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Los Angeles to BRC and Back


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I'm planning on leaving late Thursday/early Friday (25th/26th) and leaving after the temple burn I... more

Ride back from BRC to Hayward CA, Sunday morning Sept 4...

$Gas money

13 total views, 13 today

Hello I'm offering a ride from BRC to Hayward CA Sunday morning Sept 4th You cover 1 full tank of... more

Ride from Reno to BRC 27th Aug


17 total views, 17 today

Hi all, First time burner here looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on the 27th I arrive at Reno... more

SF/Bay Area BRC Sat 8/27, return after man burn



22 total views, 22 today

Greetings! I am offering a ride from SF to BRC and back on Saturday Sept 27th (trying to arrive for... more

Looking for a ride from BRC to Reno (or other city) Aug...


15 total views, 15 today

Open to different things in exchange! I have a vehicle... more

Have a vehicle pass, Sat 8/27 from Reno


20 total views, 20 today

Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on Saturday during the day I have a vehicle pass if one is... more

Black rock


$Vehicle pass

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My husband and I are in Camp Juicy We are rock hard Canadians - (promise not to put too much maple... more

Ride back to bay after man Burns

flower child


15 total views, 15 today

Hi burner... more

23 or 24 or 25 – One way from SFO + shopping + Re...


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Hi, we are two (she and he) burners coming from Europe We have room for one person Our trip is :... more

Reno to BRC Aug 28th ~3pm

Roving Unicorn3


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My plane arrives at 2pm on Sunday, August 28th so I'll be ready to go around 2:30 or 3pm I'll have... more

BRC to Reno Friday Sept 2 ~6am

Roving Unicorn3


10 total views, 10 today

My plane leave Reno at 12:30pm on Friday, September 2nd So I'm looking for an early morning ride... more

Looking for Trailer Pull from reno into burn on the 25t...


12 total views, 12 today

Hi Looking for someone to help tow a travel trailer in from Reno in exchange for gas + vehicle... more

2 ppl looking for a rideshare option to and from the bu...

fredrik water


11 total views, 11 today

Hi, we're 2 people looking for a rideshare option from PDX to the burn and back We will be part of... more

Offering a vehicle if someone can drive RV (from Las Ve...


23 total views, 23 today

Hello! I have an RV booked from Las Vegas (and an alternative one from Los Angeles) but am not... more

Seeking ride to playa Aug 31 (evening)


39 total views, 5 today

I am seeking a ride on Wednesday, August 31, arriving at Reno airport at 8:41pm with no check-in... more

Ride from Southern Oregon, Ashland


18 total views, 2 today

Heading out Sat 27th for opening gate at midnight, though flexible, would love help with gas and... more

Denver to BRC – AUG 25th arrival – Can pick...



37 total views, 6 today

I will be heading out early in my truck hauling a camper, following our 26’ box truck I have a... more

I can give you a ride, but need a vehicle pass….


60 total views, 17 today

Hello Two of us in a large SUV with our camping gear need a vehicle pass and could provide... more

Need Vehicle Pass, can provide transportation from Bay ...


30 total views, 9 today

Looking for a vehicle pass, 2 of us traveling to BM in large SUV, can give you a ride from Bay... more

Looking for ride to BRC 8/10-8/13



14 total views, 2 today

Hey ya'll! Second year DPW, looking for a ride to Gerlach in the coming week (8/9 onward)... more

From Los Angeles to BRC and back

$$100 each way

56 total views, 11 today

I am looking for company to help drive up to BRC in an RV from Los Angeles and back I would like to... more

Ride from BRC to Reno, Monday 9/5


33 total views, 5 today

Hi! We are sharing an (air conditioned) bus back to Reno on Monday 9/5 and have extra seats! Will... more

Need ride from Playa to Reno 8/29

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 7.43.11 PM

$gas $/food

33 total views, 5 today

Hi I am part of Suburbia but I can only stay for the build (sigh) because of a new teaching job I... more

Looking for ride – ANY major city –> BR...


$Any price

50 total views, 15 today

Howdy! Got my ticket, got my camp I'm all set to go! Looking for a ride and some good company on... more

Thurs Aug 25 Ride from Truckee/Reno


24 total views, 4 today

I am heading to the Playa sometime Thursday Have room for 1 for sure, dont know until I pack if I... more

San Rafael- BRC -back 8/28-9/5


41 total views, 4 today

Hola! First time burner located in SAN RAFAEL in need of a ride departing Sunday 8/28 with return... more

26th Reno -> BRC 2 passengers looking for you :)


54 total views, 7 today

Hello :) We are two Israeli burners - Talia and Moses - looking to join you from Reno to BRC on... more

Ride to and From Los Angeles

DSCF6460 copy

$Chip in for Gas

50 total views, 7 today

Hi dusty friends, I'm a 5 year, about to be a 6 year burner I'm looking for ride from Los... more

Looking to share a ride from KY, OH, IA or surrounding ...


54 total views, 6 today

hello lovely people :) I am looking for a ride from anywhere near Ky, ohio, Tennessee, etc I am... more

Free Ride to Playa and Back

bug & butter edit copy 2


135 total views, 19 today

Pineapple and Butterfly here ! We've got the a new shiny Rental RV Veteran burners that have... more

SF to BRC- Sat 27th Aug. 2 people


32 total views, 7 today

Hi Fam! We are two first-time burners looking for a ride from SF to BRC on Saturday, 27th August... more

Looking for a ride in/out… have a car pass


$Shared Gas

40 total views, 6 today

I'll be looking for a ride from PDX to burning man, and back if available I have average gear plus... more

Rideshare SFO -> Reno, Afternoon 27th August

IMG_2717 (1)


26 total views, 4 today

I am looking for a ride from San Francisco to Reno I will land around 3pm + time to get through... more

Seeking a ride to the playa 8/26 evening or 8/27 early...

seeking a ride...


40 total views, 7 today

Hello ! My family is heading out before be to the playa to build so I am seeking a ride to the... more



29 total views, 3 today


PDX burner looking for a copilot

resized smurfy


159 total views, 15 today

I am looking for someone to copilot with me to (and if you desire) home from the burn Ideally we... more

SF to Blackrock 8/26 return 9/6 one person door to door...

$175 ow 300rt

80 total views, 4 today

I have a van and a vehicle passI have one rider already and I have room for one more rider with a... more

Australian Ranger Needs Small Yurt Taken to Playa


41 total views, 5 today

I am travelling from Australia for the Burn I have a small Yurt in Reno and need it taken to and... more

Ride from Oakland, can bring bike, leaving 8/27 or 8/28...


56 total views, 6 today

I have room for 1 person in my 2 seater van travelling from Oakland or I can pick you up from an... more

Carpool From Reno to BM


52 total views, 4 today

First time burner here coming from NYC; my boyfriend and I would love to carpool with somebody... more



41 total views, 1 today

Hi! Looking for transportation hopefully to and back from the Playa I live in Bloomington, Indiana... more

Looking for a ride: Van,Bc to RBC, 8/27-9/6

$split gas costs

28 total views, 3 today

Hi dusty friends, I am trying to get out there anytime between Saturday Aug 27th to Monday Aug 29,... more

Minnesota to BRC arriving 8/24

$Split gas costs

32 total views, 1 today

I'll be driving from Minnesota to Black Rock City starting 8/22 and arriving on Wednesday morning... more

Los Angeles Black Rock City

$Split Gas +

48 total views, 1 today

Hello! I'm hoping someone else will be driving LA to and from Black Rock City for this year's burn... more

My bike (not my body) needs a lift from Ventura > BR...

$Lets negotiate!

28 total views, 5 today

Hi, Im Indigo I live in Ventura As does my bicycle I am heading into BRC from Montana I am looking... more

Driving across country from WV, offering a ride in my c...


$Split gas costs

52 total views, 3 today

Hello! My name is Matthew AKA SEER I'm traveling from Fayetteville, WV - leaving on the 21st and... more

Reno to BRC 8/31 am

$Help with gas

41 total views, 2 today

I have a truck and room for 1-2 people plus some luggage I’m starting out in Sonoma County early... more

Looking for a ride to BRC from Oakland(roundtrip)



26 total views, 4 today

I'd love to find a ride from Oakland to BRC on 8/26 and return 9/5 or 6 I'm semi flexible with... more

Need ride 8/28 Evening

Me Cocktail 2


23 total views, 2 today

Hi! I'm looking to hail a ride into BRC from Reno on Sunday 8/28 Preferably in the evening I can... more

Reno to BRC Aug 7

$can contribute

19 total views, 0 today

Looking for a ride from Reno to Gerlach / BRC on Aug 7 or 8th One human, one bag Can contribute gas... more

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