No Boundaries – 2020 Burning Man Theme Camp ̵...



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No Boundaries is an international community of Veteran and First-time Burners coming together to... more

Virgin Burner looking for a camp

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Hello there! I'm an Aussie who's passionate storytelling, community, and seeing what the world... more

CNC Machining for your projects


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Hi! It's that time of year again when projects start kicking off and I wanted to offer our cnc... more

Light artist looking for collaborations

FLORA Kinetica London


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I’m a Berlin-based artist working in the field of light installations and projection mapping I... more

Looking to collaborate on a theater / comedy performanc...


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Nothing particular in mind yet, but would love to hear ideas or stay in touch while we craft... more

Theme camp looking for additional awesome campmates



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NUCLEAR DANDELION 2019 address (Ganymede & 7:15) Our interactivity is a Playa Oasis Spa... more




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REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE is an international, unlimited Big Band that performs on all over the world... more

Trush The Process


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Trush the Process: for better sustainability and self-reliance, to create new friendships, to wake... more

BEACH PARTY 2020 at Lost Penguin NEEDS Musicians, singe...



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Creative participants contact LUAP on this board – We’re putting together another BEACH... more

Perform at the legendary Lost Penguin Cafe



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We’re back with eyes wide open - a 2020 vision of the Multiverse – and at Legendary theme camp... more



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I am seeking to connect with folks experienced in volunteering for the medical side of ESD Seeking... more

polymath here seeking to help those in need of guidance...



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Long list of skills and abilities to list but willing to lend helping hand wherever possible I'm... more

Virgin Burner Looking For A Camp!


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Howdy all! I am a virgin BM burner and am searching for a theme camp that will take me under their... more

Emily Rose Grey


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Portland-Based Prog/Alt Band Looking to Join!

Right Lane Ends - Twilight


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First-time Burners in a Prog/Alt rock band looking to volunteer our services in... more

Looking forward to contribute through my Cooking, Photo...


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Hello Burners, I am a first time solo burner, looking forward to contribute and participate in... more

Hey – over here – I’m a volunteer &#x...


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I chose civic engagement purposefully I love being a part of this community we call home I've... more

Need Help With Electrons ?



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Looking to lend a hand Skills: -Electrical, electronics, electrical engineering, power, solar,... more

Virgin Burners looking for a theme camp


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Hello, me and my friend are hoping that this is the year that we will finally be able to go to... more

Solo BM virgin (LB attended), looking to volunteer &...



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I’m self employed with open availability My business is GINA’S GEMS REUSABLE DESIGNER PASTIES... more

Artist_Architect_ Looking for a chance to learn and hel...



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Hello! I am an artist from Buffalo, New York and I have been primarily creating resin art... more

First time single traveling Burner – looking for ...



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He Burners I´m traveling this year for the first time to the Black Rock City from Switzerland... more

Small Camp With Benefits.. Overseas and First Timers We...



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Maybe one of the first of this sort of post We find it beneficial to get the recruiting done as... more

Free ’93 Toyota Previa for art car base

Devil's Mini Van


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Hello BRC Residents, Artists, Metal Workers, torch and sawzall Weilders & Welders! I have a '93... more

New Slavic Camp by Red Energy Squad


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Hello, guys, I am Pasha (Паша), and I am a new Burner I made a post back in September 2019... more

Seeking A Few Special Crewmates

SQ Fire


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Greetings, We have a some spots available in our Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent... more

New burner looking for a Camp or a project to join!


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Hello everyone! I'm a first timer here in the burning man I'm from florence, and I'm looking for a... more

Poet – Wanna be song writer



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Hi! I am a professional editor, word smith and format documents for a living In my spare time I... more

Mechanical Engineer looking to help/ BRC Virgin


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I am an ME looking to help in any way specialties include; Engines and Generators, metal... more

Chill solo virgin burner looking to volunteer/join an a...



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Hi! I'm a virgin burner and hoping to make 2020 the year that it happens I've done extensive... more

First Timer Looking to Volunteer/ Join a Camp!


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Hello fellow Burners I am a newbie first timer but have been following for several years now I am... more

Looking for Volunteers



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Love the ocean Love sea creatures Love Burning Man too Dinner with a Whale is looking for local... more



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Greetings fellow Burners I am a newbie first timer but have been following for several years now I... more

looking to contribute to your project


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Boston Burners, I am a (hopeful) first-time burner looking to volunteer with a camp in the... more

First Time solo burner looking to volunteer



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Hi I am a first time solo burner coming from atlanta and am looking to join or voluteer in teams... more

Band looking to play!


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Hey there! I represent a band from Indianapolis, Indiana and we are wanting to play at Burning Man!... more

First Time Solo Burner Seeking Theme Camp & Volunt...



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Hello everyone! For my first (& solo) Burn I’m looking forward to finding a camp that really... more

Female Vocalist seeks fun creative pop-up band musician...



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Creating a pop-up band for 3-4 events on-playa for 2020 Need DJ and/or guitar player, drummer,... more

Virgin Burner Girl Looking for an Epic Camp

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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to join my sister at Burning Man 2020 for the first time We are... more

Custom Fabrication Shop looking to build / collaborate ...


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Brooklyn based custom fabrication shop looking to get involved with a playa build We offer full... more

2nd year burner girl looking for a camp to join



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Hey guys, I’m excited for my 2nd year at Burning Man I look forward to finding a really fun crew... more

First Time Burner looking to volunteer



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Hi, I will be attending the Burn for 2020 and it's my first time So I'm trying to find a more folk... more

Porta Party – Theme Camp 2020



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Hello Burners & Burners to be, If you are interested in joining a theme camp in 2020,... more




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Hello i am Laurent, my wife Aurélie and i are from South of France, beautiful Aix en... more

Looking for a timber Engineer to help with our honorari...


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Hello, I am currently seeking an engineer to join our team and provide help with our 2020... more

Our Mutant Vehicle project is underway, looking to hire...

3D Render


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Greetings! San Francisco Based camp LED Dinosaur is building an art car for Burning Man 2020 and... more

Art Install for 2020 — Transforming Totems and Me...

MesmerElda night


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We are building two pieces that may be displayed together or separately (not sure yet) They are... more

Help make shirtcocking great again 2020


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Need help planing this project and... more

Moozikhant DJ

IMG_20190314_171728717_HDR_1 (1)


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The Moozikhant duo brings together a fresh sound composed of African, Brazilian, Carribean ,Latin... more

Asian couple looking to contribute at BM 2020

marriage encounter ION orchard full length


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Hi there, We are from Singapore, South-East Asia We are world travellers, and looking forward... more