We want your art! Display/build/consign/live in beautif...


22 total views, 4 today

We have an active homestead and dog boarding facility that dreams of sharing your art with our... more

–ΦΩΣ– ISO Lens/Sun Magnification Experts &#...

hello locker door monument - clean


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This is a large-scale project in the concept stages for an epiphanic, two-event installation during... more

Lost Penguin Plush (Binkman)



114 total views, 2 today

Looking for any information on what happened to our penguin plush, Binkman He was secured in a... more

Academic Research on Transformational Experience and Su...


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Hi fellow Burners! After visiting a local Burning Man in Germany, I got so inspired by the... more

Power Subwoofers that run on 12volt battery power for a...



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I have a large amount of powered subwoofers that I’m looking to sell I have more Han I need for... more

Ride from Reno/Tahoe to San Francisco decompression par...


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Hi there :) I've decompressed in Tahoe this week and am looking for a ride from Tahoe or Reno to... more

reno to SF

$help with gas

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Im staying in reno at circus circus, and looking for someone who is going to SF tomorrow preferably... more

Reno to LA or Long Beach -need ride for 1 + bike


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hey it's Matthew/ Velvet, am looking to get from Reno to LA / LBC anytime 9/6- 9/8 Traveling... more

Need a ride to Sacramento


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I’m stuck in Reno at GSR and need a ride to Sacramento please My ride left me as she got sick at... more

2009 ticket


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I was flipping through my old WWW guides and noticed my stub from 2009 (My first burn) is missing... more

Looking to perform (Free)

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 12.09.02 PM


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Hi Everyone, I am a recording Pop artist on the rise I have just released a new single "Fearless"... more

Reno to Vegas

$Gas, hotel?

149 total views, 2 today

I have a hotel booked in Reno until Tuesday at 12pm, but I may extend my reservation I'm trying to... more

Need a Friday Ride Mirace


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OK, just looking for a ride to BRC today, Friday, after 4 from the Reno Airport Pretty please, with... more

LNeed Burning Man to Reno Ride on Sat 9/3 or Sun 9/4


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Hi! We are a group of 2ppl in need of a ride from the Burn to Reno We have two large duffel bags... more

Offering Ride from the playa to reno


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Looking for someone to help me drive my RV back to Reno price free you just help me drive Prefer... more

reno 2 salt lake city


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Stranded in reno and looking for a ride back home (salt lake city) i am ready nowi am happy to... more

Ride to reno


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Im looking for a ride to Reno... more

Reno to LA

$share on gas

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Heading to LA 9/5 early morning have room Let me... more



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Planing to go to the Playa at least for couple days from tomorrow, where trayng to fix my van... more



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Greetings wonderful friends My ride fell in love and is staying for renegade Need to get back to... more

Stuck in Vegas have a vehicle pass need ride


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So my car broke down in Vegas and I was hoping the dealership would get it fixed in time but it... more

Have car from Reno need parking pass will give rides


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Getting into airpor at like 8:30 can pick you up and drive to BRC just need parking... more


$best offer

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Hi! Please help my boyfriend and I get to burning man! We got stranded in Reno because our car... more

Looking for a ticket / vehicle pass. Offering a ride fr...


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Looking for a ticket / vehicle pass Offering a ride from Reno to brc... more

ride share reno airport to brc


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i am leaving reno airport today to brc call andy... more

Little Lost Lambs and Procrastinators: FRIDAY RIDE DAY

calling you

$gas $ whatever

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So my friend and I are not going to the burn but we thought we'd radically include ourselves and... more

Tahoe/Reno to Los Angeles Tuesday or Wednesday


$gas $ whatever

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I am not burning but I'll be in the Tahoe area so if you are stranded maybe we can work something... more

Looking for a ride into BM either from So Cal or Reno

$Let me know

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I'm 36 y/o female, give free hugs, open minded I need a ride in to BM with my bike Let me know the... more

Looking for ride – Reno to BRC Friday afternoon, ...



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Hi there Virgin burner here, fun gal traveling solo Wondering if anyone has room - I have to get my... more

Ride from La to BRC or Reno


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Hi ! I am a 19 year old college student whose ride just completely flaked on them! If you would be... more

Driving from SF to the burn wednesday 31st ~ 10am

$Best offer

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I will be driving from SF on wednesday the 31st Plan is to leave from bernal around 10 with a... more

Ride offered from Reno


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I have a large SUV I am in Reno Be happy to give someone a ride in I could use a parking pass Call... more

Need ride from LA to BRC


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Had a delay due to an emergency, and missed my ride Trying to find a ride from LA either tonight... more

Reno > BRC 8/31 or 9/1


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Hello, I am arriving into reno 8/31 @ 1PM & could use a ride from Reno > BRC I have burned 9... more

Looking for ride SF -> BLC


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Hello! I unfortunately had to stay back a few days for work and was unable to make my booked bus on... more



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Can pick you up in Reno late tonight or early tomorrow in exchange for a vehicle pass We can do... more

Reno to BRC



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hi :) Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC Wed 31st at 8:30 pm or later , I have my bike and small... more

Two women looking for a ride to BRC


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Me and my GF are in Reno hanging out in a local parking lot by save mart hoping to catch a ride... more

Reno –> BRC for gratitude + gas money



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Hola familia! I had a Burner Express ticket for 1PM this afternoon (0830) and missed it Now ISO a... more

I need a ride from LA to Reno or the Playa

$gas money

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I've had a two of my friends drop out at the last, and I still wish to go out to the playa So, I... more

RNO -> BM tomorrow after 11:30am


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Hi, I am landing at Reno tomorrow at 11:30am and I (almost desperately) need a ride to BM! If you... more



$car pass gas

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Renting car in Reno and driving In If you have a car pass and gas I’ll gladly tAke you Getting... more

Maui Guy ISO Ride 9am Thursday


$WhatEv,I'm in

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ISO Lift to BRC, 9am Tuesday I'm good for: Driving, Hugs, $, paramedic, stories 8082053013 Drop... more


$Share costs

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I am flying into Reno at 10:30am on Thursday 9/1 I would love to a ride to BRC, and I have a... more

Looking for a ride from SF or Reno Wed night/Thurs morn...

$Car pass + gas

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Looking for a ride from SF or Reno Wed night/Thurs morning - can provide car pass... more

Seeking Parking Pass


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Hola everybody, this is the first year the Burn has called to me and I had decided to pick up on... more

Looking for a vehicle pass in exchange for ride from SF...


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Looking for a vehicle pass If you’ve got one I’ll give you a ride from Sf or along the route... more

Have vehicle pass, need a ride!


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Hi! My car broke down and I need a ride into the burn Getting myself to Reno Have a vehicle pass to... more



$Gas Hugs Vibes

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HALP! Missed my flight and the soonest I can get to RNO now is 3:00pm so I'll miss my bus It's... more

Reno to BRC today. 1 small backpack


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looking for a ride today from Reno Airport to BRC anytime after 3:30pm it’s just me and a small... more