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Transportation for a hexayurt roof from Oakland to Play...

hexayurt roof


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Hi, my wife and I are longtime burners, and I'm looking for paid shared space in a truck/trailer... more

request for playa bike


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I am looking for a bike to use at the playa Is it crazy to ask... more

Looking for bartenders for Steely Dan Happy Hour


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Hi there! I've hosted Steely Dan Happy Hour on the playa since 2011 and I'm so excited to come back... more

Shipping From Southern California


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Hi everyone! My wife and I are so happy to have secured our BxB Plus tickets and to be heading... more

Cargo from Sarasota / Tampa


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Hello We are looking to get items to the burn from Sarasota or Tampa (Florida) We are flying in... more

Gear From Toronto Area


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We are looking to get items to the burn from Southern Ontario We are flying in due to time... more

Metaverse capture for art/architecture & art car (L...



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If you'd like your art, art car, or other exhibition transported into the metaverse, you can... more

Looking for a camp with large workshop space infrastruc...


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We have a ton of fire dancers, flow and movement artists, aerial rig, pole, sound system/DJ's (we... more

Can you share Power with Us?

$no clue

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Hi! We are a small theme camp that uses power to light up camp and sound at night We also heat... more

12K VR and other camp sharing

Original Cloud Pic


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Hi there, our build, The Fluffy Cloud, will need a 12K VR for a full day of our build, as well as a... more

Decarbonize your camp? Want to share a genset/battery c...


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Hi! Would you like to get your camp off fossil fuels Does keeping a generator humming at 5%... more

Camp Peachy


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Hi Everyone, I am a member of Camp Peachy (mostly) from Sydney, Australia I am planning to supply... more

3600 watts of solar



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EDIT: I found a camp Find me at Costco on rod ring road I'm going to be bringing a 3400/3060 watt... more