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Ride from BRC back to Bay on 9/3 or 9/4

flower child


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Hi friend! Looking for a ride back to the Bay Area after the man burns on Sat night or early AM on... more

Phoenix to BM


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I have a first-timer friend coming from Phoenix and I'm trying to find him a ride Plans a pretty... more

Early Departure 9/3 BRC to RENO



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Looking for a ride out of Black Rock into Reno morning of Sat 9/3 (am) I have a cinderella... more

LA to BRC – Early Arrival !


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Hello! I'm so excited to return to our favorite dusty city for my 10th burn! I'm camping near 4:00... more

Ride from Reno to BRC Wed 8/31?



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I'm looking for a shared ride from Reno to BRC on Wed 8/31! I am interesting, charming, take up... more

Ride to Burning Man from Bakersfield CA

$1/2 Gas

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15 year veteran Burner looking for a ride to Burning Man from the Bakersfield, CA area or can meet... more

Seeking Ride-share Bay Area to BRC and Back ! Stanford...


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Longtime burner, member of Mansonian Institute for Urban Studies (6:30 & A) camp – we have a... more

Early return to SF on 9/1

$Split gas cost

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Unfortunately, I need to leave BM early and am seeking a ride back to SF on Thursday 9/1 Will split... more

Looking for a ride to playa on 8/26 from Reno


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Hi lovely humans, I'm looking for a ride to playa for 8/26 I'll be staying at GSC, and I will only... more

Ride from SF to BM!


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Looking to go into BM on Friday (August 26th), but need a ride from the SF/bay area I'll just have... more

L.A. > BRC


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Hi burners! Pleasure to meet you, my name is Viola and this is going to be my first burn Finally a... more

Need ride from Santa Cruz to BRC and back

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 5.10.28 PM

$split gas

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Hoping to leave Santa Cruz Monday or Tuesday, 29th or 30th and return Friday or Saturday, 2nd or... more

Looking for One Way Ride from Reno to BRC Thursday (Ear...


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Couple with each 2 suitcases and a backpack looking for a ride from Reno Airport to BRC on Thursday... more

Looking for ride FROM BLC after the burn to Bay

flower child


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Hi! I am a solo woman traveler looking for a ride back to the Bay after the Man burns or early Sun... more

Need a ride for 2 back to SF after striking camp on Tue...

$Best offer

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My wife and I are leading strike for our camp this year, so we'll be the last ones out of the City... more

Cargo Transportation

$Let me know

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Looking to get a few things transported from Wisconsin to the Playa and back such as 2 bikes and a... more

**SOLD** 5 person RV from San Fran no longer needed if ...


$9445 AUD

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NO LONGER AVAILABLE We booked a 5 person RV out of San Fran for pick up on Fri 26th August and... more

Reno to BRC

Näyttökuva 2022-6-19 kello 19.11.46


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Hi! I'm a 23yo photojournalist, not working at BM though, looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on... more



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I'll be driving into BRC from Salt Lake City and can pick people/gear up along the way I have a... more

sf to playa.

the dream of solomon.


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full Burning Man August 28 through September 5 super fun peaceful and outgoing travelling very... more

Offering a round trip to the Playa from Metro Detroit

$Split gas cost

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I'm driving my large RV to the Playa for the sixth time We will depart Wednesday August 24 and... more

Looking for a ride from Seattle. Have a WAP.


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Trying to find a ride to the burn from Seattle Can pay, can drive Trying to go mid build week and... more



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Help us all get to BRC Need help driving our RV for the big trip from Los Angeles August 27 to... more

Some of our STUFF needs a Rideshare!

$Some Gas money

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We're starting a tiny theme camp this year--and don't have enough space in our small pickup and CRV... more

Reno to BM and back with stuff: South African Virgin Bu...



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Hey all fantastic people I will be flying into Reno and looking for a lift from there to the... more

Ride-share Needed Bay Area to BRC & back !! Menlo P...

$Priceless !

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Longtime burner, member of Mansonian Institute for Urban Studies camp - we have a historical /... more

Ride to Reno on Thursday?


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Hi all! Even though I got engaged on the Playa a little over a year ago, this will be my first... more

Ride in style from Los Angeles… but not leaving &...

$80 each way

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I have a couple seats to offer and many burns worth of wisdom to help you prepare for your journey... more

Looking for a ride from Phoenix



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Hey guys, I moved to Phoenix back in 2020 and don't know anyone here My van is all messed up and... more

Ride Share



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Greetings Burners, I am looking for a ride/share expenses to BM on 8/24 or 8/25 and returning on... more

Bay Area/Sacto to BRC and return

Words Image cropped


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Need a ride to and from BRC Very flexible Prefer to arrive on Monday early and leave on Labor Day... more

Seeking RT Rideshare to BRC From NYC / East Coast


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I am coming to Burning Man from NYC I'd love to find someone else who is driving to the burn from... more

Ride from Portland, OR to BRC and Back Sought



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Friendly burner with average amount of gear and will generously contribute gas and transportation... more

Hi! I’m looking for a ride to BRC from Reno/Tahoe...


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Hey everyone! So this will be my first burn and I'm incredibly excited, albeit a little stressed... more

need ride from Reno airport


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8/27/22 need ride from Reno airport around 2 pm for 1 woman little luggage, if any happy to help... more

Offering a ride to BM in my camper van from VA


$Split gas costs

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Hey burners, I'm driving to Black Rock city from Fayetteville West Virginia, departing on August... more

Bay Area to BRC

$Split gas

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Look for a one-way ride coming mid-event week (Tue or Wed) From Santa Cruz, but can you meet... more

To and Fro BRC, Me and My Tings :) Thursday Arrival?

$Let's Talk :)

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Aloha! Taboo here :) I am hoping to connect with some folx for a ride to and from BRC, early... more

Need a shared ride from Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Bay Area b...


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Longtime Burner from Bay Area, active member of a long-standing playa camp (Mansonian Institute for... more

Drive or Ride from New Hampshire

$Share costs

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First-timer looking for passengers, or to get a ride, from NH or New England area to and from... more

Salt Lake City or Reno to BM

$discuss? split?

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Hello! I am returning to the playa for year number 11 I will be departing from Salt Lake City, Utah... more

Ride offered from Bay Area one way


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I intend to drive our motor home (30 ft Cruise America) in early, probably on Saturday the 27th I... more

Leaving from San Jose CA


$Split Gas

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Offering ride up and back Leaving from downtown San Jose on Friday Aug 26th, and returning Tues... more

Driving from KC MO


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My regular carpool guy for Burning Man moved Uh oh What now We had a routine down! I would rent a... more