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Black Burners Union



CALLING ALL POC BURNERS The Black Burners Union (BBU) camp has 10-12 openings for people of... more

Camp Got Your Back! Is open for burners


We have placement and currently looking for burners to join or camp and help facilitate 10 to 15... more

Post-Oppression Colony


$(-)(self talk)

We are looking for leaders of color to join our new-ish camp and lead us into being a recurring... more

The Kingdom looking for diverse and dynamic campers!

image000002 (1) (1)


The Kingdom Camp still has a few spots open for new campers Check out our website to learn more... more

Camp Half No Sphere is looking for a few more campers!

DSC_5536 2


Hey there! Camp Half No Sphere is Black Rock City’s finest immersive audio lounge and we are... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, We have space available in our Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent Queen Our... more

We LOVE Motorhomes and RVs!!


We are a bunch of full time RV dwellers and Nomads We are starting a new camp for folks just like... more

Karma Love Camp – 2023 Applications Open!



updated We have 2 RV spots remaining! We are accepting tent campers! Within the heart of the... more