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Are you a musician looking for a gig? Part of a camp looking for dancers for a performance? Connect with others who are interested in music and performing arts.

DJ Looking for a Stage to play (Don’t let the nor...

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Hello Guys, I will be for the first time at the Playa this year and I am very excited! :) I... more

Amazing Sound Producer!

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I am sound producer i am create fantastic electronic music in style atmospheric deep ethnic house,... more

Offering Show Performance (Duoshow)

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We are offering a perfomance (Duoshow) Which is basically a stripshow including acrobatic and the... more

Handpan – Gong – African Percussion and Fir...


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Mystical handpan show with dynamic African percussion completed by two fire jugglers that perform... more

Red Herring seeking Performers for our stage

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Red Herring is seeking more great performers for our small but elegant stage again this... more

DJ story teller from sLOVEnian land



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3rd decade into electronic music culture and jet I would like to keep doing what I do since I was a... more

Perform at the famous LOST PENGUIN – Burn 2019



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We're planning for the Burn 2019 - Legendary theme camp LOST PENGUIN, best Kansas City Blues jam... more

Dj offer



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We are from Austria 🇦🇹 and we have a DJ camp since several years If you need a DJ... more

Offering Dance and Reiki


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Hello! I am an amateur performer and would love the opportunity to participate in or collaborate... more

DJs from Switzerland offer to play



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Hi Burners! Like we did last year, we will bring our DJ equipment to the Playa again If you are... more

Mr. Pink – Rock band



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We're a Portland rock band looking for a stage to play on at Burning man 2019 Please reach out if... more

Looking to Play Some Original Music and Electric Violin...


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Hey there guys! Just wanted to reach out and see if there was anyway I could participate at The... more

Artist Human Intelligence and Ertax

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Hello! My name is Alen I live in Croatia near Zagreb in SlBrod and I have been DJ-ing since 2015... more




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LAIKIPIA music seeking out opportunities to perform Through the original worlds that their music... more

Tango and ballroom dancer



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Seeking for a place in a dancing interested camp I can teach or perform dances on amateur level,... more

Looking for stage to perform.



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Hello all I am an electronic music composer I write, produce, mix and master my music all by myself... more