Listings for Music/Performing Arts (31)

Are you a musician looking for a gig? Part of a camp looking for dancers for a performance? Connect with others who are interested in music and performing arts.

Bulgarian (Eastern European) Bagpipe Player Needed



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Hello! I'm looking for a human who is able to play the Bulgarian (or Eastern European) Bagpipe... more

Playapops Symphony Orchestra


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Come see or participate in the Playapops Symphony Our full performance schedule and more is... more

London DJ (Minimal, Techno, Deep & Retro House, Me...



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Hello fellow Burners! Greetings one and all :) Afrikaburn was my first burn experience and I was... more




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Howdy folks, Gus the snail at your service here, your resident, desert DJ snail As a snail... more

Theme Camp Seeks Established and Experienced House Musi...


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Hey there! We are a music (deep house/house/progressive house/tech/minimal/techno) themed camp... more

Looking for someone who loves to act to join our camp

BRC Better Overhead Layout


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We are looking for a few more creative minds to join us in bringing As You Like It and A Midsummer... more

‘Solar Soul’ Electronic R&B Solo Act fo...



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I'm Pyra--Apple Music Best New Artists 2016, Joox Spotlight 2018 & Winner of Sunkist Freshly... more

How to Perform on the Center Camp Cafe Performance Stag...

Center Camp Stage by WSJ


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Do you have a song in your heart, or rhymes bursting from your lips, or the urge to shake your... more

Live Electronic Indie/Dance Act Looking for Stages to P...

DLA - live guitar copy


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Hey Burners! I make electronic music as Darenosa, and I'm looking for stages to play at with my... more

Piano Tuner, previous experience keeping playa pianos s...



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Hey there, I'm offering my services as a piano tuner (and player) to keep any acoustic pianos on... more

Virgins and Psytrance


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Hello! I know this is a long shot - but hell, why not try it :) We are two virgins from San Diego... more

Parisinos – music producer | DJ



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Soundcloud https://soundcloudcom/parisinos/sommer I cannot wait for my virgin burn, and I am... more




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Hello Folks! I'm an opera singer (baritone) from NYC I'm looking for a place to sing opera and... more

deep space DJ (Deep House, Melodic Techno, Tech House, ...



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Hello dreamers and voyagers! My name is Deep (for real ;-) ) and it is probably fate that drove... more



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im a solo musician and I play live set techno dark right now in in hollywood,staying with my... more

Live Musicians/Bands wanted to perform at Point Black R...

Starport photo


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Greeting live musicians of BRC! BRTA is finalizing our schedule for electric and acoustic live... more


25488162_1611427358951884_5913248501277567956_o 2


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Hello, Burners! We are an Electronic-Rock band PROSSPEKT from NYC We are going to Rock at the... more

“Crooks” Progressive Psytrance Artist loo...


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Hey burners! Im coming over from Australia to experience this festival with you all! I am a... more

Acapplaya Seeks Experienced Vocalist



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If you are an experienced vocalist and want to perform on some of the most exciting stages in the... more

Footnote lovers, Speakers, and Questioners: Submit Your...


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Come share your brain, research, and experiences with us at the Center Camp Cafe Speaker... more

The Lost Penguins Stage



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Hello Burner friends! I am with The Lost Penguins camp from Toronto and we are looking for some... more

The Robotic Barker

The Robotic Barker at burning man 2017 (BRC)


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The robotic barker harks back to the old day of the big top The performer will sit/stand/pace in... more

The White faced Mother, a performance in silence.


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The White faced Mother, a performance in silence Option one: The White Faced mother In the... more

BRC Repertory Theatre



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Black Rock City Repertory Theatre is bringing two plays to the playa this year, As You Like It and... more

Perform at the BRC Airport theme camp Black Rock Travel...

thumb1024_235_BRC 2016


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BRTA is looking for live musicians and performance artists looking to perform at a 100 person theme... more

We offer European DJ’s (Deep House, Tech House, E...



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Hi Dust lovers We are a group of friends, which also are DJ'ing in Switzerland We will visit BM... more

Deep dancing sounds from below the sea



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Greetings Burners, Dutch Deep House at your camp I'll play a set of Deep Dutch House sounds for... more

OFFER – DJ (Caribbean, African, Latin)



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I am offering my services as a DJ I have a world music radio show broadcasting out of NYC and I DJ... more

Can I DJ and contribute to your camp?



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I'm coming for my first Burn from the heart of Europe and I'm super excited to meet all of you... more

THE COCKS @Burning Man



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Hello Burners! THE COCKS would love to bring our super-gay, high-energy brand of punk rock to the... more

Kirtan + EDM Fusion Challenge



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We're looking for special music performers for our theme camp stage We have a vision for a new way... more