Virgin burner looking to join a camp to facilitate conn...



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Virgin Burner, current Industrial Engineering student, looking to get out of College Station and... more




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I would love to share the magic on the Playa this year https://soundcloudcom/nalasmusic To... more

Looking for a herd of Sparkle Ponies.



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We need a whole herd of Sparkle Ponies for a Sparkle Pony Stampede and Ho... more

FIRST TIME BURNER – Looking to join a camp



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Hi there I'm 31yrs old, born in Australia - this is my first time burn and am looking to join a... more

First Timer Looking for Camp


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First Timer looking for a new experience for his 30 y/o birthday Love to meet new people, speak... more

Rolling Chassis Available



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Hey Burners, today I came across a rolling chassis from a ~87 Chevy midsize pickup It's taken all... more

Vogue – Looking to form Burning Man kiki house wi...


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Vogue Dancer - Looking to form Burning Man kiki house within a Camp I have never been to burning... more

Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival!

Promo Pic EPK


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My name is Davidione Pearl, frontman with Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival, a Cleveland Ohio based... more

Jumping in early to find a tribe


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Hey folks, I'm bound and determined to get myself to Black Rock City this year, and am happy to... more

First Time Burner


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My name is Sandra and I am a First Time Burner If anybody needs help in the Los Angeles area... more

Info needed on camps please


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Hi, I would love to go to Burning Man this year I’m a total BM virgin and would appreciate any... more

Main Stage performance



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The Evening Shades are a four piece all Original indie/alternative rock band from southern... more

Impulsive Intricacies



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I'm a Artist of the Impulse and multi-media interested in diving deep into the consciousness of... more

Offer: New tech for light and sound artist collaboratio...



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We've got a piece of tech that allows for the synchronisation of colour, graphics, audio and flash... more

Swiss DJs would like to play on a stage


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Hello Burners :) Me (Chris) and my friend (Felix) are a DJ duo from Switzerland We want to join... more

Looking to do a performance art piece that involves my ...


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Hi everyone! I'm super new to the Burner community and have never attended the... more

Looking for a way to participate


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My husband and I are new to Burning Man We would love to find a way to participate in a project or... more

Looking for a camp – first time in BM


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Hi guys, I'm a 25 yo dude from Israel, first time participation in burning man I can play guitar... more

BREAK ‘N BURN- Electronic Dance Camp



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Hey There Burners, Team Groundbreaking here We have one goal in mind: create an Electronic Haven in... more

Audio/Video Tech is looking for a camp


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Live around the globe, currently reside in Canada Virgin Experienced in building shows, scenes,... more

Looking for a place to share my Music



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Good Day,first Happy NY everyone, i'm looking for a Camp to share my music with music lovers, about... more

Galactic Explorers



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GALACTIC EXPLORERS is electronic dance music project consisting of Macedonian producer & audio... more

Programmer Wanted



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Playa art-installation crew seeks programmer(s) for 2018 installation We’ll be translating live... more

Female DJ and male dj



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Hello!)) We are two talented DJ from Ru wanna come to next Burning man and can play and get show... more

Research on Interspirituality


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Hello I am a professor who is writing a book about understanding one's own spirituality more deeply... more

Cyborg insect bikes



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I camp with BRC Welding and Repair We're those guys who do free bike repair and weld metal into... more

Virgin burner looking for a themed camp


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i am lookin for a themed camp for 2018 burning man If there are themed camps out there accepting... more




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I would be honoured to mix Techno, House or Any Genre at Burning Man 2018 I dont want payment , I... more

Perform Fire @ Burning Man


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I want to make flow magic with... more

Looking to join a camp and be a cook


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I can cook! I can cook just about anything I have cooked for horse trail riding teams in the... more


Scan 11


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Hello beautiful humans My name is Rayne, I am a visual artist, recent college grad, a virgin to... more


a drum


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