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What does Burning Man mean to you?

ZoomRoadtripIntroBTA_ 1 (


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Imagine for a moment you've decided to hitch-hike to Black Rock City You are picked up by... more

Jellyfish SWARM


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You're invited to the SWARM! The purpose of this swarm is to have a project to create until 2022... more

Painter looking to help art makers


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Hi! I'd like to help folks if they are currently working on art projects that need painting Just... more

Public Sculpture Park Encouraging Burning Man Art Proje...

2020-10-24 Playa Flowers photo by visitor Jean-Marc Labrosse


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Do you have sculptural artwork from the playa that could enjoy a new home to continue positively... more

Playa prism



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Looking for a space inside or secure outside to build the Play Prism art structure We need about... more