Stardust looking for new exterior design/paint job!



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Stardust, mutant vehicle, is so excited to go home again for a second year They're looking for a... more

First Time Florida Burner – Looking for Camp to j...

Alro Picture


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Hi everyone! This would be my first year at burning man, I've thought about going for several years... more

Vocalist/Dj looking for art car or camp to play at or ...



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Hello! this is my second Burn! I would love to play a set on an art car or a camp! I played last... more

Huggzilla Trippy – Sound Car



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We are a Burning Man theme camp that focuses on unlocking human intimacy among people through HUGS,... more

Looking to join a GREAT camp? HUGGZILLA has the LOVE!



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We are a Burning Man theme camp that focuses on unlocking human intimacy among people through HUGS,... more

First time


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Hey guys Its my first year doing this and I’m interested in joining a camp to meet new people and... more

Looking for a camp



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Second Burn and looking for a camp- any Texas people out there taking new campers Flaming... more

Who wants to make a camp?


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What’s up people da internet I have not done this a day in my life but it seems legit I’m... more

The Ovule Project



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HELP US FILL OUR OVULE CONTAINER! 1Small body sculptures made from sculptey, maximum 7" tall We... more

Help Build the Purr Pods



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Hello! I'm building giant metal cats that will purr when you pet them Lots of volunteer... more

Flybrary Liason needed for the “Human LibraryR...

flybrary head tilt


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Honorarium project: The Flybrary in need of a person with excellent communication skills who can... more

Adding more campmates, Janky as Fuck



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Hey folks, Camp Janky as Fuck is looking to add some additional campmates this year We are... more

Pipe bender needed to repair geodesic dome!


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Our camp inherited a geodesic dome this offseason! It came with a few bent poles though so I'm... more

Bay Area Couple Looking to Volunteer & Find New Hom...



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Dear Fellow Burners, My partner and I are looking to connect with a group of mindful people to... more

Body paint in the dust!



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Ciao Burners! Giorgia here, Italian living in Sydney! This year I'm coming for the first time... more

SEEKING CAMPERS: Hammer And Cyclery wants you. No exper...



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Transportation empowers people It gives us independence Bikes help us create our own destiny (at... more

skilled welder/builder volunteers needed for Honoraria ...



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Hello everyone, Thank you for wanting to get involved! Fragments is a monumental mirror... more

Seeking Camp to contribute to

27973228_1615517835193096_6671659500659614035_n (1)


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Hello ! 2nd time burner seeking a camp to contribute to and connect with If you think I'd be a good... more

Gift the gift of a luxurious shower


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Imagine On the Playa, you and your friend have had a rough start due to last night's adventures... more

Gifting the gift of coffee



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As the morning breaks over the Playa, you stand up, stretch and realize that there, in front of... more

Honoraria art project seeks CNC machine/machinist


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Hello! Our honoraria project is seeking the assistance of a Cnc machine and machinist to cut... more

Vounteers needed? Let us know



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I am a fun-loving virgin burner, outgoing who loves people, dancing and making dreams come true:)... more

Aerialist seeking performance opportunity


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Female aerialist looking for performance opportunities around playa to perform on corde lisse/rope,... more

Seeking Camp – Offering on/off Playa build, Leade...



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Dear Burner Community, I am seeking a camp home, one that aligns more with my values and hoping... more

Art support camp seeks kitchen lead


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Hello! We are a Bay Area-based, honorarium-supported, art support camp building an immersive... more

Bensolo – German Chill Out Rap that touches your ...



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Happy to perform live for everybody who loves some chilled hip hop vibes in the... more

Scandinavia artist ”Nåid” / Burning Man



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Hi Everybody Naid has new music that we would love to share at Burning Man Cannot think of... more

Join to camp XX (we looking cook and DJ)



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Hello ! looking for people in camp! We small camp ! and need Help -who knows how or would like to... more

Kitchen manager in camp team



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Greetings my dear Burners! Our camp team is looking for a kitchen manager to create a foodie... more

Train travel


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Looking for burners to ride a train on over into town! The long way... more

Seeking Campers: Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket

Dusty Joe's Signage_small


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Need A Camp Need A Shower Like to Pamper Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket (The Desert Day Spa) is... more

CANCEL, clear



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Cancel, clear Changed my mind but can't see where to cancel my... more

Looking for a guitar player and female vocalist to perf...


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Our Theme Camp is looking for a couple to perform on Tuesday We would like to find a guitar player... more

Club Neu Verboten is looking for comrades! Are you read...



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We are Club Neu Verboten, CNV, a lively, international fruit salad of friends, family and fresh... more

Are you looking for chefs, videographers, fundraisers, ...


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We are here to help! We are very talented and with years of experience in many different fields We... more

Space Available: Join Camp No Boundaries )'(

Playa - Group Pic


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No Boundaries camp is an oasis on the playa that helps fellow burners to discover there are no... more

Original LIVE techno and house…I’m keen to ...

Surreal Party


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Hi guys Second time burner (Afrikaburn), and first time Burning Man here I play live Techno and... more

What is your Art Power? How are you powering your Art? ...


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https://formsgle/vfWZa8atrLCU3VHr8 Black Rock Labs (wwwblackrocklabsorg) is requesting your help... more

What is your Camp Power? Survey


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https://formsgle/vcgQBm3hWNtNVn7h9 Help us help you improve the Burn We need your input on... more

LNT Lead for 35foot Kitten Sculpture- JoyCat2019

X Ray joycat small


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Seeking experienced LNT lead for 35 foot kitten sculpture that will burn LNT is no joke to us We... more

Seeking art project or camp build



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Hello Burn Fam! This will be my third burn Last year I worked build and strike for an OSS vendor I... more

Collaborate on Cacao Ceremony, Maybe with Ecstatic Danc...



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Any other cacao ceremonialists out there I host cacao ceremonies and I'm exploring offering... more

Looking to Camp at Airport


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Hello I already have a ticket and am planning to Volunteer at 88NV this year I am able to arrive... more

First time burner, first born unicorn!



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Hola beautiful souls, it’s a bit overwhelming for a first time burner to properly absorb all the... more

Honoraria Fragments Art Project seeks Volunteers



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Our Fragments Art Project is looking for volunteers: Fragments is a monumental mirror... more

BRC Repertory Theatre 2019

Audience photo smaller


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Black Rock City Repertory Theatre is again bringing two plays to the playa this year We’re... more

DJ Looking for a Stage to play (Don’t let the nor...

DJ bild


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Hello Guys, I will be for the first time at the Playa this year and I am very excited! :) I... more

Honoraria Project seeks Engineering Input


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Hello! Our team is seeking engineering input for our project Archaeopteryx Further details... more

Amazing Sound Producer!

2019-03-22 1.32.41 AM


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I am sound producer i am create fantastic electronic music in style atmospheric deep ethnic house,... more



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I am an architect living in New York City and I am looking to volunteer to help build an art /camp... more