CouchBurners is accepting new members!



Looking for a badass camp with the most amazing people you’ll ever meet Read... more

August 24, 2024 San Francisco – Black Rock City


I'm Morgan, I'm looking for a carpool on Saturday the 24th to Black Rock City - I just have a... more

Seeking to Join a LGBTQ friendly camp or Other



Hi all! My name is Issac I went to burning man for the first time in 2023 as a solo camper I went... more

San Francisco – Gerlach NVO JULY 25th


Hello - I'm going to be driving up to Gerlach on July 25th to volunteer I will be towing a trailer... more

Hexayurt needs a home


I have a hexayurt that I no longer need She is the standard H12 type with, 6 sides, 8 feet tall, 16... more

Indie Dance / Afro House / Techno DJ looking to play on...



Hi, I'm Anita, also known as Kanita D I'm excited to bring my infectious passion for music back to... more

Pepperland is recruiting for 2024!

strawberry fields


Pepperland is an established camp looking for positive Burners to join us!!! We're based out of... more



My husband and I are coming in on the burner bus as virgin burners He is an artist, designer,... more

Looking for naturist/nudist camp site


It's our second year joining Burning manWe are 60's, have travel trailer for camping We are looking... more

Burners looking for participation at a camp

2024-05-14 22.01.04


My husband and I are first time burners in early 30’s and have just got our tickets! We are... more

Looking for gift rides for ESD volunteers


We are a camp of 90 plus ESD volunteers including fire, medical, logistics and communication Last... more

EarlyAccess-LeaveLate Indy->BRC->OregonCoast Deco...

$Fuel share

One ton diesel van w/inside rear sleeping rack and roof rack Radically inclusive, except that... more

Live Electronic Music Performance by Talking Rocks



Hello Burners! I am an experienced producer and I am looking for a stage to perform live... more

Can someone clue me in on how to find the “blind&...


Hello, I recall seeing a camp for blind participants and would like to volunteer with them Can... more

Come join our circus of freaks


$0 to ∞

Burning man will be here before you know it and “Dr Baron von Realz Esq most spectacular... more

Leaving Los Angeles Tuesday morning of Burn week planni...

$$75 each way

This will be year 15 for me I’ve driven 12 newbies to Burning Man over the years Still friends... more

RV Share – Vancouver to BM Return


$CAD$2000 Approx

RV Accommodation and RideShare from Vancouver, Canada to BM – Return We have a RV for 5 or 6... more

Black Rock Public Library – Apply now



Do you love sharing the joy of books and learning with others We are a camp of around 25-30 that... more

House/Techno DJ for your camp or art car

6-8-2023 8-24-56 PM


Greetings my fellow burners! this will be my 3rd consecutive burn and I have DJ experience at many... more

Seeking ride from Reno to playa during build week

$gas and snacks

Hey y'all, I'm flying into Reno on Tuesday 20th of build week, looking for a ride to playa on... more

DJ / First time burner seeking a camp

DJ Zero - Collage Profile Pic 2022-2


Hey what's up everyone hope you're all doing well, This year will be my first time attending... more

Camp Yeah Man! is looking for new members

Yeah_Man_Interactivity 1


Camp Yeah Man! is an interactive theme camp of 22-30 people Our placement will likely be in the... more

Matthias TORM dj Hypnotic Techno

matthias 2a


French hypnotic techno DJ, I am looking for good people who accept my presence in order to awaken... more

Empire of Dirt fund raiser



EOD has been making art since 1995 at BM Please support our camp and projects by purchasing our... more

Two UK burners hoping for a lift from Reno on Monday ev...


$Gas cost

Hey! We are two Burner Moms, flying in from the UK (leaving our families at home) We arrive into... more

Looking for Someone to Share an RV in 2024!


Hi! I am ideally looking for one other person to share an RV with for the Burn this year This will... more

art to donate



I have a portable steel framework that until recently, supported a simple light show It could be... more

Karma Love Camp is Recruiting for 2024!

2023 activity collage copy


WE HAVE TICKETS FOR NEW MEMBERS Within the heart of the din & cacophony of BRC, you will... more

Karma Love Camp is Recruiting for 2024!

2023 activity collage copy


WE HAVE TICKETS FOR NEW MEMBERS! Within the heart of the din & cacophony of BRC, you will... more

Looking to pool resources


Two non-placed burners driving a truck and car hauler from the DC/ Baltimore area are looking to... more

Will You Host an Irish Music Session?



The Crusty Swan is an Irish-themed "mini-pub" located in Hushville Each year we host a Tuesday... more

Traveling From Tampa To Burning Man in Bronco

$Split Costs

I'm still figuring out details but open to it playing out in different ways I have a Bronco with... more



Attention Burners! We are a DJ-SIster-Duo and would love to provide you with a DJ-Set We play... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, https://wwwinstagramcom/ssserpentqueen/hl=en We have space available in our... more

Looking to Share Driving from Philly to BRC (22 ft RV)



I have a 22 ft class C RV that I'd love some help driving out to the desert I'm paying gas either... more

Meditation Station Installation



Hello! I love meditating in the deep playa, especially under art installations so I want to... more

Looking to Share an RV in 2024


I would like to share the expenses of somebody else's RV I am a long time Burner, starting in... more

Seeking cross stitchers/embroiderers for Center Plaza P...

backup of waking dreams sampler 2022


Hi friends! I'm running a Burning Man themed cross stitch and embroidery project at Center Plaza... more

NEW campers – Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet


Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is open to new campers!! We help people connect with soulmates on... more

Houston To Burning Man



I'm looking for a Group to go to burning man with, i will have my own ticket Don't think its a good... more

Looking for someone going from Miami and back.


Hi burners! Going to need help to bring stuff to BM this year from Miami and back (back is a must)... more

Invoke The Fiery

small size picture


We are creating Invoke the Fiery for this 2024 Burn ! We are looking for help and collaborators,... more

MOOT: Matter Out Of Time



Matter Out Of Time, or MOOT for short, is a theremin-powered time machine headed to Burning Man... more

First Time Burner offering ride from SoCal that include...



My buddy and I are meeting in Reno for our first Burn I’ll be driving up from SoCal / OC and... more

Phoenix to Burning Man

Phoenix to Burning Man


Was wondering if anyone in Phoenix or surrounding areas is driving to Burning Man and would be... more

Commercial generator and camp power grid support



Hello "Big Tooth" your somewhat friendly playa power guy (as long as you don't touch the generator)... more

Looking for a Camp!

Looking for a Camp!


Hi there, my name is Aleksei, and I'm actively seeking an opportunity to contribute to a camp this... more

Offering Help on Installations, Art Cars, etc.


Hello! I am based in SLC, UT and reaching out to see if anyone needs additional hands in building... more

International Camp Accepting New Members

Screenshot 2024-03-23 164633


Hello ! We are an International Camp in it’s 5th year at Black Rock City In the past we have... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Burner Supportive Public Sc...

Eva with Tyrannosaurus Rex by Joe Treat at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Dondi Budde of Oak Harbor


Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more