Follow the energy



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hey Burners! :) I just have got an energy came up that Burning Man calls me Flowing with this... more

Looking for kitchen advice


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Hello Burners! I am a lead for a theme camp where a good amount of our people will becoming from... more

Videographer / Video Needed


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Camp Canadianderthal is hosting for the sixth time two live performances covering the music of the... more

Seeking Campers: Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum


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Hello Burners and Burgins! We here at Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum are looking for eager campers... more

Vibrant, sparkly, lonely VIRGIN seeking camp to contrib...



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Greetings Seattle Burners! :) I am a VIRGIN and an ORPHAN seeking a theme camp to adopt me: - I... more

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing


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Hello, I'm excited and nervous! A first-time burner living in San Francisco, but I'm not really... more

Myriapoda Robota Honorarium recipient

indiegogo myrirapoda frame


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Myriapoda Robota, a mechanical centipede from the future finds Home on the Playa through the... more

The Lost Penguins Stage



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Hello Burner friends! I am with The Lost Penguins camp from Toronto and we are looking for some... more


COM Daylight


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Hello! We are a team of artists looking for a camp to bring our installation to! COM is an... more

Club Neu Verboten is looking for comrades! Are you read...

CNV 2017


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We are Club Neu Verboten; a lively, international fruit salad of friends, family and fresh faces... more

Ride share opportunity



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I plan to drive cross country from New York to the playa No side trips, 4-5 days, relaxed pace, ETA... more

Porta Party has room for awesome Burners!!!



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Hello Burners and Burners to Be If you are serious about being part of a theme camp and lending... more

Anyone in Colorado looking to build something?



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Hey all, Been burning for four years running (fingers crossed for 5!) and recently moved back to... more




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We’re looking to join a camp! My name is Erika, and this will be my first time at Burning Man My... more

Camp DIY is looking for a few good campers


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Camp DIY has been a placed theme camp for seven years We are generally in the 6:00 Sector, with... more

Three virgin burners looking for a camp to join! :)



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Hi, We are three virgin burners travelling from Pittsburgh, PA looking for a camp to join My... more

Sacramento Regional Theme and Art Camp Showcase


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Come be inspired by and connect with the Sacramento Region Artists, Theme and Art Camps!  Invite... more

The Robotic Barker

The Robotic Barker at burning man 2017 (BRC)


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The robotic barker harks back to the old day of the big top The performer will sit/stand/pace in... more

The White faced Mother, a performance in silence.


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The White faced Mother, a performance in silence Option one: The White Faced mother In the... more

Seeking graphic artist


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Seeking graphic artist to help me finesse our camp logo No more than an hour of work for someone... more

Nemo Looking For a Camp


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Hey there, This is my first burn I was wondering if there are any camps accepting new people... more

BRC Repertory Theatre



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Black Rock City Repertory Theatre is bringing two plays to the playa this year, As You Like It and... more

Looking To Join A Camp



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We're looking to join a camp! I'm Alexander (Blue) on the left (with a banana in my mouth) Meet... more

Perform at the BRC Airport theme camp Black Rock Travel...

thumb1024_235_BRC 2016


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BRTA is looking for live musicians and performance artists looking to perform at a 100 person theme... more

We offer European DJ’s (Deep House, Tech House, E...



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Hi Dust lovers We are a group of friends, which also are DJ'ing in Switzerland We will visit BM... more

Looking for space to work on Mutant Vehicle



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We need a 20x10 ft space to rent, outdoors, to finish up our art car for the 2018 burn Do you have... more

Parvati Goddess joining for the first time! Any tips ar...



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Hello dusties! I am one of the newbies, yeah I am trying to make my way to live the BM at the... more

First time Burners ( Couple ) looking to join a camp.



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We are a couple from Cancun Mexico first timers Burners, with our tickets and vehicle pass done... more

I am a visionary painter that can help with projects!!!...



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I am a visionary painter and can help paint, draw, or design anything you can imagine for an art... more

Distance Travelers–Reduce Overhead–go tentl...



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Stay with us Burning Man aims to reduce the number of vehicles driving to the event Reduction of... more

Seeking Addressible LED Skill for MV


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Got mad LED skills We're seeking one or two people to join our mutant vehicle crew for the specific... more

Looking for a camp excited about death!


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New burner here, looking for a camp that would be excited about having me along! I'm really... more

Looking for DJ’s

DJs Wanted


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Looking for DJ's to perform at theme camp "Lip Bomb" for 2018 Burning Man We host parties every... more

Deep dancing sounds from below the sea



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Greetings Burners, Dutch Deep House at your camp I'll play a set of Deep Dutch House sounds for... more

OFFER – DJ (Caribbean, African, Latin)



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I am offering my services as a DJ I have a world music radio show broadcasting out of NYC and I DJ... more

Can I DJ and contribute to your camp?



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I'm coming for my first Burn from the heart of Europe and I'm super excited to meet all of you... more

We are looking for savages!



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Savage Kingdom Camp is looking for more savages to join our family We are open to virgin, veteran,... more

New Camp ,Veteran Organizers, Join Us



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After 17 years as head of Esplanade camp Club Neu Verboten I and my most trusted lieutenants are... more

Build the foundations



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I would love to see the first builds I am experienced as a skilled laborer I worked for my father... more


camp juicy photo


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CAMP JUICY!! The return of afternoon smoothies on the playa! Filthy beats provided NOON-4... more

THE COCKS @Burning Man



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Hello Burners! THE COCKS would love to bring our super-gay, high-energy brand of punk rock to the... more

ARC and MIG welder looking for volunteer work.


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Hello my name is Natasha I am 26 years young Welding and metallurgy has been my passion since I was... more

Join Karma Love Camp



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Honoring divine femininity with cosmic connection tuned to the migration of atoms, we are pleased... more

Not a virgin and looking for a camp to build and partic...



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My old camp lived from 2013 to 2016 and died an honorable death 2017 was a break from attending BM... more



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BAR MACTROPOLIS is in need of bar tenders ,face & body painters, and... more

Kirtan + EDM Fusion Challenge



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We're looking for special music performers for our theme camp stage We have a vision for a new way... more




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I would love to share the magic on the Playa this year https://soundcloudcom/nalasmusic To... more

FIRST TIME BURNER – Looking to join a camp



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Hi there I'm 31yrs old, born in Australia - this is my first time burn and am looking to join a... more

First Timer Looking for Camp


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First Timer looking for a new experience for his 30 y/o birthday Love to meet new people, speak... more

Rolling Chassis Available



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Hey Burners, today I came across a rolling chassis from a ~87 Chevy midsize pickup It's taken all... more