Listings for Team/Volunteer Opportunities (15)

Does your team have a human-shaped hole in it you need to fill ? Want to volunteer for a group on or off playa? The Team Roles/Volunteer Opportunities section is for burners looking to connect about personnel openings or needs.

Trush The Process


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Trush the Process: for better sustainability and self-reliance, to create new friendships, to wake... more



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I am seeking to connect with folks experienced in volunteering for the medical side of ESD Seeking... more

Emily Rose Grey


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Looking forward to contribute through my Cooking, Photo...


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Hello Burners, I am a first time solo burner, looking forward to contribute and participate in... more

Solo BM virgin (LB attended), looking to volunteer &...



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I’m self employed with open availability My business is GINA’S GEMS REUSABLE DESIGNER PASTIES... more

First time single traveling Burner – looking for ...



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He Burners I´m traveling this year for the first time to the Black Rock City from Switzerland... more

New burner looking for a Camp or a project to join!


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Hello everyone! I'm a first timer here in the burning man I'm from florence, and I'm looking for a... more

Mechanical Engineer looking to help/ BRC Virgin


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I am an ME looking to help in any way specialties include; Engines and Generators, metal... more

Chill solo virgin burner looking to volunteer/join an a...



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Hi! I'm a virgin burner and hoping to make 2020 the year that it happens I've done extensive... more

First Timer Looking to Volunteer/ Join a Camp!


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Hello fellow Burners I am a newbie first timer but have been following for several years now I am... more



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Greetings fellow Burners I am a newbie first timer but have been following for several years now I... more

looking to contribute to your project


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Boston Burners, I am a (hopeful) first-time burner looking to volunteer with a camp in the... more

First Time solo burner looking to volunteer



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Hi I am a first time solo burner coming from atlanta and am looking to join or voluteer in teams... more

Asian couple looking to contribute at BM 2020

marriage encounter ION orchard full length


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Hi there, We are from Singapore, South-East Asia We are world travellers, and looking forward... more



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What's up everybody I'm here because I wanna meet other people because I'm a first time burner and... more