Sculpture and Installation Artist!


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Posted on behalf of my mom! Hi, everyone! I am a first time burner and an artist working in... more

Girl DJ Duo Kysi



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Greetings! Our names are Kylie & Sierra, and we are a Girl DJ duo called Kysi We want to share... more

The Flaming Flamingos need help with a wood shop in LA,...



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Hi there We are trying to bring our Flamboyance of Flaming Flamingos to BRC and we are... more

DJ:)I will be very happy to support you with great musi...

экрана 2019-07-14 в 1.10.01 копия


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first time on the burning man! I'm flying from beautiful Asia) I really want to share with you my... more

Send Your Voice to the Playa!

Dust Telephone - small


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The Dust Telephone art project needs the voices of burners! We're collecting a bank of anonymous... more

Seeking Programmer / Harware Engineer



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Mind Murmur art installation needs a programmer to help troubleshoot hardware issues You’d be... more

Pianist seeks pianos!


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I'm hoping to contribute to BM as much as I can by playing on any pianos that might be dotted... more

Camp looking for more campmates



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Nuclear Dandelion, (Ganymede & 7:15) is looking for campmates!!!!! Our interactivity is a... more

Looking for campmates!



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EDIT: This is now pending - we are almost confirmed with a group and I plan to take this down as... more

DJ for 2:30 and Esplanade


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We are a mutant vehicle camp located right on the main drag 2:30 and Esplanade We are looking for a... more

2:30 and Esplanade


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We are a mutant vehicle camp located right on the main drag 2:30 and Esplanade We are looking for a... more

2020 Temple Collaboration



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I’m seeking collaboration and assistance with a proposed design I want to submit for the 2020... more




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Hii everyone! We are two first-time burners (mum and daughter) looking for a camp to join this... more

Virgin Burner looking to join a camp/help put together ...



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Hi, I am new to burning man and coming alone I already have a ticket and I am looking for people to... more

Seeking my camp- young musician/creative/weirdo ready t...



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Hey, My name is Genevieve, 23 I'm a musician (in progress), artist, dancer/aerialist (in... more

Experienced Burner looking for camp mates


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Hello, my name is Tracey and I am an 8 year burner and a 6 year Burningman Ranger I come to the... more

13 FT Tiny Geodesic Dome Interactive Art Installation



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Hi, My friend and I are joining Burning Man for the first time this year We will be bringing our... more

Appropriated Dragons Appropriating New Members!

Appropriated Dragons Pagoda


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Picture yourself sitting in shade, two stories up with a view over the Playa The tranquility of... more

Dusty Joe’s Rusty Bucket


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Do you like to wash away the dust with clear CLEANSING WATER Do you crave BLUES and ZYDECO Do you... more

2 Friends looking to join a theme camp (Germany + USA)



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Dear Burners, My friend and I are going to Burning man 2019, this will be our second time as we... more

Blind Mistress Mutant Vehicle Seeks Crew!

Blind Mistress and French Quarter


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Blind Mistress, a space vehicle launched in 1799 from cobbled together pieces of New Orleans, is... more

Camp with Space for New Members



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Hi there! We are Pickled Beats and we have a bit of extra space in our camp for new members :) A... more

Wanted: Classical Musicians to Play BACH!



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We are looking to add variety to our "Bach block" at The Lost Penguin Right on the ESPLANADE @... more

Temple uv Enlightenment Needs on-Playa build assistance...

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 5.46.00 PM copy


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We are looking for people who would like to help assemble our structure on the playa on Friday... more

Need a ticket? Camp mate Builders needed



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Last minute issues with our build team is making us shorthanded! Our very high standards are: the... more

Builder, fabricator, welder, and art metal/jewelry make...

Dale and friend


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Ola Playa Community!!! I work as a fabricator, welder(not certified) , and also do a little... more

Solo Virgin Burner flying in from England


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This will be my first year at Burning Man and I thought I would post this to see if anyone wanted... more

Call for Art! Bring Your Art to the Burn (and let us he...

Nectar Village logo


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Have an art piece sitting in storage, yearning for another shot at life Have an installation that... more

Active Participants looking to Actively Participate



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First timer couple looking to join a camp Together for thirty years (Aug 5), she (Val, me)... more


BM 2018


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Hello Folks! I’m an opera singer (baritone) from NYC I’m looking for places and art cars to... more

Looking for help in Seattle the next couple months to d...



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Hi! My name is Helen I’m an artist, mostly working in photo media I'm hoping to make a photo... more

Honoraria Fragments Project needs Volunteers for build

MarcIppondeRonda_Fragments_Burning Man V7 05day


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Hello everyone, Thank you for wanting to get involved! Fragments is an Honoraria mirror temple... more

Fragments Honoraria is looking for drone experts with p...



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Dear All, We are looking to collaborate with Black Rock Citizens who have a drone and a permit... more

Mega Mega Honorarium project



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As fantastical production experts, we strive to bring mirth and merriment to the community A... more

Acoustic Artist – J.B. Boone



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Hey y'all! First time burner here, looking to participate in the only way I know - by playing my... more

Cafe De La Fin Du Monde is looking for Cofee LOVERS



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COFFEE LOVERS! Can you hear the fresh GRIND and smell the rich ROAST in the air Cafe de la Fin du... more

Seeking Art Camp Logistics Support!



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We're bringing a giant sundial to Playa this year! We are looking for an experienced burner who can... more

Volunteer As A Human Book At The Burning Man Human Libr...

Flybrary Head


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For the first time ever in Burning Man history, The Human Library will be traveling to the Playa!... more

Cosmic Head Massage at Phrenopractorium!



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Join the Phrenopractorium to perfect the art of COSMIC HEAD MASSAGE! Tired and in need of... more

Searching for a few more members for our family



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2:30 and Esplanade is our address this year!!! Looking for people that love to host parties, bar... more

Corner Pocket is looking for pool players to join our c...

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.55.15 AM


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Hello everyone! I'm Bobcat, one of Corner Pocket's co-leads and resident dream weaver We're... more

An Emotional Roller Coaser Art on The Playa Fundraiser



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This is An Emotional Roller Coaster, a 10 meter high 20 meter long static roller coaster We have... more

The Temple of Delight is looking for architect, builder...

Temple of Delight Front


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The Temple of Delight is a glowing, mysterious and weird structure that is full of surprises, eg... more

Dj/Producer looking to share music and collaborated in ...



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Hello beloved burners, I'm a Dj/Producer and Kambo Practitioner from Puerto Rico My foundation is... more

Add your art to our installation!



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Metamorphic Dis-chords is a wind-interactive art display We invite others to make and bring... more

Long Distance? Go Tentless



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The Principles relate to the idea of Burner Karma and our camp takes it further Karma Love Camp... more

Seeking Campers: Black Rock Bakery



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Looking for a camp Love baking, or maybe just eating baked goods Do I have a camp for you! We... more

Live Bands and Performing Artists wanted for sunset per...



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Greetings musicians, performing artists and DJs of BRC! Every year The Black Rock Travel Agency... more

Spanky’s Wine Bar



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Spanky's has room for more members this year We didn't do well in the ticket sales, and need more... more

Looking for central Texas open campers to join our them...


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Teacher Money is a new small theme camp that is gifting shade during the day and an amazing VR... more