Listings for Music/Performing Arts (39)

Are you a musician looking for a gig? Part of a camp looking for dancers for a performance? Connect with others who are interested in music and performing arts.

Seeking Musicians for Informal Gathering


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Our sax-playing maestro is seeking musicians to join him to help entertain visitors to our two Pimp... more

Electro House Producer Looking To Lay Down Heavy Tracks...

DJ Photo


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Hi Everyone, I'm looking to share some heavier electro house music on the playa If anyone has... more

seeking camps interested in interactive media (e.g. VR ...


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seeking camps interested in interactive media (eg VR / AR / projection mapping) -... more

DJ duo available (progressive house and techno)


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Hello, We are DJ duo with 2 years of experience at playa playing a set for 5-7 hours at playa... more

Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist Needed – One Night...


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We need a lead guitarist and keyboard player to play at the Alternative Energy Zone (AEZ)... more

Live Electronic Indie/Dance Act Looking for Stages to P...


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Hey Burners! I make electronic music as Darenosa, and I’m looking for stages to play at with... more

Female DJ from Colombia looking for an opportunity to p...



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Hey everyone! My name is Maritza Correa, but I also go by DJ Mar Will be traveling in from... more

Aerial performers wanted!



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Our camp is looking for aerial performers to come and visit our camp for a session, tutorial, or... more

Mariachi Band for Theme Camp’s Quinceanera Fiesta...


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Silicon Village is celebrating 15 years on the playa this year so we are throwing a Quinceanera!... more

Playa Choir Campsites Still Available!



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We are an incredible community of singers, musicians, builders, creatives and the only a cappella... more

Cyberpunk EDM Artist & Costume Artist Seeking Camp ...

Vasirius Rig


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Hello, my act name is called Vasirius I'm an independent producer and live performer of electronic... more

Girl DJ Duo Kysi



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Greetings! Our names are Kylie & Sierra, and we are a Girl DJ duo called Kysi We want to share... more

DJ:)I will be very happy to support you with great musi...


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first time on the burning man! I'm flying from beautiful Asia) I really want to share with you my... more

Pianist seeks pianos!


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I'm hoping to contribute to BM as much as I can by playing on any pianos that might be dotted... more

DJ for 2:30 and Esplanade


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We are a mutant vehicle camp located right on the main drag 2:30 and Esplanade We are looking for a... more

Wanted: Classical Musicians to Play BACH!



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We are looking to add variety to our "Bach block" at The Lost Penguin Right on the ESPLANADE @... more


BM 2018


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Hello Folks! I’m an opera singer (baritone) from NYC I’m looking for places and art cars to... more

Acoustic Artist – J.B. Boone



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Hey y'all! First time burner here, looking to participate in the only way I know - by playing my... more

Dj/Producer looking to share music and collaborated in ...



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Hello beloved burners, I'm a Dj/Producer and Kambo Practitioner from Puerto Rico My foundation is... more

Live Bands and Performing Artists wanted for sunset per...



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Greetings musicians, performing artists and DJs of BRC! Every year The Black Rock Travel Agency... more

Need Drummer, Bass Player for LIVE gigs Burning Man 201...



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Hi, I'm LUAP, a keyboard player / vocalist and am also the entertainment director this year for The... more

Looking for musicians, singers, actors, performers for ...



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Creative participants contact LUAP on this board - We're putting together a BEACH PARTY live... more

Vocalist/Dj looking for art car or camp to play at or ...



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Hello! this is my second Burn! I would love to play a set on an art car or a camp! I played last... more

Aerialist seeking performance opportunity


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Female aerialist looking for performance opportunities around playa to perform on corde lisse/rope,... more

Bensolo – German Chill Out Rap that touches your ...



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Happy to perform live for everybody who loves some chilled hip hop vibes in the... more

Scandinavia artist ”Nåid” / Burning Man



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Hi Everybody Naid has new music that we would love to share at Burning Man Cannot think of... more

Looking for a guitar player and female vocalist to perf...


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Our Theme Camp is looking for a couple to perform on Tuesday We would like to find a guitar player... more

Original LIVE techno and house…I’m keen to ...

Surreal Party


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Hi guys Second time burner (Afrikaburn), and first time Burning Man here I play live Techno and... more

BRC Repertory Theatre 2019

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Black Rock City Repertory Theatre is again bringing two plays to the playa this year We’re... more

DJ Looking for a Stage to play (Don’t let the nor...

DJ bild


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Hello Guys, I will be for the first time at the Playa this year and I am very excited! :) I... more

Amazing Sound Producer!

2019-03-22 1.32.41 AM


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I am sound producer i am create fantastic electronic music in style atmospheric deep ethnic house,... more

Offering Show Performance (Duoshow)

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We are offering a perfomance (Duoshow) Which is basically a stripshow including acrobatic and the... more

Handpan – Gong – African Percussion and Fir...


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Mystical handpan show with dynamic African percussion completed by two fire jugglers that perform... more

DJ story teller from sLOVEnian land



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3rd decade into electronic music culture and jet I would like to keep doing what I do since I was a... more

Perform at the famous LOST PENGUIN – Burn 2019



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We're planning for the Burn 2019 - Legendary theme camp LOST PENGUIN, best Kansas City Blues jam... more

Dj offer



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We are from Austria 🇦🇹 and we have a DJ camp since several years If you need a DJ... more

Offering Dance and Reiki


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Hello! I am an amateur performer and would love the opportunity to participate in or collaborate... more

DJs from Switzerland offer to play



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Hi Burners! Like we did last year, we will bring our DJ equipment to the Playa again If you are... more

Mr. Pink – Rock band



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We're a Portland rock band looking for a stage to play on at Burning man 2019 Please reach out if... more