Listings for Theme Camps (35)

There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.

Taking on a new camper

2018 Camp plan 2 v2_night


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Camp Remote Control has an opening for a new camper who already has a ticket It is a small camp... more

Virgin Burner looking to join a camp


101 total views, 4 today

Hi, I am a virgin burner, traveling all the way from India and would like to join a fun and... more




135 total views, 5 today

We’re looking to join a camp! My name is Natasha and my boyfriend and I are seeking some friendly... more

Looking to join a GREAT camp? HUGGZILLA has the LOVE!



184 total views, 5 today

We are a Burning Man theme camp that focuses on unlocking human intimacy among people through HUGS... more

Red Herring Open for New Members This Year



204 total views, 3 today

You are walking across 9:00 Plaza in Black Rock City There’s a red door, illuminated by a single... more

Five French first time Burner looking for a camp to lea...


88 total views, 2 today

Bonjour, We are 5 french first time burner who love to be part of an amazing camp ! We are all 5... more

1st timer Need Camp!!!! I will do as its told.


136 total views, 5 today

1st timer Need Camp!!!! I will do as its told Age : 28 (will be ) Sex: Male I will provide... more

NOMAD Burner `looking for some Water :D



97 total views, 3 today

Hey there i would be Happy to contribute to your/our Camp `and join you im traveling from germany... more

virgin burners looking for a camp



270 total views, 4 today

my boyfriend and I are going to burning man for the first time, we would like to join a camp,... more

Pongo Lounge Looking for New Campers!

pongo cover


525 total views, 3 today

Hello! Are you a burner An intrepid explorer of BRC A maker A doer A music lover A dancer Are... more

Follow the energy



273 total views, 5 today

hey Burners! :) I just have got an energy came up that Burning Man calls me Flowing with this... more

Seeking Campers: Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum


407 total views, 2 today

Hello Burners and Burgins! We here at Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum are looking for eager campers... more

Vibrant, sparkly, lonely VIRGIN seeking camp to contrib...



258 total views, 3 today

Greetings Seattle Burners! :) I am a VIRGIN and an ORPHAN seeking a theme camp to adopt me: - I... more

Club Neu Verboten is looking for comrades! Are you read...

CNV 2017


507 total views, 5 today

We are Club Neu Verboten; a lively, international fruit salad of friends, family and fresh faces... more

Porta Party has room for awesome Burners!!!



595 total views, 4 today

Hello Burners and Burners to Be If you are serious about being part of a theme camp and lending... more




657 total views, 4 today

We’re looking to join a camp! My name is Erika, and this will be my first time at Burning Man My... more

Camp DIY is looking for a few good campers


492 total views, 7 today

Camp DIY has been a placed theme camp for seven years We are generally in the 6:00 Sector, with... more

Three virgin burners looking for a camp to join! :)



369 total views, 1 today

Hi, We are three virgin burners travelling from Pittsburgh, PA looking for a camp to join My... more

Nemo Looking For a Camp


236 total views, 2 today

Hey there, This is my first burn I was wondering if there are any camps accepting new people... more

Looking To Join A Camp



414 total views, 2 today

We're looking to join a camp! I'm Alexander (Blue) on the left (with a banana in my mouth) Meet... more

Parvati Goddess joining for the first time! Any tips ar...



452 total views, 1 today

Hello dusties! I am one of the newbies, yeah I am trying to make my way to live the BM at the... more

First time Burners ( Couple ) looking to join a camp.



510 total views, 4 today

We are a couple from Cancun Mexico first timers Burners, with our tickets and vehicle pass done... more

Distance Travelers–Reduce Overhead–go tentl...



486 total views, 3 today

Stay with us Burning Man aims to reduce the number of vehicles driving to the event Reduction of... more

Looking for a camp excited about death!


317 total views, 1 today

New burner here, looking for a camp that would be excited about having me along! I'm really... more

We are looking for savages!



789 total views, 2 today

Savage Kingdom Camp is looking for more savages to join our family We are open to virgin, veteran,... more

New Camp ,Veteran Organizers, Join Us



643 total views, 1 today

After 17 years as head of Esplanade camp Club Neu Verboten I and my most trusted lieutenants are... more


camp juicy photo


789 total views, 3 today

CAMP JUICY!! The return of afternoon smoothies on the playa! Filthy beats provided NOON-4... more

Join Karma Love Camp



783 total views, 3 today

Honoring divine femininity with cosmic connection tuned to the migration of atoms, we are pleased... more

Not a virgin and looking for a camp to build and partic...



383 total views, 1 today

My old camp lived from 2013 to 2016 and died an honorable death 2017 was a break from attending BM... more

FIRST TIME BURNER – Looking to join a camp



808 total views, 9 today

Hi there I'm 31yrs old, born in Australia - this is my first time burn and am looking to join a... more

First Timer Looking for Camp


435 total views, 3 today

First Timer looking for a new experience for his 30 y/o birthday Love to meet new people, speak... more

Jumping in early to find a tribe


227 total views, 1 today

Hey folks, I'm bound and determined to get myself to Black Rock City this year, and am happy to... more

First Time Burner


212 total views, 2 today

My name is Sandra and I am a First Time Burner If anybody needs help in the Los Angeles area... more

Info needed on camps please


259 total views, 1 today

Hi, I would love to go to Burning Man this year I’m a total BM virgin and would appreciate any... more

Looking for a camp – first time in BM


188 total views, 1 today

Hi guys, I'm a 25 yo dude from Israel, first time participation in burning man I can play guitar... more