Join to camp XX (we looking cook and DJ)


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Hello ! looking for people in camp! We small camp ! and need Help -who knows how or would like to... more

Kitchen manager in camp team


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Greetings my dear Burners! Our camp team is looking for a kitchen manager to create a foodie... more

Train travel


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Looking for burners to ride a train on over into town! The long way... more

Seeking Campers: Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket

Dusty Joe's Signage_small


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Need A Camp Need A Shower Like to Pamper Dusty Joe’s Bath Bucket (The Desert Day Spa) is... more

Fly with me from New York to CA



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I am looking to connect with an experienced traveler to fly Oakland, CA from NYC for the 2019 Burn... more

Looking for a guitar player and female vocalist to perf...


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Our Theme Camp is looking for a couple to perform on Tuesday We would like to find a guitar player... more

Club Neu Verboten is looking for comrades! Are you read...



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We are Club Neu Verboten, CNV, a lively, international fruit salad of friends, family and fresh... more

Are you looking for chefs, videographers, fundraisers, ...


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We are here to help! We are very talented and with years of experience in many different fields We... more

Space Available: Join Camp No Boundaries )'(

Playa - Group Pic


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No Boundaries camp is an oasis on the playa that helps fellow burners to discover there are no... more

Original LIVE techno and house…I’m keen to ...

Surreal Party


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Hi guys Second time burner (Afrikaburn), and first time Burning Man here I play live Techno and... more

What is your Art Power? How are you powering your Art? ...


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https://formsgle/vfWZa8atrLCU3VHr8 Black Rock Labs (wwwblackrocklabsorg) is requesting your help... more

What is your Camp Power? Survey


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https://formsgle/vcgQBm3hWNtNVn7h9 Help us help you improve the Burn We need your input on... more

LNT Lead for 35foot Kitten Sculpture- JoyCat2019

X Ray joycat small


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Seeking experienced LNT lead for 35 foot kitten sculpture that will burn LNT is no joke to us We... more

Seeking art project or camp build



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Hello Burn Fam! This will be my third burn Last year I worked build and strike for an OSS vendor I... more

Collaborate on Cacao Ceremony, Maybe with Ecstatic Danc...



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Any other cacao ceremonialists out there I host cacao ceremonies and I'm exploring offering... more

Looking to Camp at Airport


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Hello I already have a ticket and am planning to Volunteer at 88NV this year I am able to arrive... more

First time burner, first born unicorn!



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Hola beautiful souls, it’s a bit overwhelming for a first time burner to properly absorb all the... more

Honoraria Fragments Art Project seeks Volunteers



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Our Fragments Art Project is looking for volunteers: Fragments is a monumental mirror... more

BRC Repertory Theatre 2019

Audience photo smaller


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Black Rock City Repertory Theatre is again bringing two plays to the playa this year We’re... more

DJ Looking for a Stage to play (Don’t let the nor...

DJ bild


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Hello Guys, I will be for the first time at the Playa this year and I am very excited! :) I... more

Honoraria Project seeks Engineering Input


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Hello! Our team is seeking engineering input for our project Archaeopteryx Further details... more

Amazing Sound Producer!

2019-03-22 1.32.41 AM


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I am sound producer i am create fantastic electronic music in style atmospheric deep ethnic house,... more



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I am an architect living in New York City and I am looking to volunteer to help build an art /camp... more

Going to BurningMan without a definite camp? First time...


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Hey burners! First timer this year and I'm still not entirely sure how it works when it comes to... more

Looking for a good camp and guides for my first time.


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I'm from middle TN area and am new to burning man I'm a somewhat pragmatic project manager in the... more

seeking camps interested in interactive media (e.g. VR ...


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if interested in learning more about XR interactive technologies (including interactive projection... more

Offering Show Performance (Duoshow)

IMG_8592 (1)


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We are offering a perfomance (Duoshow) Which is basically a stripshow including acrobatic and the... more

Savage Kingdom



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We are looking for a few hard working, out going campers to join our camp We have a large art car... more

Honoraria Project Seeking Lighting and Power technician...


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The Bee Divine Hive Temple is a temple space dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and the honey bee We... more

Looking for a welder/metal worker and an electrician fo...

cocoon outer


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Hi fellow participants, I'm looking for someone with creative metal working and welding skills... more

Honoraria Project Looking for Fundraising Help



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The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance (wwwsoundcaveorg, @tysonayersarts) is looking for a fundraising... more

Wood worker / Art volunteer!

BM  Sue Gene duststorm


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Hello BM Family! I'm looking for volunteer opportunities where I can help build art installations,... more

Handpan – Gong – African Percussion and Fir...


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Mystical handpan show with dynamic African percussion completed by two fire jugglers that perform... more

[cancelled] Is it late for looking for a camp to join?



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Edit: I couldn't get a ticket during the sales, so I'll join Black Rock City next year! Thanks a... more

Do you like coffee? Want to gift coffee to the playa?

We serve coffee in the night


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Coffee was meant to be ground fresh right before you enjoy it! Join the Cafe De la Fin Du Monde on... more

Running as relaxation and mindfulness – Run leadi...


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My mate Alan and I are passionate believers in the joy and relaxation that free non competitive... more

Laser Safety Help


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I am interested in incorporating a mounted laser system into our sound camp (Bat Country) I am... more

Gimme Shelter!



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We've burned once before and are ready to return to the dust We live in St Louis My partner and I... more

Creative looking for volunteer position



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My name is Haley I have been living nomadically for the past 5 months and will be heading to the... more

Anyone wanna camp with me?


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This will be my first year at Burning Man and I thought I would post this to see if anyone wanted... more

DJ story teller from sLOVEnian land



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3rd decade into electronic music culture and jet I would like to keep doing what I do since I was a... more

Honoraria Project seeks Fundraising Expert and Videogra...


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Hello! We are excited to get working on our project and have already received support through... more

Seeking Campers: Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum

BRFQ - Appropriated Dragon - Signage Detail_small


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We here at Appropriated Dragon Dim Sum are looking for eager campers who want to be a part of a... more


camp juicy photo


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CAMP JUICY!! The return of afternoon smoothies on the playa! Filthy beats provided NOON-4... more

Mementomorium Project is looking for volunteers



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Learn about Mementomorium Project and our plans for unSCruz and Burning Man See how it resonates... more

Honoraria project seeks videographer to add to team


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Hello! We are an art collective, excited to bring this project to the playa later this... more

I would like to contribute to an art installation

echoflower yarn bomb


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I've never been to Burning man, and not likely to because of health and finances A few years ago... more

Ride from Austin


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Hi Burners- I either need a ride or can offer a ride to 2019 Burning Man from Austin, TexasI have... more

Perform at the famous LOST PENGUIN – Burn 2019



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We're planning for the Burn 2019 - Legendary theme camp LOST PENGUIN, best Kansas City Blues jam... more

Burning Man Orphans


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We are an Aussie ranga and Vermont gal looking for a fun loving and easy going camp to join Here... more