Nina Z



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Greetings! I am an aspiring VA who has not yet been working with clients but has gone through VA... more

Painter looking to help art makers


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Hi! I'd like to help folks if they are currently working on art projects that need painting Just... more

Public Sculpture Park Encouraging Burning Man Art Proje...

2020-10-24 Playa Flowers photo by visitor Jean-Marc Labrosse


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Do you have sculptural artwork from the playa that could enjoy a new home to continue positively... more

Join Us on Playa! (Updated Invitation)



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We're going to gather during Burn week 2021 on playa Reach out if interested in joining us We're... more

Playa prism



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Looking for a space inside or secure outside to build the Play Prism art structure We need about... more



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Looking for volunteer opportunity in support 24 foot mh generator based in Redding ca Retired and... more

Renegade Recyclops 2.0



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Hello dusty travelers, It is time to dust off the Recyclops and get her ready for the playa... more

Decommissioned Guitars for Art from Yamaha


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Hello friends, I’m the event producer for Yamaha Music We have pallets of decommissioned guitars... more

LEGAL EAGLES needed: Pushing Limits of Ebikes

giant innertube trike


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Electric bikes at Burning Man are aligned with the Nevada statutory rules enabling their use We... more