Listings for Music & Performing Arts (57)

Are you a musician looking for a gig? Part of a camp looking for dancers for a performance? Connect with others who are interested in music and performing arts.

Hippie Rock Music Jam


Anyone at BM want to drop by Camp Nice Nice at 6:45 and F to jam some old rock, blues, country... more

DJ & Producer – looking to play and bring goo...


Hello! I am a DJ and producer from Santa Monica looking to play at burning man this year My music... more

I’m a uprising DJ & Producer looking to play ...


I'm an uprising DJ & Producer from Chile, my artist name is Nico Rothmann, I've always dreamed... more

Percussionist looking to Percuss



Hello Burnsters, I play djembe and would like to join jammers, performers, or anything that fits... more

Looking for Middle Eastern Dancers/Musicians/Performers...


Hi there, Looking for performers, percussionists, djs, belly dancers, and anyone playing any... more

Musician from underworld



Hello everyone nice to meet you at BRC this 2023 Looking to a slot to play on any camp or mutant... more

Looking for art cars or camps to groove with!

CleanShot 2023-08-13 at 23.45.41@2x


Hi fellow burners! Making it out to the playa this year with my long time friends and... more

DJ Danny Warlock



Documentary Filmmaker, Editor, Cinematographer, and DJ I’ve toured the international film... more

Would love to Dj if I could.



Hello burners, I’m Dj Cut Feel I’m an open format and tech house dj I would love to participate... more

Sara Jade – Live Music!



Hello! I'm singer-songwriter Sara Jade, I perform original americana and alt-pop rock music and... more


Oefmeister presskit


Oefmeister is a Suriname 🇸🇷 based DJ with over 15 years of experience He was one of... more

Music Producer and DJ from Hawaii


Hello Fellow Burners, Let's not act like electronic music is difficult to find throughout the... more

House Music Producer and DJ

at Janis in Mexico City


Hi, Organic House, Progressive House, Melodic 15 years of experience and a highly curated list... more

Melodic House & Techno DJ Looking to Unleash Radica...

ZAKAT at Steep Station


Hey there, Burners and dusty hippies, I'm Dmitri and I'm beyond excited to be back at Burning... more

K A L E A from Berlin gifting melodic house music



We are a DJane Duo from Berlin that wants to gift our passion for music to you & create some... more

Hawaii-based DJ With Decades of Love to Share



Aloha Animalias! My name is Unit: E and I am a House DJ with over 25 years of experience working... more

Deep Minimal DnB DJ at your service


Deep, Minimal, Schmedium Dark Drum & Bass DJ happy to gift sets to sound stages and art cars I... more

Female House DJ Interested in Donating Fun Sets to Stag...



Hi there! My name is Akadia and I’m looking for the opportunity to share love through music I... more

Offering House Music DJ at your service

6-8-2023 8-24-56 PM


My Name is Al DJ MIctlan), Born and raised Mexico City now leaving in Los Angeles for over 20... more

Handpan & Electronic Music Show



We offer a upbeat show with handpan live performance, voice and electronic... more




Hi looking to play in any sound system on playa, I’m Roberto Feral from chile would love to share... more

Drummer for hire


Drummer for hire on the playa for the very cheap price of $ooo USD Anyone willing to have me Jam on... more

Seeking Live Music and Performance at the Lost Penguin

The Lost Penguin


The Lost Penguin loves to feature live music and performance on our stage! We have a drum kit,... more

Invite to Performers for Cabaret/Burlesque Show @ Burni...

MUSE Café (Facebook Post (Landscape)) (2)


Invite for performers for MUSE's Thursday night show at Burning Man We are taking it to the NEXT... more

Comedians Needed


Hey Everyone! We are a first year camp called "No Holes Barred" We will be producing... more

Twisted Swan Thursday Irish Seisun

Greenshot 2023-07-06 16.57.53


The Twisted Swan hosts an annual Irish Music Seisun (Session) Time: Thursday, 3:00 to 5:00... more

Lead Salsa Dancer



Looking for Salsa Partner to teach an easy class at Casa de la Rumba I am extending the... more

seeking ambient, classical, acoustic and experimental m...

18C0AFC1-26F2-4E47-B52A-4B40C773B18C (1)


The Astral Social Club is a small camp at 7:45 & Chupacabra that provides a warm and welcoming... more

Seeking Musicians for Latin/cumbia group

Yeah Man Stage


I am a bass player with a small theme camp, Camp Yeah Man! located at 6:15 & F Every year we... more

Looking for performance artists at Blackrock Airport



Hey there musical artists and performers The Black rock travel agency is looking for artists who... more

Calling All Speakers!



Calling all speakers, scientists, researchers, politicians, analysts, entrepreneurs, and world... more

An alien playing music

GRAViiTY guitar


Hello, my name is GRAViiTY, I'm an extraterrestrial artist, I create and experiment with different... more

Gift of music – Female DJ would love to spin at y...



Making new connections through music is what I am passionate about I would love the opportunity to... more

ANIMA! Lead singer/producer/DJ looking for soundcamps t...



Hi! My name is Arielle and I am the front woman for the alt electronic duo ANIMA! I am... more

DJ set on a major Art Car or Music Stage.


Greetings! I’m ARANAVA, I’m a recording artist with Cafe De Anatolia, Lump Records, and Pipe... more

Looking for artists to perform at Center Camp!


Calling all musicians, singers, dancers, poets, dreamers, jugglers, actors, artists, crooners,... more

Looking to gift a DJ set to your art car or sound stage...

Backdrop 1-01


Hi! I'm DJ ximeR (simmer) from Salt Lake City and I'm looking to give the gift of incredible music... more

Piano Tuning


Hello!! I am bringing an upright piano to the Burn this year and wondering if anyone has... more

Not a DJ – Live & Improvised Original House &...



I'm a live electronic music performer, playing original music, all improvised live I'd love to... more

Melodic/Organic house DJ



Bay Area melodic/house DJ looking for opportunities to spin Give my music a listen as this will... more

Mid Level Drummer looking for a band



Play drums for fun and have a couple of rock bands Not a professional at all, but can keep the... more




An inspiring dj experience put on by 2 girl dj’s from the Midwest! Hit us up... more

Looking for a Tech House artist on Burning Man?

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-20 om 11.36.34


Belgian DJ & producer 'Hermanez' has been creating waves in the music industry with his unique... more

Immersive Audio Lounge looking for performers!



Hey there! Camp Half No Sphere is Black Rock City's finest immersive audio lounge and we are... more

EDM Producer/DJ



EDM Producer/DJ/Audio Engineer, looking to perform(DJ) and help create an amazing stage for people... more

Dj house electronic



I'm Superbeppedj Italian dj, I would like to be able to propose some electronic house music, here... more

DJ MagicGrizzlyBear for your Zone/Space/Hub/Camp



You lucky so and so! You are about to accept an awesome and eclectic soundtrack to your 2023... more

DJ available to spin some house



Sup y'all, I'm a Denver DJ/Producer, first time at Burning man and would love to find a place to... more

Female DJ looking to bring some funky bangin’ bea...



Hello my dusty friends! My name's Niki and I'm looking play at your camp or art car! I can also... more

Looking to host Yoga/DJ class at camp or art car



Hello dusty friends! My name is, Niki and my husband and I, Sean lead a yoga dj class that we... more

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