NN_Playa Naia_11 copy


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Senior burner attending for eighth time offers her expertise to you in the following... more

Suggestions for Tent?? or Share an RV?


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Hi, Im looking to join a camp but not sure as I want to participate and contribute but at the... more

Taking on a new camper

2018 Camp plan 2 v2_night


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Camp Remote Control has an opening for a new camper who already has a ticket It is a small camp... more

Looking for an opportunity to help co create with the m...



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I am a virgin to the playa but i feel so deeply the memories and energy that has been radiated out... more

Virgin Burner looking to join a camp


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Hi, I am a virgin burner, traveling all the way from India and would like to join a fun and... more

Professional Treehouse Builder seeks large playa art in...



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Hey fellow creatives, I am a 28 year old UK based 2nd time burner who builds treehouses for a... more

Gilded Cage

Gilded Cage


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Please help to build this interactive art installation in Cupertino, CA or with transportation and... more

Theater Seating System

20180530_081824(1) A


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I work at San Domenico School and we are remodeling our Assembly Hall and have a Theater Seating... more

“Crooks” Progressive Psytrance Artist loo...


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Hey burners! Im coming over from Australia to experience this festival with you all! I am a... more

Two Extra Builders and (1) Wallpaper Hanger Needed for ...



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Red Herring builds a wooden structure, with 12' high walls that are painted, wallpapered,... more




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We’re looking to join a camp! My name is Natasha and my boyfriend and I are seeking some friendly... more

decompression location offering



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This is an invitation to gather at 110 acres and decompress no fees and no time limit this is a... more

1st Time Burner looking for friend to travel with from ...

DSC_2552a (1)


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1st Time Burner looking for a friend to travel with from New Hampshire I have an RV and will be... more




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hey hey, i am a girl from belgium coming to the burn for the first time this year i am looking... more

Prison of Song



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The Prison of Song is karaoke with mallets inside a giant xylophone Upon entering the prison,... more



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If you have an art project in need of some heavy equipment lifting I have a Telehandler FORKLIFT... more

Truck Driver – Could Rent Tractor & 53′...


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Are there camps that need a solution to get camp infrastructure, art and/or belongings to BRC I... more

Seeking Video Artist



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Seeking a video arts collaborator to create moving imagery that will be synced with brainwave (EEG)... more

Looking to join a GREAT camp? HUGGZILLA has the LOVE!



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We are a Burning Man theme camp that focuses on unlocking human intimacy among people through HUGS... more

Acapplaya Seeks Experienced Vocalist



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If you are an experienced vocalist and want to perform on some of the most exciting stages in the... more

Red Herring Open for New Members This Year



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You are walking across 9:00 Plaza in Black Rock City There’s a red door, illuminated by a single... more

Five French first time Burner looking for a camp to lea...


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Bonjour, We are 5 french first time burner who love to be part of an amazing camp ! We are all 5... more

Footnote lovers, Speakers, and Questioners: Submit Your...


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Come share your brain, research, and experiences with us at the Center Camp Cafe Speaker... more

Bring your art to FIGMENT Oakland



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Not sure what to do with your art after the burn FIGMENT Oakland is a free, community-driven, all... more

Travel Buddy Fort Worth Texas Area


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(I Do NOT have an extra ticket for you, But I have a ticket for myself) /// (This post is still... more

1st timer Need Camp!!!! I will do as its told.


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1st timer Need Camp!!!! I will do as its told Age : 28 (will be ) Sex: Male I will provide... more

Kinesios Build

Hero 2


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Kinesios is looking for a construction lead, welders, and Build space to build 8 large steel frames... more

Can I load all my gear on Burner Express Bus???


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Hi All! I need some advice on taking the Burner Express Bus At first I was super-excited to find... more

NOMAD Burner `looking for some Water :D



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Hey there i would be Happy to contribute to your/our Camp `and join you im traveling from germany... more

virgin burners looking for a camp



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my boyfriend and I are going to burning man for the first time, we would like to join a camp,... more

LUNKULU island/bay development

LUNKULU island (incl. location reference)


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Our organisation BAYIMBA (Cultural Foundation) finds itself on the exciting and magnificent road to... more

Structural Engineer or similar



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Looking for someone with an understanding of basic load bearing issues related to wind We're... more

Weddings ceremonies are welcome

altar 05_r1


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The Altar Of Intentions Invite all the couples who are willing to get married on Playa this year to... more

Looking For a Film Maker – The Altar Of Intention...

Pictures from the water samples from The Altar of Intentions 2017


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Water is the most common element on planet Earth For the last 20 million years, it has surrounded,... more

Consent is Sexy | US Tour


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I'd love to organize a mini-tour to some of the West Coast major cities (starting in Portland) that... more

Pongo Lounge Looking for New Campers!

pongo cover


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Hello! Are you a burner An intrepid explorer of BRC A maker A doer A music lover A dancer Are... more

Follow the energy



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hey Burners! :) I just have got an energy came up that Burning Man calls me Flowing with this... more

Looking for kitchen advice


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Hello Burners! I am a lead for a theme camp where a good amount of our people will becoming from... more

Videographer / Video Needed


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Camp Canadianderthal is hosting for the sixth time two live performances covering the music of the... more

Seeking Campers: Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum


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Hello Burners and Burgins! We here at Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum are looking for eager campers... more

Vibrant, sparkly, lonely VIRGIN seeking camp to contrib...



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Greetings Seattle Burners! :) I am a VIRGIN and an ORPHAN seeking a theme camp to adopt me: - I... more

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing


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Hello, I'm excited and nervous! A first-time burner living in San Francisco, but I'm not really... more

Myriapoda Robota Honorarium recipient

indiegogo myrirapoda frame


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Myriapoda Robota, a mechanical centipede from the future finds Home on the Playa through the... more

The Lost Penguins Stage



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Hello Burner friends! I am with The Lost Penguins camp from Toronto and we are looking for some... more


COM Daylight


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Hello! We are a team of artists looking for a camp to bring our installation to! COM is an... more

Club Neu Verboten is looking for comrades! Are you read...

CNV 2017


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We are Club Neu Verboten; a lively, international fruit salad of friends, family and fresh faces... more

Ride share opportunity



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I plan to drive cross country from New York to the playa No side trips, 4-5 days, relaxed pace, ETA... more

Porta Party has room for awesome Burners!!!



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Hello Burners and Burners to Be If you are serious about being part of a theme camp and lending... more




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We’re looking to join a camp! My name is Erika, and this will be my first time at Burning Man My... more

Camp DIY is looking for a few good campers


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Camp DIY has been a placed theme camp for seven years We are generally in the 6:00 Sector, with... more