Public Sculpture Park Accepting Burning Man Art Project...

Sculptor Gary Gunderson sculpture Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest park garden Coupeville Whidbey Island


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Do you have great sculptural artwork from the playa that could use a new home to continue... more

Seeking participants for a virtual camp



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I need more goats in my... more

Rock Climbing Camp


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Update I have contacted vertical solutions and a very rough quote for very high quality bouldering... more

Any questionnaire for the 10 principles exist?


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Has anyone created at questionnaire that seeks to map to what extend and with what profile one... more

Looking for LED instillation technical support.


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I am in the design process of building an art car I am working out the LED lighting system and need... more

Programmer/Sound designer/Visual artist seeking project...



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Hello, I am Serhii, virgin burner(visited Equinox party once) searching to art/installation... more

SkydiVR flight simulator looking for a Unity Playa Map ...

In-game 3


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Looking for a Playa Unity package to add to our app to allow people to skydive over Burning Man... more

3D modeling from scans of a sculpture



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Need something cool to hone your skills on I spent all last winter creating a maquette for a... more

COALESCENCE: Need help converting 3d model for Unity



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Coalescence is a recipient of a 2020 Honorarium art grant I need help converting my 3d model into... more

Cloud Swing convert 3d model for Unity



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We have a 3d model of Cloud Swing, which debuted in 2019 We need help transferring this into Unity... more

Searching for and 3d art designer



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Hello, we are artist looking for an expert volunteer in unity and cinema 4d who can help us export... more

Penny Bears



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Would like to get the Penny Bears (and Eagle) to the Playa All we have at this point are pictures... more

Seeking Programmer/Developer for EEG art project



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The Mind Murmur art crew wants to bring more programmers/developers onboard For Burning Man... more

Kaleidoscope needs help with Unity – we have a 3d...

47544786421_5d6df7caf4_o 2


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We have a 3d model built but need help with unity If you have the skills and can help please let... more

The Monaco needs help with unity. We have a 3d model bu...

monaco follysmall


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We have the ship already built in 3d - but need some help getting it setup in unity if you can... more

Ghosts from PacMan going virtual

Virtual - PacMan Ghost - Black Rock City - digital art - scene 1


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We want to get all the Ghosts from PacMan into the virtual burning man worlds We have some 3d model... more

3D Modeler Needed, 3D scan of model ready )'(for multiv...



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My name is Philip DePoala, an artist working with Edge https://edge-neuroart/ & Intrepid Arts... more

Need help migrating to Unity



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I have a 3D model that has been created by a CGI artist friend but they are unfamiliar with Unity... more

Madonna Car

Image 9


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Jose Benavides Attachments 9:46 AM (14 minutes ago) to Dmv-Mvowners-Announce Hope im not... more

3D digital rendering help needed. I have 3d file from s...

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 7.57.04 PM


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Hi! I am beginner artist and have made a larger than life sculpture that I had scanned and have... more

The Teleporter Dome



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The Teleporter is a multiple speaker ambisonic array housed within a geodesic dome that aims to... more

Celestial Bodies Theme Camp VR Project


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We are seeking a graphic designer who knows how to create the 3D virtual world of our beloved bar... more

Unity Designer to Bring Charlie the Unicorn to the Mult...



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Charlie the Unicorn is a camp committed to being inclusive and bringing joy to all so we are hoping... more

Playa Dust Tray for Kindling



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Playa Dust Tray For Kindling Stella Bay,... more

3D modelers to help us realize IDEATE’s fantastic...


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For IDEATE's virtual theme camp in BRCvr we are looking for help to take our 3D designs and create... more

Digital Artist available to create

balance on the plane


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Greetings! I'm a digital artist, musician, and animator who wants to be involved! This is my first... more

Chilopod to the Virtual Playa



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Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting incorrectly here We are an honorarium project for 2020 (now 2021)... more

Virtual Life Cube Project 2020

virtual Life Cube Project 2020

$Let's chat

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We are looking for some to help us navigate the various Multiverses for virtual Burning Man 2020 We... more

Playabeest needs help moving from solidworks to the mul...



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Hello, I've got a very detailed kinematic capable (animate-able )model in Solidworks of this... more

Looking for 3D Modelers



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LOOKING FOR A 3D MODELER to help us with Eat Me! We had plans to go this year, now we would like to... more