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Are you a painter? Sculptor? Need help with your mind-blowing art piece? The Art Installations category is ready and waiting.

Art installation “Pariṇāmanā” calling for e...

parinamana -burning man_Scene 1


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Hellooo hellooo:) This is Tang Wu, greetings from Brooklyn! I’m a New York-based artist and I... more

Calling all Builders! Experienced builders needed for A...

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 5.36.37 PM


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Calling all experienced builders, wood enthusiasts, and fellow LED freakscome join us and build... more

LED art looking for a place to shine



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I have a piece of LED art I'd like to bring to the Burn, and I need a venues/parties to display it... more

Artist in need of Transport help from Miami !!


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Hello! I am an artist bringing a small art piece to playa and need help with transport from... more

Artist Needs Solar Power

The white cillinder is a placeholder for a sculpture.


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Hey kids I'm looking for someone with a solar panel setup who wants to partner with my art... more

Portland, OR based burner loooking to help out!


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Howdy all! I am looking for a rad art/build project to be a part of The folks I camp with are... more

Talk Dirty to Me – programmer/ hardware developer...


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The “Talk Dirty to Me” playa art exhibit is seeking an additional programmer and hardware... more

Looking to Rent/Borrow/Steal 30′ Bumper Pull Doub...



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I'm one of the primary artists on the Black Rock Train Station honoraria piece at this year's burn... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Public Sculpture Park

2020-11 Gary Gunderson Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Stacey Glass


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Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more

Makers: Join the Dustopia Collective



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Got skills Got gear Wouldn't it be great to have an extended network of makers you can access to... more




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Hello! My name is Stan, I’m posting from the cloudy UK I’m a professional videographer... more

Art Playa Beam



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I need of a a few people with carpentry skills off playa and two people for installation help and... more

The Reactor Project – Looking for Build Help



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Hi Everyone! As BM is approaching, we are coming over to Reno to kick off construction of the next... more

2 seasoned burners looking to help build art


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We already have tickets, and are available to arrive early and assist with build/set up and some... more

LA Burner Looking to Work on Art Project Build

Head shot


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Hi Burners, I'm looking to help with a build I can drive commercial trucks and trailers and I'm... more

FREE – High Desert Art / Installations – Bu...



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I have a flat dirt road accessible space on my 5 acre parcel that's perfect for an exterior build... more

Lighting Designer looking for a camp



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My girlfriend and I are first time hopefuls looking for a camp to join! I design and run LED stages... more

Portland Burner Looking to Join Art Project


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Portland based burner looking to get involved to help with art installation this year Can drive... more

Competent Carpenter/Welder travelling the US to help Yo...



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Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to put it out there that, through the month of April I will be... more

Artist / Creative looking to assist you on any projects...


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Hello Burners! My name is Dan Baele AKA Daeba and I am excited to start my journey with the Burning... more

Seeking a way to tow our small fire art project around ...


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Hello Burner Community! My small art collective is bringing a fire art piece that we'd like to... more

NASHVILLE TN Burner looking for a local project to cont...


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Hello - I am a handy guy looking for a project (art installation, camp build) to contribute skills... more

Vancouver based Burner wanting to help with art install...


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Hi there, If there is anyone out there working on an art installation / mutant vehicle that... more

Seeking Materials/Architectural Collaborator


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Seeking someone who understands and works with exterior-grade architectural materials I'm an... more

Pottery on the Playa – Clay in Hand


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Are you interested in joining me in a project for making and firing small pots on the playa I will... more

Art collaboration on an existing piece

Jonathan Goody 2018


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So We have this piece Maybe you have seen it or been on it It's called Kaleidoscope and it's an... more

Jellyfish SWARM



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Description You’re invited to the SWARM! The purpose of this swarm is to have a project to... more

muralist looking to bestow a dope mural


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hello burners I'm feeling a strong pull to return to the Burn this year, and to paint a mural... more

DJ Groove Nebular



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DJ Groove Nebular its been a productive 6 months since coming back involved with the music Lots... more