I can supply a vehicle pass and gas from AZ


I am currently living in the Tempe area located near Phoenix Arizona I am attempting with all my... more

Looking for a traveling companion or a camp



Hello everyone!!! Our names are Lyuba and Egor We are from Philadelphia We are looking for... more

Camp Yeah Man! is accepting new members

Yeah_Man_Stage & Pole


Camp Yeah Man! is a multi-genre theme camp of about 30 people, placed on the corner of 3:00 &... more

Keytar Wielding Singer Songwriter

Hat throw


Hi, I'm Sara Jade! If you are a camp seeking some live music, feel free to reach out I perform... more

Wasteland wandering DJ seeks Dancefloors & Decks


You'll find me roaming the range seeking to play many marathon sessions in any space that'll have... more

Offering round trip to BRC from Detroit, MI



I'm driving an RV from Detroit, and can accomodate up to 3 riders, including bikes and a reasonable... more

Needing a Ride (Sunday) from BRC to Reno


I have a camp mate that needs to ride out of BRC to Reno on Sunday, Can cover expenses gas etc... more

Seeking others to share in driving to the burn


Hi all! I have a reliable car (2015 subaru Crosstrek) and a parking pass, and I'm trying to avoid... more

Reverbia is seeking out Commercial Kitchen experienced ...



Reverbia…Your All Live Music Camp…is calling out for specialized volunteer service on our... more

I’m looking for someone that can split 50/50 on g...



Hello I'm going to burning man for the first time this year and I'm looking for someone who can be... more

DPW member looking for ride Reno to BRC


Long shot here but looking for a ride into BRC 8/11 to help the build process of... more

Reno to Playa Aug25


Hey there! First-timer- tryna find my way to the playa I'm coming in from NYC Aug25th and... more

BRC to Reno sept 3 early morning.


Hi, i have spaces available to drive from BRC to Reno on Sept 3 early morning as daylight... more

Rides from Reno offered Aug 21 midday


Hi, I have available spaces in an RV from Reno to BRC midday Aug... more

Bay Area –> BRC & Back (8/28-9/1/9/2) Flex...

Screen Shot 2024-06-19 at 10.45.14 AM


4th year Burner looking for a ride from the bay area to BRC on or around 8/28 and/or a ride back on... more

San Diego 1 Seat in 2p Truck Rideshare


I've got an open seat from SD>BRC>SD in a late 90's Tacoma I'm somewhat flexible on departure... more

Offering ride LA/SF > Reno Aug 3rd


Hi everyone! I am traveling from LA to Reno the plan is to get there by the 2nd/3rd of August... more

Portland>BRC and Back


Howdy! The name's Impact (they/them) I'm searching for a partner to share the drive with Happy to... more

Ride from Sacramento to reno


Hello! I will be driving from Sacramento to reno on Friday Aug 23rd I ha e room for either A few... more

Offering ride to BRC from Reno 8/23


My partner and I are looking for anyone who is interested in ride sharing from Reno to BRC and back... more

Looking for a ride Reno —>BRC August 20 (after 2pm) ...


Hey there, 3rd time burner plus 2 1/2 large duffle bags looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on... more




Tickets and vehicle passes available to Dolphin Day Spa campers, located in the 6:00 sector head to... more

DJ/Music Producer Looking to play camps and Art Cars

Playing on an art car in 2023


Hello My name is Andrew artist name Second Nature I am a DJ/ Music producer looking to gift my... more

Camp Exclamation Mark! Is Accepting New Members

Camp !


Camp Exclamation Mark! is back for another wild and unforgettable year on the playa, and We have a... more

Looking for Dj’s/ Music Performance Artist at Cam...

Events at Night


Camp Exclamation Mark! hosts multiple events throughout the burn week in our large circus tent We... more

Burners, I need your help. :)



I have decided to go to Burning Man this year, after a 12-year hiatus And, this woman needs some... more

Suddenly need help transporting gear

Suddenly need help transporting gear


First time Burner here, suddenly needing help! A bunch of my leave just got used up helping Mom... more

LA>BRC 8/22(Thur) or 8/23(Fri) and/or BRC>LA 9/1(...



I will be leaving Los Angeles August 22nd (Thursday) or August 23rd (Friday) for early entry into... more

Looking for ride Reno > BRC Thurs Aug 22nd


Hello, I'm flying into Reno on Thursday Aug 22nd and looking for a ride to BRC late afternoon I... more

Flying Burner looking for gear transportation to Playa



Hi Burners, we are flying from Houston, Texas to Black Rock City in our own plane which... more

Looking for a ride out of BRC Thursday or early Friday


Sadly have to leave home early to get to my best friend’s wedding Looking for a ride to San... more

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet


We help people connect with soulmates on the playa! (No, we are not a hookup camp it's all about... more

1st Time Burner looking for a ride SFO BRC


Hi there! This will be my first Burn, and I’m looking for a ride to and from BRC, leaving from... more

First Time Burner – Looking for ride into BRC fro...

First Time Burner – Looking for ride into BRC from Reno on 08/24


Hello all! My name is Matt I'm a first time burner expecting a challenging and fulfilling... more

hexayurt for ants? jk this is pretty cool


Have u guys seen this https://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=Vpz--DQPrvU&t=2s lol its pretty... more

Two first time burners from germany looking for a rides...



Hello fellow burners! My name is Marius and I wanted to go to Burning Man for a while now but... more

LOOKING for crews to create the art work


Hello! I am Wanyi, based in San Jose, California I'm currently working on my art piece "With or... more

from Los Angeles to Playa – Saturday (8/24) till ...

Auto Draft


Hi, this will be my 3rd burn, love to connect with people and make new friends Easy going and ready... more

Ride out on Thursday?


Looking for a ride from BRC to Reno on Thursday August 29th for two people with backpacks We have a... more

Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC 8/21


Hey yall, 7th burn this year Flying into Reno, hoping to find a ride into BRC on Wednesday 8/21... more

Music/Performance artists wanted at HOTD(Hair Of The Do...



Call for Music/Performance artists to perform at HOTD! Located @130 Center Camp Plaza Play on one... more

Carrying you, your stuff and/or pulling your trailer

T - Burning Man - 2019 - BM Passport Pic - Sep 2019 - under a meg


Cold AC n Tinted windows on a double cab, long bed, first generation Tundra I can carry 3 adults,... more

Virgin Burner+ 4 Year Vet 8/22 or 8/23 Arrival Open Re...



Hello Dusties )'( My honey and I are I need of a ride to the Playa 8/22 or 8/23 We have a WAP... more

North Bay Area to BRC



Heading to my 4th burn I will be camping with the HeeBeeGeeBee Healers I am looking for a ride... more




SMOOTHIES! Once again we are back serving frosty, fruity, frozen smoothies and snow cones for dusty... more

Performers Invited !!!


The camp Black Rock Travel Agency wishes to host daily multiple entertainment artists under the big... more



We are looking for rideshare to burning man from Greater Sacramento region If unable to find ride... more

My hexayurt from last year | Burning Man


Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you the materials I used for burning man last year, since... more

Virgin burner looking for a camp – barista skillz...


Hey there, people call me sunshine- either for my yellow hair or my sunny disposition This will be... more

Not a DJ – Live & Improvised Original House ‘n Tech...

BM2022_Playa 3way


I’m a live electronic music performer, playing original music, all improvised live I’d love to... more