Listings for Theme Camps (9)

There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.

First Time Solo Burner Seeking Theme Camp & Volunt...



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Hello everyone! For my first (& solo) Burn I’m looking forward to finding a camp that really... more

Virgin Burner Girl Looking for an Epic Camp

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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join my sister at Burning Man 2020 for the first time We are... more

Porta Party – Theme Camp 2020



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Hello Burners & Burners to be, If you are interested in joining a theme camp in 2020,... more

New Burner Theme Camp: Looking for Russians, Soviets, G...



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Hello, guys, I am a new Burner I am part of Gopnik Party Gang, and we throw mad Gopnik parties... more

Looking for a home!



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Hey all you lovely burners! My camping plans with friends fell through at the last minute so its... more

Sign your camp up to be a quest location in this year&#...



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Do you want more visitors to your camp or art piece Do you want to make people do silly things when... more

International Camp has a couple spots open for campers


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Global Camp has room for a couple more campers this year We have 15 nationalities and this year we... more

Bay Area Couple looking for Camp & Volunteer



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Dear Fellow Burners, This is a bit last-minute, however, our prior plans fell through and we are... more

How can my OCD benefit you?



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Hi folx!!! By some serendipitous magicI got myself a ticket and a vehicle pass I have been wanting... more