Party Trick Seeks SaxCock


Hello Community, My name is Party Trick (Kaleb) and I am seeking SaxCock SaxCock is a magical... more

left my camera on MOON RAKER art car


$whatever u want

i got up on the moon raker art car and set my camera down and then noticed i was missing it but it... more

Need ride from SF to big Sur


Looking for a ride from SF to Big Sur my last stop before I go and catch the PCT down south to... more

Missed your Hug


For all the people I didn't get to hug, all my love... more

Looking to join Black Rock Yacht Club

me and boo

$I do not know?

Hello! I've been looking for a way to convince my partner to accompany me to Burning Man 2024 (if... more

David and Carolina from Sweden



Hi it's Paul from G Spot The rains brought us together but then kept us apart Lets reconnect and... more

Pls help us reconnect



It was full moon when I found Christine… we spent something like 5 hours together and had many... more

Looking for the person who was walking on the road duri...


I am just looking for the person who audibly wondered why the roads were so thrashed and the portas... more

Looking to store my truck and small RV for a week while...

$Can negotiate

I have to fly to a gig in MN and need to store my truck and small camper until the 19th Hoping to... more

Need ride to Santa Rosa on morning of 9/11 after finish...

$Gas share

I have two bags Need to leave on 9/11 after 0730 Staying at medical Station 3 camp in LC Can... more

Looking for a ride to Reno Wed morning


Hi all, we are two international burners who would like to leave on Wed (basically any time after... more

One way ride from Reno to BRC Tues Sept 5 to watch temp...



Hello, I would love to watch the temple burn tonight and then find a friend to help them pack and... more

Looking for ride to GSR hotel reno


Hey y’all my partner and I are a bit stranded and won’t make our flight tomorrow if we can’t... more

Looking for rideshare from brc to Reno or sf


Hello! I am looking for a rideshare to San Francisco Tuesday I have 2 bags I’m with BWB (3:45... more

Tahoe/Reno > SF (6th Wednesday)



Looking for a ride from Lake Tahoe or Reno to San Francisco I have one carry-on and one backpack... more

Seeking Carlton who has my personal items


Seeking Carlton or anyone who knows him He was camped at 5:15/H I was told my green... more

Looking for ride from Reno Airport to SF


Got a lift out from BRC to the bus depot, but looking for a ride from the airport in Reno to San... more

Need ride from BRC 5:20&I to Fernley or Reno someti...



Need ride from BRC 5:20&I to Fernley or Reno sometime after burns occur I have 2 tubs and... more

Stop cashing in on free publicity at the expense of bur...


I have the ability to make it across the playa and back multiple times to help transport the sick,... more

BRC to Los Angeles — Mud your Burn

$Gifts and Gas

Hey all, Got space for cargo and 2 Burners My partner and I will help with driving and share... more

Need a ride from Grass Valley to Playa


Looking for a ride from Grass Valley or Nevada City to Playa Carrying a backpack, food and water... more

I have an extra ticket + VP, but no car to ride from SF...

$no price

I ended up with 2 tickets and VP in my hand, but failed to get a ride So, if you ok to give your... more

Have Tickets, Need Ride/Pass

$Any Offed

HI FRANDS! In need of support getting into the burn I have tickets to get in and am currently at... more

Woke and solo – hoping to break thru my Dark Nigh...


Looking to join a camp, not much money but I have plenty of effort to contribute! Any groups... more

Reno to BRC – stuck in Reno :(


Currently stuck in Reno and looking for a ride in:( I’m traveling light with just a backpack... more

May have ride


I will be driving towards, as I got my ticket in last minute but was not able to secure a vehicle... more

had to delay arrival and looking for ride to bm tomorro...


looking for a ride, willing to paythanks a lot :) arriving 2 pm to reno... more

Willing to drive from Reno Airport if someone has a veh...


Hey I am Div, going to burning man for the first time 🙂 Got a ticket and have a big car,... more

Vehicle pass 4 U need ride Fri/ Sept 1

BoxOffice_Donald_Lococo Reduced

$vehicle pass

Pick up at Peppermill Casino in the center of Reno 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV... more

Reno airport to BRC


I arrived to Reno to realize I purchased a burner express air ticket for the wrong day If anyone... more

Reno to playa


Wondering if anyone wants to split a taxi or something like that from Reno airport If you have a... more

Vehicle pass for ride from Reno airport to BRC 8/31 mor...


Text me if interested 3137284102, landing in Reno at... more

need a ride on 9/1 from SF or Reno in exchange for VP

$free VP

Planning to arrive in SF around 9am on 9/1 and head straight to playa Would love a ride from SFO... more

Need Vehicle Pass… willing to offer ride



Hi there I was gifted a last minute ticket but lacking a VP I am leaving tomorrow after work to... more

Ride to BRC from Las Vegas leaving Thursdsy, tomorrow m...



Hello all, this will be my first time attending burning man and I will be leaving from Las Vegas... more

Willing to drive if someone has a vehicle pass (Sac)


Hey I am Paige, 30F, First time :) Got a ticket and have a big car, willing to drive from... more

(ONE LOVE) Looking for Ride from Reno to BRC 8/30


Missed the burner bus express because my ride bailed and drove all the way from LA In Reno now and... more

Looking for ride from Reno to BRC 8/31 afternoon

Looking for ride from Reno to BRC 8/31 afternoon

$Pay portion gas

Hello! I’m flying up to Reno from San Diego and land at 3 PM on 8/31 This was a last minute trip,... more



Hi everyone! Looking for a ride to Reno on Sat Just me and small backpack Pls txt... more

I have a car if you have a pass!


First time burner here, bought an impromptu ticket and can’t find a car pass I’m leaving for... more

LF Ride from Reno Airport 8/31 ~1PM


Hi all, Looking to share a ride from Reno to BRC Happy to gift some coin :) Let me know if you... more

Leaving LA today, wed.! Have space just fyi


Leaving LA in an hour or two From the valley Just in case last min... more

Looking for SF to BRC on Thursday 8/31 or Friday 9/1!


Hello! I am travelling light and looking for a ride to the playa from the Bay Area! Can help drive... more

Looking for the ride Thursday from Reno


hi everyone l I decided to go at the last moment who can help me get from RenoI arrived 12 pm... more

Looking for a ride to the burn from reno airport or sur...


My wife and i just flew in to reno airport We have two backpacks and a duffle bag If there is... more

I have a car if you have a pass!


Hello all! First time burner here, bought an impromptu ticket and can’t find a car pass I’m... more

Looking for a ride from Reno either Thursday or Friday

$Gas, food, etc.

Hello! This is my first time ever going to burning man and I decided to go last minute lol I’ve... more



After a series of unfortunate events, my partner and I will be stranded at the Reno airport when... more

Seeking a ride


I live out here in Sparks, and I can meet you anywhere in Sparks or Reno area I have been... more

BRC > Reno


Looking for ride from BRC > Reno Friday Please text me at +1-514-942-6347 or email... more