Madonna Car

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Jose Benavides Attachments 9:46 AM (14 minutes ago) to Dmv-Mvowners-Announce Hope im not... more

3D digital rendering help needed. I have 3d file from s...

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Hi! I am beginner artist and have made a larger than life sculpture that I had scanned and have... more

The Teleporter Dome



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The Teleporter is a multiple speaker ambisonic array housed within a geodesic dome that aims to... more

Celestial Bodies Theme Camp VR Project


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We are seeking a graphic designer who knows how to create the 3D virtual world of our beloved bar... more

Unity Designer to Bring Charlie the Unicorn to the Mult...



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Charlie the Unicorn is a camp committed to being inclusive and bringing joy to all so we are hoping... more

Playa Dust Tray for Kindling



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Playa Dust Tray For Kindling Stella Bay,... more

3D modelers to help us realize IDEATE’s fantastic...


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For IDEATE's virtual theme camp in BRCvr we are looking for help to take our 3D designs and create... more

Seeking collaborators for funded LED installation


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As the title says, seeking collaborators for a funded LED installation for Burning Man 2021... more

Digital Artist available to create

balance on the plane


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Greetings! I'm a digital artist, musician, and animator who wants to be involved! This is my first... more

Chilopod to the Virtual Playa



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Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting incorrectly here We are an honorarium project for 2020 (now 2021)... more

Virtual Life Cube Project 2020

virtual Life Cube Project 2020

$Let's chat

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We are looking for some to help us navigate the various Multiverses for virtual Burning Man 2020 We... more

Playabeest needs help moving from solidworks to the mul...



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Hello, I've got a very detailed kinematic capable (animate-able )model in Solidworks of this... more

Looking for 3D Modelers



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LOOKING FOR A 3D MODELER to help us with Eat Me! We had plans to go this year, now we would like to... more




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Hello i am Laurent, my wife Aurélie and i are from South of France, beautiful Aix en... more

Nine at your service


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How may I be of service I have only one expectation which is to experience the present Time will... more

Naturalist and Burner Virgin Seeking a Family



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Top 6 things to know about me: - I love all living things and wish for us to all live in... more

Public Sculpture Park Encouraging Burning Man Art Entri...

Price Sculpture Forest


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Do you have great sculptural artwork from the playa that could use a new home to continue... more

Extinction Offset Projects

Population Bomb


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Seeking like minds for an ongoing project and theme camp in 2021 Reply if you agree with the... more

Burning week



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Hello everyone! 😇❤ I guess you understand that after this quarantine the world will... more

Recyclops 2.0



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History: The Recyclops was originally design/built by Mark Dugally and the members of Camp Yum in... more

Sound design and equipment for lease/sale


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Complete custom sound systems, design, installations and equipment - comes with 20 years of... more

Wevolve Labs seeks team members for Land Art Generator ...


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Wevolve Labs (wwwwevolvelabscom) is looking for general all-round kick-ass motivated friends who... more

No Boundaries – 2021 Burning Man Theme Camp ̵...



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Updated To Reflect Burning Man 2020 Cancellation So we're recruiting super early, for eager... more

Virgin Burner looking for a camp

Optimized-IMG_20200310_133753_203 (1)


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Hello there! I'm an Aussie who's passionate storytelling, community, and seeing what the world... more

CNC Machining for your projects


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Hi! It's that time of year again when projects start kicking off and I wanted to offer our cnc... more

Light artist looking for collaborations

FLORA Kinetica London


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I’m a Berlin-based artist working in the field of light installations and projection mapping I... more

Looking to collaborate on a theater / comedy performanc...


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Nothing particular in mind yet, but would love to hear ideas or stay in touch while we craft... more

Theme camp looking for additional awesome campmates



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NUCLEAR DANDELION 2019 address (Ganymede & 7:15) Our interactivity is a Playa Oasis Spa... more




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REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE is an international, unlimited Big Band that performs on all over the world... more

Trush The Process


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Trush the Process: for better sustainability and self-reliance, to create new friendships, to wake... more

BEACH PARTY 2020 at Lost Penguin NEEDS Musicians, singe...



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Creative participants contact LUAP on this board – We’re putting together another BEACH... more

Perform at the legendary Lost Penguin Cafe



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We’re back with eyes wide open - a 2020 vision of the Multiverse – and at Legendary theme camp... more



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I am seeking to connect with folks experienced in volunteering for the medical side of ESD Seeking... more

polymath here seeking to help those in need of guidance...



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Long list of skills and abilities to list but willing to lend helping hand wherever possible I'm... more

Virgin Burner Looking For A Camp!


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Howdy all! I am a virgin BM burner and am searching for a theme camp that will take me under their... more

Emily Rose Grey


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Portland-Based Prog/Alt Band Looking to Join!

Right Lane Ends - Twilight


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First-time Burners in a Prog/Alt rock band looking to volunteer our services in... more

Looking forward to contribute through my Cooking, Photo...


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Hello Burners, I am a first time solo burner, looking forward to contribute and participate in... more

Hey – over here – I’m a volunteer &#x...


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I chose civic engagement purposefully I love being a part of this community we call home I've... more

Need Help With Electrons ?



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Looking to lend a hand Skills: -Electrical, electronics, electrical engineering, power, solar,... more

Virgin Burners looking for a theme camp


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Hello, me and my friend are hoping that this is the year that we will finally be able to go to... more

Solo BM virgin (LB attended), looking to volunteer &...



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I’m self employed with open availability My business is GINA’S GEMS REUSABLE DESIGNER PASTIES... more

Artist_Architect_ Looking for a chance to learn and hel...



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Hello! I am an artist from Buffalo, New York and I have been primarily creating resin art... more

First time single traveling Burner – looking for ...



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He Burners I´m traveling this year for the first time to the Black Rock City from Switzerland... more