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What's up everybody I'm here because I wanna meet other people because I'm a first time burner and... more

Hookers and loopers, HELP!



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We are creating an art car that will have a coral reef on it made of crochet hyperbolic planes... more

Presentation of Mechanical Seeds in Burner Comunity



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Hello people, we are new to the community and we just wanted to greet We are two street artists... more



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Hey, nice to meet you :) I'm a Funk/Soul/Disco music producer based in São Paulo, Brazil and... more

New Burner Theme Camp: Looking for Russians, Soviets, G...



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Hello, guys, I am a new Burner I am part of Gopnik Party Gang, and we throw mad Gopnik parties... more

Looking to collaborate on a theater / comedy performanc...


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Nothing particular in mind yet, but would love to hear ideas or stay in touch while we craft... more

Ride from BRC to Reno 9/2



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Hi lovely community We are looking for one or two spots in a vehicle headed out from Black Rock... more

Search for certified Therapist support w/ Human Library...


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This year at Burning Man, the Human Library will be coming (and taking place at the Flybrary)! It... more

Free wood and carpet


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On August 26th I will have FREE carpet and wood from a fence that you can pick up on your way out... more

DC DJ collective looking to play on the playa



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Hello lovely people! We are Cassco and the Common Good - members of a DC-based DJ group called... more

The Man’s Army – needs artists and some vol...



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Calling all BM visual artists! We're the Man's Army - BM art grant recipient project for 2019 If... more

Underground DJ -> Industrial / Acid Techno (Good Sub...



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Hello Guys, I am a DJ and Producers from Germany! I love to play chilled music and... more

Vinyl Tarps


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Have roughly 60 vinyl tarps, 30 of which have reinforced edges w/ grommets They are printed on one... more

Run the Perimeter with IRöNDAD


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If you'd like to run the trash fence (or some part thereof) with me, find yourself under the man at... more

WAP needed.



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Hi, Looking for a WAP/EA willing to play my music live for a set or help with a shift on build Ten... more

Back from Reno to SF

Mek x Nagore


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Hi Burners! We are two Argentinians (Camila and Pablo) looking for a ride from RENO to San... more

Extra Room In Car Leaving SF on Sunday


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Hi - I will be leaving San Francisco on Sunday afternoon and I will have extra room for 1 - 2... more

DJ looking to play and help with camp.

city hall


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Hello everyone! I am a DJ based in Chicago, looking to play house music while you party, cook or... more

Seeking Musicians for Informal Gathering


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Our sax-playing maestro is seeking musicians to join him to help entertain visitors to our two Pimp... more

Looking for a home!



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Hey all you lovely burners! My camping plans with friends fell through at the last minute so its... more

Electro House Producer Looking To Lay Down Heavy Tracks...

DJ Photo


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Hi Everyone, I'm looking to share some heavier electro house music on the playa If anyone has... more

Body paint in the Dust !! …. Lift back to SF :)



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Ciao! a little while ago I posted on Sparks about my Body Painting @ La Playa this year and have... more

Hail Mary


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Taking suggestions from friends and reaching out to see if anyone has a ticket for sale for my... more

Sign your camp up to be a quest location in this year&#...



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Do you want more visitors to your camp or art piece Do you want to make people do silly things when... more

Looking for a ride up & back from SF build



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Howdy Burners! I’m looking for a ride up and back to BRC leaving SF 8/22 and returning after... more

Screen artistic documentary on ANTAGON international da...



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The latest work of my father Pavel Schnabel is a doc film about the dance group Antagon which... more

seeking camps interested in interactive media (e.g. VR ...


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seeking camps interested in interactive media (eg VR / AR / projection mapping) -... more

International Camp has a couple spots open for campers


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Global Camp has room for a couple more campers this year We have 15 nationalities and this year we... more

DJ duo available (progressive house and techno)


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Hello, We are DJ duo with 2 years of experience at playa playing a set for 5-7 hours at playa... more

Bay Area Couple looking for Camp & Volunteer



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Dear Fellow Burners, This is a bit last-minute, however, our prior plans fell through and we are... more

Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist Needed – One Night...


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We need a lead guitarist and keyboard player to play at the Alternative Energy Zone (AEZ)... more

Slide for free after burn!

slide photo


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We have a slide inside our art project that we got from a chik fil a that was being demo'd We'll be... more

Live Electronic Indie/Dance Act Looking for Stages to P...


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Hey Burners! I make electronic music as Darenosa, and I’m looking for stages to play at with... more




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Looking for help Install and fund a large scale sculpture GUARDIANS OF TIME by Manfred... more

2 Experienced Burners Looking to Build



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2 veterans available to assist YOU during build week We Have: • our tickets • a camp •... more

Need help moving Art Car from Paisley, Oregon

Gypsy kitty


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This 4,000lb Art Car needs transport to and from Burningman It originates in Paisley, Oregon A... more

Couple looking for a home on Playa 2019



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Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking for a home on Playa this year! We are willing to help out... more

How can my OCD benefit you?



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Hi folx!!! By some serendipitous magicI got myself a ticket and a vehicle pass I have been wanting... more

Architect/ Artist and Barman


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Hello fellow Burners, I am a Barman and my Partner an Architect/ Artist We reside in Germany but... more

Temple Guardian Needs ticket


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I am on my way Got flights, got Rv and got myself slotted into doing some great things along with... more

Help : Volunteers needed for Fragments Art project


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Hello everyone, Our Fragments Art project team has started assemblig at Fusion Crafts Works in... more

Virgin Burner Looking for Camp



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Hi Burners, I'm so excited to finally be in a position to make this trip I've wanted to go to... more

Sound design for art installations


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Hello, If you have an art installation that needs a soundtrack/ambient sound, I would love to... more

Needing a Ride to the Playa 8/29 from Reno Airport


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Im landing in Reno on 8/29 at 7:25pm My friends will already be on the playa and so Im hoping to... more

Looking for a male-sounding voice with a strong East Lo...



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Fucking Useless is a 2019 Honorarium art projectan eight foot tall useless box that snarks and... more

Female DJ from Colombia looking for an opportunity to p...



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Hey everyone! My name is Maritza Correa, but I also go by DJ Mar Will be traveling in from... more

A Sailor, Wondersmith, and a Viking



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Howdy Hey, We are 3 burners heading out from Sacramento looking for THE camp, coming at you with... more

Aerial performers wanted!



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Our camp is looking for aerial performers to come and visit our camp for a session, tutorial, or... more

looking for a new camp



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Hi, Ten year burner, self -sufficient, team player, good at taking direction, has own tools:... more

Call for Submissions – Through the Chrysalis Proj...



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Hello lovely burners This is a call for submissions (open now through August 16th) for our project... more