Virgin Burner looking for a multicultural camp



Hola everyone! I'm Beatriz from Uruguay, born and raised in a town called "33", moved to the US 2... more

I just need a one way trip to black rock city


I’m willing to go half on gas , also I’m only ask for a ride to black rock city and not a ride... more

International Camp Accepting New Members this year



Hello ! We are an International Camp in it's 5th year at Black Rock City In the past we have... more

2 Costa Rican Gyals Looking for a Camp!

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 8.10.55 PM


Hola! Hello! 2024 will be my third Burn (participated the past two years and loved it!) and my... more

DJ seeking 2024 Project



Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my listing! As a passionate DJ, I find joy in... more

DJ / Sound Technician looking for 2024 Project



Hi! This is Ferdi from Germany I'm a professional DJ offering my art to any of your stages I used... more

Drive Parter Needed / Ride available from Iowa to Black...



I'm driving from Iowa again this year and looking for a driving buddy It's a 24 hour drive I'm... more

Carpenter looking for a 2024 project



Hi there Skipper here - I was one of the lead builders for the Solar Shrine (2022) and I'm... more




Hi Dear Burningers! How can be play any event on this wonderful festival Please contact me and i... more

Jerome Doherty Bigara


Hi! Virgin Burner and eager to make a contribution to a Themed Camp with like-minded folks... more

camp looking for a tarot reader or other oracle


Oracle Camp needs at least one additional Tarot reader Last year we were solidly hooked up with... more

Two Poly Clowns + Baby Burner looking for camps at Love...



My partner, her brother, and I are planning to go to Loveburn in Miami, and we're looking for a... more

Offering art installation, design, build and strike hel...



Hello, I am new to Burning Man, yes total virgin, and would love to be there for 2024 I would... more

looking for help to create a new theme camp/community v...

starck-club entrance front


FULL TIME Burner seeking grant writers, builders, doers, artist and musicians and ALL strangers to... more

Looking for experienced artists / leaders / recycled ma...

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 11.02.36 AM


Hi all! I have this crazy idea of art I would like to apply to the Honoraria Grant but need... more




I have a Generac;130kw, LPG powered generator that I need to get rid of It has less than 30 hours... more

Party Trick Seeks SaxCock


Hello Community, My name is Party Trick (Kaleb) and I am seeking SaxCock SaxCock is a magical... more

left my camera on MOON RAKER art car


$whatever u want

i got up on the moon raker art car and set my camera down and then noticed i was missing it but it... more

Missed your Hug


For all the people I didn't get to hug, all my love... more

Looking to join Black Rock Yacht Club

me and boo

$I do not know?

Hello! I've been looking for a way to convince my partner to accompany me to Burning Man 2024 (if... more

David and Carolina from Sweden



Hi it's Paul from G Spot The rains brought us together but then kept us apart Lets reconnect and... more

Pls help us reconnect



It was full moon when I found Christine… we spent something like 5 hours together and had many... more

Looking for the person who was walking on the road duri...


I am just looking for the person who audibly wondered why the roads were so thrashed and the portas... more

Seeking Carlton who has my personal items


Seeking Carlton or anyone who knows him He was camped at 5:15/H I was told my green... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Burner Supportive Public Sc...

2020-11 Gary Gunderson Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Stacey Glass


Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more