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Virgin burner looking for a camp – barista skillz...


Hey there, people call me sunshine- either for my yellow hair or my sunny disposition This will be... more

Virgin burner, looking for camp/chill folks to stay wit...


I've been dreaming of going to Burning Man since I was a teenager, and I finally got my ticket! I'm... more

First time burner looking to fit in


Hello, my name is Peter (32), and this will be my first burn I will be flying from Hungary to Reno... more



My husband and I are coming in on the burner bus as virgin burners He is an artist, designer,... more

Burners looking for participation at a camp

2024-05-14 22.01.04


My husband and I are first time burners in early 30’s and have just got our tickets! We are... more

Houston To Burning Man



I'm looking for a Group to go to burning man with, i will have my own ticket Don't think its a good... more

Looking for a Camp!

Looking for a Camp!


Hi there, my name is Aleksei, and I'm actively seeking an opportunity to contribute to a camp this... more

Virgin Burner looking for a multicultural camp



Hola everyone! I'm Beatriz from Uruguay, born and raised in a town called "33", moved to the US 2... more

Two Poly Clowns + Baby Burner looking for camps at Love...



My partner, her brother, and I are planning to go to Loveburn in Miami, and we're looking for a... more