Listings for Theme Camps (15)

There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.

Seeking Campers: Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

BRFQ - Appropriated Dragon - Signage Detail_small


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We here at Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum are looking for eager campers who want to be a part of a... more


camp juicy photo


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CAMP JUICY!! The return of afternoon smoothies on the playa! Filthy beats provided NOON-4... more

Burning Man Orphans


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We are an Aussie ranga and Vermont gal looking for a fun loving and easy going camp to join Here... more

Offering free wheelchair repair services


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Hello!! I'm a power wheelchair technician in Tucson and offering my services on the Playa Is there... more

Camp Synthesis



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Looking for like minded people to form a small camp with three themes: Synthesizers, Sake, and... more

British Audio-nerd and Law student looking for a theme ...


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Hi there lovely people, My name is Danny and I’ll be attending my first Burn this summer,... more

Looking for a lovely camp/family willing to adopt me


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Hello lovely people, I am a first-year newbie looking to participate actively as a citizen of... more

Small Camp With Many Benefits Have Spots to Fill! Over...

hstel sign


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As this will be one of the first of these posts we expect to be buried on page 4 by the summer If... more

Porta Party – Theme Camp

bus Porta Party Hel's Diner Hels Diner Remote Controlled pizza camp


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Hello Burners & Burners to be, If you are interested in joining a theme camp in 2019,... more




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Hello, I am looking to join a camp for the 2019 Burning Man Event It will be my first time and i... more

hey! two (hopeful) virgin burners looking to join an ex...


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hi! my boyfriend and I are two newbies looking to contribute to a project and meet some new... more



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I wanna go to burning man for the first time in 2019 I'm looking for someone who won't mind me... more

Looking to join a GREAT camp? HUGGZILLA has the LOVE!

2018-09-08 12.23.36


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We are a Burning Man theme camp that focuses on unlocking human intimacy among people through HUGS,... more

Looking for theme camps



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Hi burners I’m Sandy it will be my first time attending burning man 2019 and I’m looking to see... more

Searching for a theme camp family to become a part of!



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Hi all! My partner and I are new to Burning Man (2019)! We are hoping to find friends and fellow... more