Listings for Theme Camps (58)

There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.

Looking for theme camps



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Hi burners I’m Sandy it will be my first time attending burning man 2019 and I’m looking to see... more

Searching for a theme camp family to become a part of!



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Hi all! My partner and I are new to Burning Man (2019)! We are hoping to find friends and fellow... more

4 newbies in 1 RV looking for a camp


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Hello Burners! We are a group of 4 people (2 couples) traveling all the way from Poland, Europe... more

Looking for a camp!



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Hey Burners! My husband (Antonio) and I (Ola) are joining BM for the first time this year! We... more

1st Time, LFC – Bringing solar power & coolin...



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Greetings! I lost my camp/travelmate to an unexpected schedule change for an audition, so I have a... more

two Swiss boys looking for a Camp



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Hi burners! My best friend Ivo and me (Chris) will visit burning man for the first time He is 23... more

Looking for a camp ( first time couple burners )

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-01 a la(s) 21.28.29


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We are a couple from Cancun Mexico first timers Burners, with our tickets and vehicle pass... more

Esalem massage teatcher



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Hey We are two gay men Virginburning man I’m specialist in Esalem massage and i would like to... more

Yoga instructors, live music, meditation

AC drop SWAG


370 total views, 1 today

AromaCamp still has room for a few more campers! We would love to have live musicians, yoga... more

Can I join your turnkey???


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Just kidding, fuck turnkey camps I'm just looking for a camp to join for the week This'll be my... more




308 total views, 1 today

Hello We are 2 gay men and you are looking for a camp for our first burning... more

Two Virgin Burners w/ RV Looking to Join Chill Camp


303 total views, 2 today

A buddy and I are coming to burning man for the first time from AZ! Very excited to be part of the... more

2 digital nomads and 2 doctors looking for a camp!


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4 friends is looking for a camp We have an early arrival pas allready so we can help to build... more




506 total views, 2 today

We are a creative and Fun couple looking for a camp that includes a shade, shower, some food and of... more

(veterans) Mr & Mrs and (virgin) 7yo angel boy look...


257 total views, 1 today

We are a family of three driving from San Francisco, looking for fellow families or kid-friendly,... more

S.S. Serpent Queen offers Camp Space and a Crew Positio...



655 total views, 1 today

https://wwwfacebookcom/serpentqueensteamboat/ Greetings, We have a some spots available in... more

Handicapable Driver Wanted



376 total views, 1 today

Our camp has a utility vehicle we'd like to offer for use at the event to a person who has a valid... more

Looking for Camp!!! 2 Girls, 1st time Burners!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.24.12 PM


457 total views, 1 today

Hola! We are 2 first time burners! Looking for a camp, enthused to help & contribute in any way... more

Looking for a Burning Man camp/ticket :) can you help?


265 total views, 0 today

Hi there, I am a first time burner looking for a camp and a Burning Man ticket My BM vet friend... more

Cool Filmmaker and Dancer looking for a camp (and 1 tic...



227 total views, 1 today

Hi, guys! We are from Belarus, Michael & Alina Michael - film director and can shoot a movie... more

Black Rock Wine Cellar – Wine Tasting and Storage...



322 total views, 3 today

Let's face it - we're going to get hot and dusty out there! What were you thinking bringing that... more

Looking for campers with strong hearts, souls, minds an...


347 total views, 2 today

Bubbly Ever After is super excited to have been placed at Gort & 2:15 this year!! This will be... more

2 burners (couple) looking to join a camp


197 total views, 0 today

Hi Fellow Burners! We are two genuine humans, looking for a home during our time at the playa... more

Kid-friendly camp looking for a few more camp mates


428 total views, 1 today

The Association for Sparkle Pony Care and Assistance (ASPCA) is a new camp, placed out in the burbs... more

First time burner from Amsterdam looking for a (musical...



293 total views, 0 today

Virgin burner from Amsterdam (50+, married, 2 sons) looking for camp with friendly people, good... more

looking for a ticket and camp



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Hi Burners, UPDATE Ticket resolved Thanks Kriszi, thanks consciousness! Camp is still an... more

“In A Pickle” has extra space for cool camp...


614 total views, 1 today

We are looking for campers with shared interests that can bring something cool to our camp... more

Looking for a Theme Camp



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Newbie looking to join a camp ! I am a Belgian, living in Paris, resourceful and full of energy... more

Two Boston Burners ready to build a Camp!



243 total views, 1 today

My wife Lulu (Sharon) and I are really interested in participating within your Village as a new... more

First time Burners



316 total views, 1 today

Hi, We're first time Burners and we're looking to join a camp to add to our experience and... more

Approved theme camp, NO members, WTF? worth reading



548 total views, 1 today

Edit 07/30/18: I've come to the determination I have to shelve my dream until next year The... more

Looking for Camp to Join!


197 total views, 0 today

Hi Burners! We're two first time orphan burners looking for a camp to contribute too! We will be... more

International Camp Has Room for More Campers, both Vets...



651 total views, 0 today

We are the Global Village, a camp made up of amazing burners and soon to be burners from around the... more

2guys from Berlin looking for a theme camp to participa...



199 total views, 0 today

Hey fellow Burners, me (Paul) and my best buddy Jonas are coming for the first time to burning man... more

Hammer And Cyclery has room for a few more comrades



341 total views, 2 today

We believe bicycles help us engage with our communities Ten years ago we brought our first tools to... more

spot and place



206 total views, 0 today

never been to a desert before and now going to Nevada - so exciting! Bayo and me now have tickets... more

Burning Man Virgins looking for 2 tickets and a camp



393 total views, 2 today

Hello lovely Burners, I thought I will post here as we are trying all possible avenues to get... more

Seeking Members for Cosmic Head Massage Camp!



419 total views, 1 today

Join the PHRENOPRACTORIUM to perfect the art of COSMIC HEAD MASSAGE! Tired and in need of... more

First Time Burner – Solo – Seeking to Join ...



578 total views, 2 today

Looking to join a theme camp that could use some of my skills and has some diversity in terms of... more

First time burners from London looking for camp to cont...


342 total views, 1 today

Hi! We're a group of 5 like-minded friends from London, all first time Burners I know it is a... more

Camp Fun-Kuhsh-Un seeks members! (2 directed group sale...


589 total views, 1 today

We are Sparki and BoyScout - dreamers-up of Camp Fun-Kuhsh-Un, a theme camp filled with adventurous... more

Nurse Virgin Burner Looking for a Home Camp


395 total views, 0 today

Hello fellow burners! I know this is seemingly last minute; however, I am hoping to be adopted... more

Group of Friends looking for a camp


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Hi Y'all, My friends and I are are looking for a camp to join We come from all sorts of... more

2 Friends looking to join a theme camp (Germany + USA)



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Dear camp, My friend, Justin and I will be going to Burning man 2018 for the first time We read... more

2 Aussie gals looking for a theme camp to join!



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G’day fellow Burners! My dusty self and my gorgeous goddess of a fine friend are heading to... more

two first time Burners with RV seeking to join (relativ...


316 total views, 1 today

We are first time burners in our 70’s with an RV and looking to join a relatively quiet campsite... more

4 friends seeking to join your amazing camp :)



348 total views, 0 today

We are 4 friends with 3 different nationalities and we are looking to join a camp, get involved and... more

Comedy writer from West LA looking for a tribe



253 total views, 2 today

Comedy writer (and friends and family) from West Los Angeles looking for a tribe for Burning... more

Graphic Artist Wanted



477 total views, 1 today

Our theme camp located on the D-Ring in 9:00 sector We're seeking a computer graphic artist to... more

Seeking Campers: Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket



741 total views, 1 today

Need A Camp Need A Shower Like to Pamper Dusty Joe's Bath Bucket (The Desert Day Spa) is looking... more

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