To BRC, Me and My Tings :) Early Arrival?

$Let's Talk :)

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Aloha! Taboo here :) I am hoping to connect with some folx for a ride to BRC, early arrival... more

Karma Love Camp – 2022 Applications Open!



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About Karma Love Camp: We're fun-loving, deep-thinking talents that actively engage the concept of... more

2 virgin burners w/ tickets, strong eyebrows, and can-d...


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Hi y'all! My partner (Sam) and I are first-time burners with tickets, hopeful and excited to find a... more

We Need A Bus!!!



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Get these queens to the desert! A few years ago our small theme camp from Australia 'Priscilla,... more

Corner Pocket Pool Hall Recruiting Members


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Hey everyone, We're looking to add some new members to our billiards hall camp Corner Pocket Pool... more

From Merced or San Jose, CA, to BRC


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Need to share a ride to and from BRC Everything is negotiable Leaving from Merced or San Jose,... more

Need a shared ride from Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Bay Area b...


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Longtime Burner from Bay Area, active member of a long-standing playa camp (Mansonian Institute for... more

Drive or Ride from New Hampshire

$Share costs

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First-timer looking for passengers, or to get a ride, from NH or New England area to and from... more

Salt Lake City or Reno to BM

$discuss? split?

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Hello! I am returning to the playa for year number 11 I will be departing from Salt Lake City, Utah... more

Ride offered from Bay Area one way


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I intend to drive our motor home in early, probably on Saturday I usually leave on Friday, spend... more

Leaving from San Jose CA


$Split Gas

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Offering ride up and back Leaving from downtown San Jose on Friday Aug 26th, and returning Tues... more

Early Entry? Need a Ride?



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Veteran burner offering a ride to someone who would like to go from the Reno area into Burning Man... more

Got Anxiety/OCD?



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Pandemic giving you anxiety, have you been suffering all your life Want to talk to someone without... more

bring your oracle skills to our camp!


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We're a very small camp looking to expand with people who provide oracle services, such as:... more




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Hello! My name is Stan, I’m posting from the cloudy UK I’m a professional videographer... more

Local Burner Festival Spain

Burning Spring


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Hi, Burners I hope this message finds you well! We are a community of skydivers situated in... more




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Hola a todos! Mi nombre es NUR soy dj y productor Argentino, estoy en busqueda de un campamento... more

Driving from KC MO


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My regular carpool guy for Burning Man moved Uh oh What now We had a routine down! I would rent a... more

WE CAN DO THAT!! (Not kidding, we seriously can)



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My partner (John) & I (Snark Bite) have a crazy eclectic spectrum of skills and access to a... more

Fluffer Camp Applications Open



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Just wanted to share that applications for our camp this year are open to all, can check out the... more

DJ gifting Gigs

220318_Go South_Outside the Box_CLub Fusion


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Originally from Europe I currently call Sydney / Australia my home My first Burn was back in 2007... more

Looking for a Camp to call home!

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.48.56 PM


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Hi Burners! We are a couple from Buffalo, NY looking for a camp to call home for 2022 and future... more

Looking for Health & Wellness Camps



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Hey burners! Is anyone seeking another to help out at the camp I'm Natalie, I currently live in LA... more

Looking for a camp!


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Hello! My name is Madie and I am looking for a camp to join for the 2022 burn My previous camp... more

Eugenio & Dinorah looking for a camp



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Hello, We are Eugenio and DInorah, a couple who will be attending Burning Man for the first time... more

FREE Gray-b-gone, evapatron


$FREE dollars

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We have two evapatrons (gray-b-gone) that still my be useful to a small camp They look a little... more

Hoping to help with an Art Project or Mutant Vehicle in...


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I'm based in Toronto and willing to volunteer to help with an Art Project or Mutant Vehicle that is... more

Art Playa Beam



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I need of a a few people with carpentry skills off playa and two people for installation help and... more

The Reactor Project – Looking for Build Help



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Hi Everyone! As BM is approaching, we are coming over to Reno to kick off construction of the next... more

Videographer looking to Collaborate & Seeking Camp



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Hey Burners! I'm a professional videographer that has specialized in event after movies This is my... more

2 seasoned burners looking to help build art


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We already have tickets, and are available to arrive early and assist with build/set up and some... more

musician looking for performance opportunities


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Hello everyone, I've never been to burning man, but it's been a lifelong dream and I have been... more

Metaverse capture for art/architecture & art car (L...



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If you'd like your art, art car, or other exhibition transported into the metaverse, you can... more

Spoken word poet/rapper/singer/songwriter/comic/activis...


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I'm the founder of United Humans Foundation (https://unitedhumanscom) and a spoken word... more

LA Volunteer Wants to Invest in Camp or Art Project Bui...

Head shot


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Hi Burners, I'm helping a smaller camp, have tickets, and looking for an art project or camp to... more

Large Scale Chess Community Project


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Proposing a community project to bring a large scale chess set to the playa Looking for 32... more

Looking for a camp with large workshop space infrastruc...


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We have a ton of fire dancers, flow and movement artists, aerial rig, pole, sound system/DJ's (we... more

Dr. Baron von Realz, Esq. sideshow



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We are a circus of freaks geeks and other oddities always up to some kind of shenanigans As an... more



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I am looking for a camp to be a part of and an opportunity to share my gifts I find fulfillment in... more

FREE – High Desert Art / Installations – Bu...



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I have a flat dirt road accessible space on my 5 acre parcel that's perfect for an exterior build... more

Research into disability communities and housing

Churchill Annual Report 2019-2020


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Hi My name is Kim Samuel I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to undertake research into... more

Seeking Certified Crane Operator

crane 2


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We are seeking a campmate who is also a Certified Mobile Crane Operator If you have valid... more

Lighting Designer looking for a camp



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My girlfriend and I are first time hopefuls looking for a camp to join! I design and run LED stages... more

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities



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Hello My Burner Family! :) I wasn't lucky in the general sale and I'd really love to go home... more

I want to talk about drugs



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Yes I would like to do a talk about drugs I am a Registered Nurse that works in an ICU and ER I... more

Portland Burner Looking to Join Art Project


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Portland based burner looking to get involved to help with art installation this year Can drive... more

Competent Carpenter/Welder travelling the US to help Yo...



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Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to put it out there that, through the month of April I will be... more

Can you share Power with Us?

$no clue

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Hi! We are a small theme camp that uses power to light up camp and sound at night We also heat... more

Seeking jazz musicians for 2 short playa jams

2022 Remote Control plan1 night


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Camp Remote Control has two events (Sun and Mon, 6-8) While folks decorate bikes, a jazz ensemble... more

Photographer / Storyteller seeking performance or compa...



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Going again to Burning Man this year 2022! And if this is posting to the right area of this... more