40ft US-Made Steel DOME Stage for Sale or Rent in Reno ...

IMG_0575 2s


I’m a visual artist and I built this custom steel DOME stage for a festival near San Francisco It... more

ride to the event


Long time burner, I have event tickets, transportation, but due to a mixup no vehicle pass, I will... more

Used RV’s for sale


Folsom Lake RV currently has a few nice used RV's that are budget friendly All units go thru a full... more

Looking for a vehicle pass


Hi ! We have our RV and event tickets but silly me forgot to hit purchase for the vehicle pass... more

Los Angeles, I have an RV- splitting costs/driving. Tue...


Hi loves! Looking for people that are interested in riding with me/splitting the costs of an RV... more

Looking for an art installation to assist with the buil...



I'm an artist, designer and creator of large video art and light art installations for festivals I... more

Two sisters looking for a ride from Portland



Two sisters reuniting after 10 years My sister Migle is flying in from Lithuania We grew up apart... more

Low voltage electrician and Handy wife seeking camp to ...



First time burners looking for a camp to join He is a low voltage electrician who can help build... more




Hi everyone I will be running the Disabled short bus shuttle service but il be happy to be a part... more

RENO to BRC 27 August returning early 3 Sep


Am still on STEP for a ticket but have flights and SUV booked to arrive in Reno 26 Sep and then on... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Burner Supportive Public Sc...

2020-11 Gary Gunderson Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Stacey Glass


Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more

3D Video Renderings for Art Project


The Looking Up Arts crew is working on Over Ruled this... more

Looking for artists to perform at Center Camp!


Calling all musicians, singers, dancers, poets, dreamers, jugglers, actors, artists, crooners,... more

Looking to gift a DJ set to your art car or sound stage...

Backdrop 1-01


Hi! I'm DJ ximeR (simmer) from Salt Lake City and I'm looking to give the gift of incredible music... more


Screenshot 2023-05-24 111327


hey its Ianca, its my first time burner!! I am looking forward t it but I am a little bit lost I... more

Hello! I’m looking for a ride from LA to BRC that...

IMG_9826 2 Small


Hello All, So my camp isn't arriving until Friday for build… But I wanted to go early and help... more




Our 10th anniversary of making smoothies and beats for our 430 sector dusty burner neighbors We... more

Happy to be your co-pilot from Sacramento and back


$split gas co$ts

I’m hoping to catch a ride with some fun and friendly travelers headed through, or from,... more

Looking to join a camp/family



Dear Burning Man Community, We're a group of seven individuals - entrepreneurs, consultants, and... more

Seeking Burning Man Community Support – Help Need...


I hope this message finds you all well and excited for the upcoming Burning Man event As fellow... more

Art, Music, Tech: Trio seeks their Burner tribe



Hello, I'm Alon from Israel, and together with my friends Amir and Yaron, we're poised for our... more

Looking for ride! From Reno Airport to BRC Sept 1!


Hi there! I'm flying into Reno airport Sept 1 because I don't want to miss my little girl's... more

storage, creation site


Art camp venture capitalist opportunity: 15000 sq ft metal shop, concrete floor, on 5 acre fenced... more

Woman seeking ride from Bay Area to Playa and back


Women looking for ride to/from Bay Area to Playa (1 way ok too) I can share driving and gas Not... more

Black Burners Union



CALLING ALL POC BURNERS The Black Burners Union (BBU) camp has 10-12 openings for people of... more

SEEKING: one-way ride, BRC to Reno, Sunday September 3r...


Anyone else leaving playa early on Sunday (Sept 3rd) morning I'm Dr Boose/Tangela - solo... more

Camp Got Your Back! Is open for burners


We have placement and currently looking for burners to join or camp and help facilitate 10 to 15... more

Post-Oppression Colony


$(-)(self talk)

We are looking for leaders of color to join our new-ish camp and lead us into being a recurring... more

Versatile burner ready to help build BRC!



Hey there! My playa name is Daisy, and I'm a 28 y/o female, 4 time burner (2013-2017) looking for a... more

2 Need Ride from Reno -> Sacramento 9/8/23


$Gas $

My wife and I will be flying out of Sacramento after the burn early morning on Saturday, September... more

2 Need Ride from Sacramento -> Reno 8/21/23


$Gas $

My wife and I will be flying into Sacramento on Monday, August 21 around 11am We're looking for a... more

Trio of haggard burners seeks a new camp!

$The cost

Hey dusty denizens, did you read the title We're a trio of humans in our early 30s seeking a new... more

Run Your Own Event/Wokrshop At Burning Man With Camp Co...



Curious or interested in running your very own event at Burning Man this year A truly powerful... more

Ride & Camp with me!



Hi all, my name is Issac 31 years old from beautiful Las Vegas Nevada I am attending Burning... more

2 looking to share from SF/Oak/Sac


$Vehicle Pass

Hi, we're two virgins coming over from Australia, looking to hitch a ride to BM or share in vehicle... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, We have space available in our Juggernaut Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Seeks Good Crew



Greetings, We have space available in our Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent Queen Our... more

Fortune Fish Temple (Art Installation) seeking support

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 2.34.49 PM


The Fortune Fish Temple is an interactive divination experience for the 2023 burn We are an... more

Piano Tuning


Hello!! I am bringing an upright piano to the Burn this year and wondering if anyone has... more

Not a DJ – Live & Improvised Original House &...



I'm a live electronic music performer, playing original music, all improvised live I'd love to... more

Virgin Burner from New York City


Hello Burners, Will anyone from New York City be going, flying there, then renting an RV or van... more

Get a LOVE POD for your Camp

Sample Instructional Copy (3)



Melodic/Organic house DJ



Bay Area melodic/house DJ looking for opportunities to spin Give my music a listen as this will... more

Super handy guy (virgin) hoping to find a place to fit ...



My ability to repair broken things is excellent and it has been said I can "glue air" As far as... more

Round trip RV ride from Portland Oregon


Ride in RV comfort round trip to the Playa Can accomidate a reasonable amount of gear and bikes... more

Playa Express looking for project manager

IMG_8321 (1)


We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our team and oversee the project of our... more

Mid Level Drummer looking for a band



Play drums for fun and have a couple of rock bands Not a professional at all, but can keep the... more




An inspiring dj experience put on by 2 girl dj’s from the Midwest! Hit us up... more

First-time burner from Hotlanta: seeking a camp and tic...



Hey there, my name is Ian and I'm a 30 year old Burning Man newbie from Atlanta! I'm super excited... more

Seeking Bamboo Workers and Fire Leads for PādaP’goda

build plan


PādaP’goda is 20’x20’ double-layered kinetic pagoda which explores the dynamics of social... more