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Looking to store my truck and small RV for a week while...

$Can negotiate

I have to fly to a gig in MN and need to store my truck and small camper until the 19th Hoping to... more

Stop cashing in on free publicity at the expense of bur...


I have the ability to make it across the playa and back multiple times to help transport the sick,... more

Rebar and something to hammer it in



First time Burner here, was looking at a lot of posts/videos and realized my little tent stakes... more

Looking for a shade/tarp, coming from Mexico :)


Hello! My friends and I are coming from Mexico and are looking into shade options So far it... more

We have 12K variable reach lift to share

Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 12.45.43 PM


Hey everyone, we have rented a 12K lull for the Burn We will have it from Tuesday of Build week,... more

Anyone providing bike transpo from LA to BRC?


We are a longtime theme camp exploring the option of using a bike transportation service, if... more

In search of rented time on a VR (variable reach) lift


Hi all! Baby Grandpa from Miso, formerly known as Miso horny here We're looking to team up with... more

We have solar powered fridge, small AC,.. ALL solar sim...


We have 4Runner with 2 dudes, one an EMT and other is solar energy instructor We are FULLY self... more

Tribe hunting scrap metal sculptor



Hello, I'm Stick, I'm looking for a camp to join in 2023 and hopefully 2024, currently working on a... more

Seeking HUB sister camp to share our power grid and wat...



UPDATE: we have found two sister camps (Femme Fontaine and Imaginarium) We are unable to support... more