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Reno ↔ BRC, Saturday WAP, Sat 8/27 to Mon 8/5, l...


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Hello, I'm looking for a vehicle pass I have space for at least one person, probably more if you... more

Ride for 2 SF > BRC on 28 Aug to 5 Sept


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Hello! I'm looking for a ride for my partner and I leaving from San Francisco or area on 28 Aug... more

Looking for a ride Tue 8/23


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Arriving in Reno on Tuesday 8/23, looking for a ride to playa that afternoon or evening Have EA... more

Have Vehicle Pass Need RIDE From Santa Cruz 08/30 (even...

$Gas Split or ?

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HowdyI'm looking for a ride anytime after 5 PM Tuesday 8/30from Santa Cruz, or could leave my... more

Ride from OC/LA to BRC



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Hello! So excited about this years burn! I’m looking for a way to get my camping necessities and... more

LA > BRC one way


$half gas min

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Traveling solo on a truck with camper from LA to BRC on Saturday night or Sunday morning Got VP No... more

Need ride BACK to SF area 9/4, can offer vehicle pass, ...

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 11.27.09

$Vehicle Pass

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Hi! I need a one-way ride BACK from BRC to SF / Bay Area after the burn I would ideally leave... more




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Looking for ride from Reno to Playa on 28th and back on...

Sav headshot DAOPlanet res


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Hey folks My name is Savva Kerdemelidis - this is my first BM and did not manage to get Burner Bus... more

LA –> BRC (9/27) & BRC –> L...



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Hello fellow burners, I am a regional burner who is very much looking forward to visiting BRC for... more

Washing to BRC


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Will be traveling from Port Townsend Washington to BRC leaving August 25 2022 I have a TDI... more

Sat 8.27 LA > BRC > LA 9.4 Sun


$Gas/drive share

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Hey there! I’m a 36yo looking for a RT ride between LA and BRC… Depart Sat 27 Return Sun... more

Need to transport a bit of last minute gear – Tor...

$chip in for gas

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Hi Burners! We are flying to BM and were wondering if anyone is driving down from Toronto and... more

Looking for a ride Reno to BRC 8/30 @ 11pm



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Looking for a ride from Reno airport to BRC 8/30 around 11pm I’m meeting my bf at camp, so it’s... more

Help me get my bikes to burningman!



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Hello! I need help getting my two bikes to the burn! I live in Washington State but my bikes are... more

Ride into BRC 8/25 for two



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My fiancé and I are looking for a ride from RENO to the playa on Thursday 8/25, early arrival... more

SFO, heading NORTH on 18th Aug



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I need to head north, ideally get from San Francisco to Medford, OR, to meet a buddy so we can... more

Looking for ride BRC to Reno 9/2


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Looking for a ride out of the playa Need to return to default world early Leave playa around 8/9pm... more

Ride 8/30 Reno to BRC


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Looking for a ride into the playa around 10pm on Aug 30 We are two women Happy to pay gas, rental... more

Looking for a ride from PDX —> BRC Friday 8/26


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Hi! I’m Zea, She/her Looking for a ride out to Burning man on Friday morning I have a car I... more

Need ride in from RNO on Monday 8/29 around 3:30

$Happy to pay

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I land in RNO at 3:00 Monday There is no Burner Bus available Anyone willing to let me tag along I... more

Looking for Existing Rideshare or to Begin a Rideshare



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Hi there! Looking for people with whom to rideshare Either you have a rideshare to which I can... more

Looking for Ride from Bay Area


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Hi, I am looking for a ride to the Burn ideally Saturday, Aug 27th (Could come on Sunday too if... more

9/1- Looking for ride from Burning Man to Reno


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1 female looking for a ride from Burning Man back to Reno on Thursday Sept 1! Minimal... more

Two people looking for ride to/from PNW w/ 8/26 arrival...


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Hi! I'm Greg, but you can call me Rhubarb Tony or Ruby-T for short My partner Rae and I are... more

Offering ride BRC — Denver, Mon. 9/5!



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1 spot available on a short bus leaving BRC on Mon 9/5 Plenty of space for your bike, bins, etc... more

RENO to San Diego (or along the way) 9/7/22


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I will be heading back to San Diego from Reno early on Wednesday September 7th I have a rented... more

Reno Airport to BM Late Sunday/early Monday


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Looking for a ride from reno airport to burning man Trying to leave from airport around midnight... more

Offering ride from / to LA Mon 29 – Mon 5



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Hi! I'm gonna be driving up to the burn on Monday the 29th, and am looking for someone to share in... more

In need of a ride back to Reno on Sunday 4th September

$Gas money?

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Hey burners, The ride my wife and I had arranged for Sunday 4th September to go back to Reno is... more

Room for 1 Ventura to Burn

$A fair exchange

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Hello dusty critters! I'm leaving Thursday morning early for Reno, then the burn I have almost no... more

Ride from BRC to Reno on Sun 9/4 or Mon 9/5



14 total views, 6 today

Hi Burners! One week to go and I need help with finding a ride out of Black Rock City and back to... more

Ride from reno tuesday the 23rd

$gas dollars

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Looking for a ride for myself and 2 other burners from reno on tuesday, preferably early please let... more

BRC to Reno 8/29


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I am helping to build Suburbia (9:00/Esplanade) but I have to leave Monday to get back to a new job... more

Looking for ride Sunday 8/28 Reno->BRC!



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Will help with gas! Bringing tent, 1-carry on luggage, backpack, and food I keep a positive... more

Ride Needed | Reno or Lake Tahoe –> BRC Saturd...


$Split gas

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Hey y'all, I'm looking for a ride from Reno on 8/27 to BRC Happy to contribute to gas / collaborate... more

Reno>BRC Late Wed/overnight into Thurs – have ...

$Gas $$ & snacks

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Hi! My name is Dynasty and I'm looking for a ride from the Sands/Reno to BRC anytime from late... more

Need ride from Reno to BRC Monday 8/29


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Hi! Second timer burner looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on Monday 8/29 I get in at 11am but... more

BRC to Reno Airport on Friday 8/26



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My wife and I are attending a wedding in Denver on the weekend between build and burn week We need... more

Seeking ride 8/26 SF – BRC


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Hi! Looking for a ride i8/26 from the Bay Area to BRC I will contribute to costs, I've got WAP,... more

Salt Lake City > BRC

$Gas Donation

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Leaving Salt Lake City evening of August 22 to head to Fernley and then BRC in my camper van Would... more

Do you have room for a bike


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Hello, In need of bike transport I have a burner express ticket for Monday 12:00 but can’t... more

Downtown Reno TO Airport w Bike 8/27


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Looking for a lift with the bike from hotel in downtown Reno to Airport for Burning Bus Sat Aug 27... more

Seeking rideshare 8/23 Reno – BRC

$Share fuel

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Hi! Hoping a kind human who is traveling from Reno to BRC on 23rd August might consider rideshare... more

Reno > BRC 8/31


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Hello Fam! I'm looking for a ride from Reno > BRC the morning of Wednesday, 8/31 I'll have a... more

Looking for a ride from LA to BM 27th & back from B...

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-16 at 06.11.42

$50 USD

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Hello, my name is Charlotte and it will be my first Burn I am a bit excited and at the same time... more

Need ride from Oregon to BRC


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Would be thrilled to get a ride to BRC I have minimal stuff and am happy to help pay for... more

Ride Request Oakland BRC (Saturday August 27th or Sund...



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Hello Burners! I'm looking for a ride from Oakland > BRC on August 27th or 28th, and... more

Looking for a ride back to Reno Airport Sunday Septembe...


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Looking for a ride back to Reno Sunday afternoon Heading to the airport for an evening flight... more

LA to the BURN 28th-4th or 5th

$Vehicle PASS

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Hello Beautiful Burners, I am looking for a ride to the burn and I do have a vehicle pass to share... more

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