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There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.




Hi everyone I will be running the Disabled short bus shuttle service but il be happy to be a part... more




Our 10th anniversary of making smoothies and beats for our 430 sector dusty burner neighbors We... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, We have space available in our Juggernaut Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent... more

Get a LOVE POD for your Camp

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Karma Love Camp – 2023 Applications Open!



updated We have 2 RV spots remaining! We are accepting tent campers! Within the heart of the... more

Looking for Camp Acculturation Lead


Looking for a camp acculturation lead to assist with acculturation of camp members Primary duties... more

Buddha Camp @ The Lotus Dome Looking for Members


Buddhacamp @ the Lotus Dome is returning for our 14th Burn and we’re recruiting new campers who... more

Looking to join a camp

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I have viewing tower,Solar power, bike racks and much more Not looking for free entry Our camp is... more

Elvis Needs Campers!

Typical Wedding at EWC 2017


ELVIS WEDDING CHAPEL needs campers, especially those based in SCOTTSDALE or PHOENIX area, ARIZONA,... more

Looking to be part of a HUB


Hello, We are looking to become part of HUB! We are a small camp (30 people) most coming from... more

Join Mindful Movement Camp Funkuhshun


We are a small, simple, non-hierarchical camp with climbers, therapists, and embodied movers No... more

Looking to join a camp

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My camp is taking a year off My son and I would like to join a camp that can offer tickets, car... more

Looking for Sister Camp or Village to Share HUB Resourc...

$size dependant

Hi, We are a camp of 30-35 who was previously part of a large village, but our lead camp is... more

LOVE PODS looking to join a theme camp

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We're building 3 mirror love pods for BM, which will be at 5 meters above the ground (16 ft) and we... more

Looking for a camp to share our zero emission resource(...


Our camp is a zero emission camp which equipped with a solar panels and 30kwh+ battery system,... more

NEW campers – Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet


Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet will soon be open to new campers!! We help people connect with... more

BRC Tour of Home – Are you traveling to the burn ...

my tiny tiny home


BRC Tour of Home - We are seeking new members who will be bringing their uniquely awesome or weird... more

Camp Got Your Back!


Camp “Got Your Back!” Is looking for at least 3 massage therapist to help provide quick 10 to... more

Nobo House – 2023 Burning Man Theme Camp – Apply Now



Nobo House, previously known as No Boundaries is an international community of veteran and... more

Camp Just Ahead open to new campers!


Our camp (Camp Just Ahead) is accepting new members! We're a tiny (planning 6-10 people for... more

Camp looking for an Astrologist


Looking for an Astrologist to round out our developing Oracle Camp We have an I-Ching and Tarot... more

Blintz Co is looking to recruit some new burners


Hello, Blintz Co is about to enter a recruitment phase and is looking at getting new folks... more

RV’s Welcome Here!!


We are a bunch of full time RV dwellers and Nomads We are starting a new camp for folks just like... more