Theme Camp w/Space for a few Extra Members (no tickets)...


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Welcome Home! Looking to join a low-key, easy-going, fun-loving, gift-giving, music-themed camp... more

Burning Man Virgins looking for 2 tickets and a camp



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Hello lovely Burners, I thought I will post here as we are trying all possible avenues to get... more

Howdy, looking to join a camp



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Virgin Burner full timing in a camper w/ solar, batteries, 1000 watt inverter, propane, and water... more




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Hello Folks! I'm an opera singer (baritone) from NYC I'm looking for a place to sing opera and... more

Round Rock & North Austin: looking for group(s) to ...

MZK & DBK @ Burning Man


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I've been to Burning Man twice and am planning on attending again next year, 2019 I'm new to Round... more

Seeking Members for Cosmic Head Massage Camp!



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Join the PHRENOPRACTORIUM to perfect the art of COSMIC HEAD MASSAGE! Tired and in need of... more

First Time Burner – Solo – Seeking to Join ...



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Looking to join a theme camp that could use some of my skills and has some diversity in terms of... more

deep space DJ (Deep House, Melodic Techno, Tech House, ...



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Hello dreamers and voyagers! My name is Deep (for real ;-) ) and it is probably fate that drove... more

First time burners from London looking for camp to cont...


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Hi! We're a group of 5 like-minded friends from London, all first time Burners I know it is a... more

First time burner with a vision


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My name is Corey and I am making a last minute decision to go to burning man Im making this... more

Amazing concept, Magic universe world puzzle, seeks who...


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Magic Universe World puzzle is an endlessly expanding Collective collaboration added to buy every... more




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1 tall strong handy man & 2 tall fit helpful, creative women looking for volunteer... more



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im a solo musician and I play live set techno dark right now in in hollywood,staying with my... more

Lodestar guides and technicians



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Volunteers needed to help guide visitors at Lodestar, Safety, traffic direction, and discussion or... more

Camp Fun-Kuhsh-Un seeks members! (2 directed group sale...


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We are Sparki and BoyScout - dreamers-up of Camp Fun-Kuhsh-Un, a theme camp filled with adventurous... more

Looking to hire driver – transport for 20 ft ship...


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Hi! I'm looking to hire someone to move my camp's shipping container to and from Black Rock City... more

Nurse Virgin Burner Looking for a Home Camp


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Hello fellow burners! I know this is seemingly last minute; however, I am hoping to be adopted... more




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WE are seeking local volunteers to help build ONE, an installation that reflects the idea that ME... more

Red Herring Needs 2 Carpenters/Builders/Workers



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Red Herring has a robust build team and we are looking for a couple more to work with us during... more

Group of Friends looking for a camp


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Hi Y'all, My friends and I are are looking for a camp to join We come from all sorts of... more

2 first-time burners to join a theme camp (Germany + US...


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Hey Burners!!! My friend, Justin and I will be going to Burning man 2018 for the first time We... more

Red Herring 9:00 Plaza and B Accepting Members



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NOTE: RVs are OK We still have room, no power provided If you are interested in camping at the... more

Architect looking for volunteering opportunities



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Good day I am looking for someone in the West Coast who needs help building their Burning Man... more

2 Friends looking to join a theme camp (Germany + USA)



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Dear camp, My friend, Justin and I will be going to Burning man 2018 for the first time We read... more

Art Car looking for Build Artists


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We are looking for artists experienced in sculpture / building / design / fabric work / art cars... more

2 Aussie gals looking for a theme camp to join!



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G’day fellow Burners! My dusty self and my gorgeous goddess of a fine friend are heading to... more

two first time Burners with RV seeking to join (relativ...


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We are first time burners in our 70’s with an RV and looking to join a relatively quiet campsite... more

4 friends seeking to join your amazing camp :)



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We are 4 friends with 3 different nationalities and we are looking to join a camp, get involved and... more

Comedy writer from West LA looking for a tribe



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Comedy writer (and friends and family) from West Los Angeles looking for a tribe for Burning... more

Graphic Artist Wanted



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Our theme camp located on the D-Ring in 9:00 sector We're seeking a computer graphic artist to... more

Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager seeking to voluntee...

Spark Picture


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Hey, greetings! My name is Chris Cottingham and I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade I used to be an... more

Experienced carpenter/construction worker/full time tat...



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Hi my name is David Shaffer I’m a tattoo artist from Missoula Montana but have extensive... more

Storage in Reno


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Hello! I'll be volunteering with an art project for Burning man and Im needing to store some... more

Animation with LED Light Strips

LED Strip 1


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Learn how to program LED light strips to add color and animation to your home, yard, and Burning... more

Live Musicians/Bands wanted to perform at Point Black R...

Starport photo


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Greeting live musicians of BRC! BRTA is finalizing our schedule for electric and acoustic live... more

Ride after the burn, Reno to SF, Sunday late on 26th.


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Don't know if this is the place for it, but I am looking for a ride from Reno to SF after the man... more

Intuitive social skills workshop



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Hi there! I'm interested in leading a workshop, where I’d be teaching people how to improve their... more

Carpool from Oakland for build week



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I am leaving to BRC for build week from Oakland on 08/16/18 @ 6:00 AM I need to be there by mid day... more

Seeking Campers: Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket



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Need A Camp Need A Shower Like to Pamper Dusty Joe's Bath Bucket (The Desert Day Spa) is looking... more

Solar Arc: 2x 100W Solar Panels, Noco GEN2 charger, hou...



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We are upgrading our grid, and want to find a new home for our current one The grid paired with 2... more

First time goer looking for travel buddies


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Hi Burners, I am a virgin goer from China, but I will set out my trip from San Jose/Milpitas ,CA... more

Meditators Needed



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The Mind Murmur art crew is seeking people to meditate in our art installation You'd be meditating... more

First time Burners looking for Camp


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Hello, A couple friends and I will be attending Burning Man for the first time this year and we... more

advice sought


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Hello! I am an art instructor in West Africa and want to build a large sculpture with my students... more

Auctioneer needed for on playa “livestock” ...


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Hardly Camp, Esplanade & 430 portal is doing a "livestock" auction on the afternoon of... more

Two first time outback Aussie Burners looking to join a...



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Hey Burners, We are a couple from Central Australia who are very excited to join the Burning Man... more

Theme Camp seeking shared transportation


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Greetings! We are new theme camp seeking space on transport heading to the playa We have a few... more

Looking for a few creative folks to join our Camp

BRC side Layout3


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We are looking for a few more creative minds to join us in bringing As You Like It and A Midsummer... more

Black Rock City Repertory Theatre

BRC Better Angles Layout


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We are looking for a few more creative minds to join us in bringing As You Like It and A Midsummer... more

Art Support Camp needs Campers!



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Hello friends! Camp Infinite Community is an art support camp looking for campers toosupport our... more