Listings for Theme Camps (52)

There are many theme camps out there. Is one of them looking for YOU? Need help with a camp project? Discover year-round info related to theme camp logistics and resource-sharing.

International Camp has room for a few more

Global Camp image


133 total views, 1 today

We are a third year International Camp that will be back and supporting those from all parts of the... more

Rejected: Taylor Camp Burners



93 total views, 1 today

We are a group of Artists, developers, and degenerates that have been together for over 10 years... more

Looking for a camp to be part of in Bay Area


58 total views, 1 today

I know I know, it is a long shot but I gotta try!! I am 4 years burner (I have been in BM 4 years... more

Burner looking for a last minute camp to join



97 total views, 1 today

Hi guys I am 36yo and based in Vancouver I volunteer locally and I am looking foo a camp to join as... more

Need a camp


72 total views, 1 today

36 Year old Guy from Berkeley looking to join camp last minute I am driving in on Monday, can help... more

Happy-go-lucky girl looking for a ride from SF to BM 8/...

surf board

$Any amount

122 total views, 0 today

Hey new friends, I'm Eden I’ve just secured a last minute ticket and am looking for a ride from... more



69 total views, 0 today

ISO CAMP // My husband Sean and I are originally from Boulder, CO and Evanston/Chicago, IL, but... more

Veteran Burner Musician, Holistic therapy Instructor, L...

IMG_0200 2


81 total views, 0 today

Hello beautiful family! I’m super excited to be back on the playa I am looking to be a part of a... more

New burner looking for a camp to contribute too



71 total views, 0 today

My name is Fey I'm a jack of all trades from construction to garment making to energy healing to... more

Sahar art camp – Moroccan experience


$High donation

189 total views, 0 today

Our camp has the capacity of receiving 4 beautiful people more We still have 4 ticket also for the... more

Seeking energetic Placement! Vita~



72 total views, 0 today

Hello My beautiful playa family )'(! I am so very excited to see you this year!!! My energy burns... more



64 total views, 0 today

Previously deleted... more

Alaskan single female wanting to stay near Playa Pete



300 total views, 0 today

Hello! I know you guys hate newbies but I am very experienced in survival I’m from Alaska coming... more

The Temple of Temperance is seeking support from our co...



241 total views, 0 today

The Temple of Temperance is asking for the support of our beloved community to help us get to playa... more

Burner Dojo mat space available for teachers & grou...


138 total views, 0 today

Burner Dojo is placed at 5:00 & Enigma, and we have mat space available for teachers, classes,... more

Disbanded camp, 10 burners looking for a new home!


224 total views, 0 today

Hi fellow burners, Greetings from Instant Gratification! We are reaching out to you because our... more

Recruiting Camps for Playa-wide Role Playing Game ̵...

Playa RPG


140 total views, 0 today

Do you want more visitors to your camp or art piece Do you want to make people do silly things when... more

Camp seeking well-versed technical/mechanical help

Burning Man 2022 invite-03 low

$Low or $0 dues

194 total views, 0 today

Church of Now, placed at 4:00 & A is seeking a new camp member specifically that is well-versed... more

Looking for New Camp Members

Burning Man 2022 invite-03 low


376 total views, 0 today

Church of Now, placed at 4:00 & A, is looking for new members to join our camp! We are seeking... more

Come camp with us & serve evening coffee under blac...


279 total views, 0 today

We have great placement near 5:00 & E We'll be serving pour over coffee with spices from 7-9... more

Virgin Burning Looking for Mystic Campsite


139 total views, 0 today

Virgin Burner who is looking for a mystic campsite I am happy to offer my healing offerings and... more



$$350 minimum

493 total views, 1 today

SMOOTHIES! We are an 8 year camp in need of campers to help make smoothies in the afternoons-... more

If a mushroom and a blockchain had a kid, it would be m...

Burtton Party Comcon


221 total views, 0 today

Looking to become a worthy member of the right camp's society I'm a first time burner working it to... more

砂漠のフェス、バーニングマン参加者募集:寿司、酒、シンセサイザー シンセサイザーがテーマのキャンプへの参加しよ...



195 total views, 2 today

我々はバーニングマン認定のキャンパーグループです。 8月 28日 ~ 9月... more

Camp Synthesis: sushi, sake, synths



266 total views, 0 today

Looking for like minded people to form a small camp with three themes: Synthesizers, Sake, and... more

BRC Tour of Homes is looking for awesome “Homes&#...

amazing structure


261 total views, 0 today

WE WILL BE LOCATED AT B & 3:45! This will be our 4th year servicing all of your housing needs... more

The Hotel Lobby is Accepting Members! (Bellhops, Karaok...



611 total views, 0 today

Hey dusty friends! We're veteran burners who started a new camp this year called The Hotel Lobby... more



280 total views, 0 today

This post is no longer... more

Any Bars/Camps need Beer?


217 total views, 0 today

Hi looking to attend our first burning man, live in Truckee, and work for a California brewery... more

Planet Earth, BRC’s favorite 80’s and 90’s nightclub is...

70934553_10211925594934066_2611493832847523840_n (1)


331 total views, 0 today

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce that Planet Earth, Black Rock City’s only fully enclosed... more

Enjoy the burn


156 total views, 1 today

Enjoy the burn Best... more

Can you escape from Burning Man?


299 total views, 0 today

If you love escape rooms, and are looking for a place to camp this year, let us... more

Dancer looking for camp


251 total views, 1 today

Artist from Kansas looking for a camp Will bring a dance pole, rusty gymnastics skills, and... more

Burner in Portland, OR, looking to lend a hand


$Good vibes

169 total views, 0 today

Heya fellow burners, I am looking to help build/coordinate/participate with a camp based out of... more

European burners looking to join a theme camp!


249 total views, 0 today

We are fun, curious, and loving group of 4 couples looking to join a theme camp We come from Spain,... more

Ukrainian artist looking for camp



233 total views, 0 today

Dear burners! I’m so excited to see you in a dust soon! My name is Marina I’m a Ukrainian... more

Seeking Your Magick



314 total views, 0 today

Comfy Cozy VooDoo Lounge has officially been placed and are excited to be spending our first year... more

Camp DIY Open to a Few Makers and DIYers



355 total views, 0 today

Hey, we are seeking a few people to join our camp of about 20 to 25 We hold 4 or 5 hands-on... more

Camp Exclamation Mark! still has space for some camp ma...



452 total views, 0 today

Anyone still looking to #JOIN a #CAMP at #BURNINGMAN this year We still have spots open at... more

Hunting a Bus or Structure Solutions


$Read for Offers

175 total views, 0 today

Usually the middle of our theme camp (Priscilla, Queen of the Doof! @ G & 6:45) has a big pink... more

Twisted Swan Celtic Pub and Temple of Bacchus



494 total views, 2 today

Howdy! Thank you for your interest All spaces at The Twisted Swan and Temple of Bacchus have... more

LUAP is looking for live performers at Burning Man 2022...



325 total views, 0 today

PERFORM LIVE at Burning Man 2022 at Legendary theme camp The LOST PENGUIN! Seeking inspired live... more

Buddha Camp @ The Lotus Dome Looking for Members


865 total views, 0 today

Buddhacamp @ the Lotus Dome is returning for our 13th Burn and we’re recruiting new campers who... more

Corner Pocket Pool Hall Recruiting Members


411 total views, 0 today

Hey everyone, We're looking to add some new members to our billiards hall camp Corner Pocket Pool... more

Got Anxiety/OCD?



277 total views, 0 today

Pandemic giving you anxiety, have you been suffering all your life Want to talk to someone without... more

bring your oracle skills to our camp!


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We're a very small camp looking to expand with people who provide oracle services, such as:... more

Fluffer Camp Applications Open



1106 total views, 0 today

Just wanted to share that applications for our camp this year are open to all, can check out the... more

Looking for a Camp to call home!

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.48.56 PM


424 total views, 0 today

Hi Burners! We are a couple from Buffalo, NY looking for a camp to call home for 2022 and future... more

Looking for Health & Wellness Camps



341 total views, 0 today

Hey burners! Is anyone seeking another to help out at the camp I'm Natalie, I currently live in LA... more

Looking for a camp!


406 total views, 0 today

Hello! My name is Madie and I am looking for a camp to join for the 2022 burn My previous camp... more

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