable humans needed for camp


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Are you an experienced burner looking to return and join a camp You are in luck,... more

Playa Chef Needed


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Looking for one qualified Playa experienced chef; ticket available If interested please send resume... more

Welder/Fabrication/Laser Cutter/Builder/You name it-er


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Hello Burners, I am a hopeful first-time burner looking for a ticket, and also opportunities to... more

Newbie Burner Looking to Join a Camp


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Hi Burners, This is my very first burn and I couldn't be more excited to join such a beautiful... more

Looking for bartenders for Steely Dan Happy Hour


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Hi there! I've hosted Steely Dan Happy Hour on the playa since 2011 and I'm so excited to come back... more

Word Play Cafe

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Help us bring the Word Play Cafe to the playa in 2022! We are looking for volunteers for... more

Looking for Volunteers at Burning Man 2022 for Large Ar...



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Hello Community: We are getting ready to take The Solar Shrine to the playa... more

Thought Bubble Chess CLub



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I am pioneer in bubbleology by combining it with chess, I claim the two things together to be... more

Center Camp Performance Stages – Volunteer Reques...



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Calling all musicians, singers, dancers, poets, dreamers, jugglers, actors, artists, crooners,... more

Looking to help out


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I’m looking to help out a camp for ticket exchange! I’m super handy and can be very available... more

Local Resource/Storage/Help


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Hello there! Looking to attend my first burn after being in the Tahoe/Reno area for many... more

Who needs a robotics engineer?


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Hi all, I'm a robotics engineer/ programmer/ artist from Ireland wanting to combine my love of... more

Skilled carpenter/tradesman/Artist for your camp


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I am offering my services, love, energy, and time to your camp My wife is a skilled professional... more

Need Help Feeding Hungry Volunteers


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I'm looking for a couple of peeps with experience cooking for large groups inwelldusty and non... more

Hey want to go to Burning man , Dont know what to do wi...


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hello i am looking for a family who have kids and want the kids but also have some alone time I... more

Willing to help out!


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Hello! My wife and I would love to join this year's burning man but are not really connected to the... more

2 virgin burners w/ tickets, strong eyebrows, and can-d...


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Hi y'all! My partner (Sam) and I are first-time burners with tickets, hopeful and excited to find a... more

Local Burner Festival Spain

Burning Spring


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Hi, Burners I hope this message finds you well! We are a community of skydivers situated in... more

WE CAN DO THAT!! (Not kidding, we seriously can)



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My partner (John) & I (Snark Bite) have a crazy eclectic spectrum of skills and access to a... more

Hoping to help with an Art Project or Mutant Vehicle in...


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I'm based in Toronto and willing to volunteer to help with an Art Project or Mutant Vehicle that is... more



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I am looking for a camp to be a part of and an opportunity to share my gifts I find fulfillment in... more