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Daddy’O -ticket and vehicle pass gets us to BRC (from C...



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8 burns and 1 more to go to make it Divine Contact me on Twitter : @IneffablyOne Let’s get... more

going my way?



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Hi All, I am looking for a round trip ticket to the Burn Open to leaving anytime between Thursday... more

Looking for a rideshare from LA after 27th (incl). Have...

$car pass

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Looking for a rideshare from LA after 27th (incl) Have a car pass!) Would the bicycle... more

Looking for ride from Oakland on Aug. 24th I have a veh...



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I have my ticket, my WAP and most of my gear is going up seperate In return I will kick down for... more

Pickup truck with room for one or two more



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Have this kind of truck rented Currently, it's just my wife and I and most of our gear will be... more

Offering ride from Phoenix/Vegas 8/25 or Reno 8/26

$help with gas!

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we've got some space in our rv and are hoping to give a ride to some wayward burners! we are... more

Rideshare from Reno to Black Rock



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Hi y´all! Second time Burner from Belgium with problems finding a ride into the Playa! I would... more

Couple with VP looking for a ride BayArea to BRC and ba...


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My wife and I are looking for a ride to BRC from bay area and back We have a free vehicle pass for... more

Offering ride from Los Angeles to BRC in exchange for v...



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25y/o male, first time burner/solo camper, plan on driving up from Los Angeles to BRC for the full... more

Looking for a Ride – Reno to BlackRock City!


$Pitch on Gas

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Hey! My name is Valentyn and I'm a 28 year old visual artist / film maker looking for a ride to... more

Aloha! Looking for a ride from Venice Beach on 27th or ...

Amanda Bender


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Aloha wonderful humans! I want to ride with you to my first ever burn Do you have room for me I... more

Anyone in need of a ride want to drive an RV from Las V...



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I am coming from Hawaii and have an RV rented in Las Vegas I am looking for someone with RV... more

Ride available early access Aug 24 from SF bay area



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Space in the jeep , leaving 24 am ( maybe 23 rd) Space for a bike too Chill, non smokingHavent... more

Looking for a ride from Reno Airport to BRC 8/29.

$Can offer gas $

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Hello BM family Im a 19th-year burner, artist, and performer looking for a ride Monday, August 29... more

Offering ride RENO to BRC on Friday 26 NEED VEHICLE PAS...



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Hey! Im flying into RENO on Friday 26th, loading up some last minute supplies and and then... more

ISO Roundtrip Ride From SF to BR 28th-3rd or 4th


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Hyeeee!! I'm looking for a chill non-smoking (nicotine) ride to and fro Le Burn arriving on the... more

Rides Offered (Up to 3 people) from Central CA Coast to...



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Virgin Burner here I just rounded up a ticket but would like a vehicle pass I can haul 3 people (up... more

Looking for a Ride: 9/1 BRC –> Reno



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Hello, This is my 2nd burn, 1st "real" burn, I went to the renegade last year, I'm very excited... more

Veteran Burner Seeks Ride To BRC From Reno Either Sunda...


$Will split gas

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Looking for a ride for me, a (roughly) 40' x 28' x 16" rolling suitcase, two bags of groceries, 20... more

Hello! Looking for a Ride from and back to LA


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Hello, I am looking for a ride for my girlfriend and me from and back to LA I need to be there... more

Spanish artist looking for a ride from Reno to Black Ro...

Screenshot_2022-08-12 José Manuel González Martínez ( josemanuelgonzalezmartinez) • Fotos y vídeos de Instagram


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Hey dear BM fellas!!!, I'm a light artists from Spain looking for a ride from Reno to Playa ANYTIME... more

Canadian Female Burner looking for a ride-share Reno to...



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It’s my first official burn and I’m looking for a ride from Reno to BRC August 29th! I’m... more

Excited Virgin Burner looking for a Ride BRC-> SF on...

photo_2022-08-12 16.27.42


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Dear fellow burning creatures, I (F24) am looking for a ride from BRC to SF on Sep 5th or Sep 6th... more

NYer(s) looking for rideshare or vehicle – Have V...

Profile Pic_HerningMan

$Gas Share

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EARLY ACCESS WITH WAP I COULD GET A VEHICLE PASS Hi East Coast Burners I know of a... more

Looking for ride back to LA on Sunday Sept. 4th



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I'm looking for a ride from Blackrock city to Los Angeles on Sunday the 4th I have to be back in... more

Roundtrip Ride from Seattle Roughly August 28, Back Sep...


$Help w/ Gas

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Hey! Psych Rock Band (2 males, 1 female) driving down from Seattle with some extra seats in our van... more

Offering Ride From San Diego to Reno Friday 8/26

Burning Ultra

$Just Split Gas

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I am leaving from San Diego (Fallbrook) area Friday morning I have room for one spot There is no... more

Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on 25th – Ear...


42 total views, 6 today

I have my BM ticket and early pass Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC I have minimal stuff, just... more

Ride Offered 8/25 noonish from Denver to Reno arriving ...


$some gas

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Hi all I'm pulling my travel trailer from Lone Tree, Co to Reno, then BRC at gate The plan is to... more

Virgin Burners in need of a ride from NYC or Cali!!


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Heyy yall, I'm in need of the biggest favor My friend and I were supposed to be arriving on the... more

Looking for ride from BRC to Reno airport early on Frid...

$Food and gas

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Hey there! Veteran burner looking for a ride outta playa early on Friday, Sept 2 (9/2) in order to... more

Female burner looking for a ride in from Reno Monday Au...


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Flying into Reno the night before, will only have 1 carry on suitcase and myself! Can leave anytime... more

Driver Needed from Reno to BRC august 28 & sept 5th...


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Hello! Virgin burner here Really really need help getting an RV in and out of BRC on the 28th &... more

Looking for Vehicle Pass in exchange for ride from LA, ...


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Hi, I am seeking a vehicle pass so I can arrive later to the burn in exchange for ride or can... more

Looking For Ride: Reno ↔ BRC, Sat 8/27 to Mon 9/...


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Hello, I'm looking for a ride from Reno to BRC and back I'm looking to arrive around Saturday... more

Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC 8/30 @11pm


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Looking for a ride from Reno airport to BRC 8/30 @11pm Meeting my bf at camp and need to go late on... more

Just my bicycle needs a ride from Reno to BRC


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I waited too long to get my burner express ticket and they're now sold out of bike passes so my... more

got cargo? Socal to BRC. August 24th


$$50 and up

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Hey hey, I'll be driving my rig from LA to BRC this year and am considering offsetting my fuel... more

Ride from BRC to Reno 9/1 or 9/2

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.23.40 PM


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Hi, I'm looking for a ride from BRC to Reno 9/1 or very early 9/2 I have a flight out of Reno that... more

Ride offered 8/25 in the AM from San Rafael (or along r...

$1/2 of gas

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I've got a Ride to offer on 8/25 in the AM from San Rafael (or along route) to BRC I'll have... more

Looking for ride to/from BRC from SF


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Virgin burner looking for a ride from the SF Bay Area to BRC and back, looking to arrive in BRC on... more

RENO to BRC, gift VP, 8/28 or 8/27 (1 person)

14682080_995795267198058_3221399564309986191_o 3

$gift vp or gas

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Hello, Multi-year, female Burner, seeking a ride from Reno into BRC early Sunday, August 28 or... more

Looking for a ride from BRC to Reno on Sept 1 or Sept 2...


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Hello! I have a flight out of Reno mid-day on Friday so I'm looking for a ride from BRC on... more

Lookikg For A Ride! :D Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco ...


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Hello, I'm flying in from the east coast and can meet you in the Bay, Reno, or Sacramento I have a... more

Reno to BRC Aug 28/29 looking for ride (2 people)



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Hi all! My partner and I are looking for a ride into BRC from Reno either the evening of Aug 28th... more

RIDE offered 8/22–Must have WAP


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I will be heading from Reno to the playa on 8/22, would love a co-pilot I’d like help with gas,... more

Ride-offered San Diego to BRC


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I have a space for 1x person to share a co-pilot with my sedan car from San Diego to BRC! I’m... more

**FREE Burning Man ticket!! Will SWAP for space in your...



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Hello Potential Playa Pal Can you offer some space, a bed and maybe a cold shower (or 3!) in your... more

Two friends looking for a ride from Seattle to playa

$Let me know

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Hello! My friend and I are looking for a carpool or a ride to the Playa from Seattle Obviously we... more

Ride in the gray zone from Seattle


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I plan to arrive in BRC on Aug 25 with about two stops from Seattle area I am taking the Gray... more

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