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New Solo Burner Looking For Advice

I’m ringing in my 30th year by experiencing something I have always wanted to.. visiting the Playa. I will be a first-time female Burner and […]

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6 Helping hands looking for an art project in SF bay area

3 first time burners wanting to contribute our time and skills towards your art project! Have experience painting, printmaking, etching, ceramics, photography, sculpting and have […]

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4 adventurous souls looking for a theme camp to call home

We are 4 fun, open minded, helpful, and very resourceful friendly people looking for a theme camp community to join. All first timers to burning […]

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welder looking to help with an art project NYC

I am an Iron worker. This will be my first time attending. looking to volunteer on a project.

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Easy going talented candidate offering to help in any way to make friends…

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Helping Others


How Can I Help Santa Cruz?

I am a dedicated, ambitious, hard worker and have many skills. Can build, sew, cook, paint and just want to lend a hand wherever is […]

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Will help with your projects (Toronto area)

First time burner! Will be joining a group of friends from California in Black Rock City this year. I can help with planning, building, errands […]

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New burner looking for a way to participate

Hello, I am a first-time burner, looking for a theme camp to join or a way to participate. I have experience in sewing and knitting, […]

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Seeking fellow Bluegrass musicien

I’ve been playing 5-string banjo for about 6 years now and I’d love to connect with a fellow musician playing any complementary instrument (strings, or […]

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Looking for guidance in creating wax dolls.

Hi all, I want to create an installation with 1:1 robotic wax dolls. It’s all about coming to terms with ones projected ignorance on world […]

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