Listings for Art / Installations (20)

Are you a painter? Sculptor? Need help with your mind-blowing art piece? The Art Installations category is ready and waiting.

40ft US-Made Steel DOME Stage for Sale or Rent in Reno ...

IMG_0575 2s


I’m a visual artist and I built this custom steel DOME stage for a festival near San Francisco It... more

Looking for an art installation to assist with the buil...



I'm an artist, designer and creator of large video art and light art installations for festivals I... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Burner Supportive Public Sc...

2020-11 Gary Gunderson Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Stacey Glass


Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more

Fortune Fish Temple (Art Installation) seeking support

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 2.34.49 PM


The Fortune Fish Temple is an interactive divination experience for the 2023 burn We are an... more

Seeking Bamboo Workers and Fire Leads for PādaP’goda

build plan


PādaP’goda is 20’x20’ double-layered kinetic pagoda which explores the dynamics of social... more

Looking for Art to Greet Visitors at the BRC Airport!

Looking for Art to Greet Visitors at the Airport!


Black Rock Transit Agency (BRTA) is the Black Rock City Airport Theme Camp We are looking for... more

Honorarium Artwork Seeks Structural Trusses Rental



Hello fellow Burners! We are seeking to rent, borrow, or buy at a reasonable cost structural... more

Seeking help with lighting for art piece!


Hi all, I'm a long time burner but first time artist Looking to bring an installation to the burn... more

Looking for a Button Maker – Bay Area if possible...


Hi folksI'm looking for a specialist button/badge maker to make about 100-200 buttons, about 2" or... more

Honoraria Art Support Team is looking to join a camp!


Hello ~ My name is Zea, She/ Her Based in Portland OR :) As a lead artist, I'm super thankful... more

Seeking to Join an Art Support Team



I’m a first time burner looking to join an art installation team I am an artist/designer but my... more

LOVE PODS looking for a warehouse in the Bay


Hello everyone Hope you are well We added some new renders on our FB group:... more

Love to help on a team!

Mel and Mike


Hopeful first timers! Very interested in helping with an art installation Mike has a lot of... more

Oakland Putt Putt


We are in the process of revitalizing a building in downtown Oakland Currently the space is a... more

Underwater Footage



If you are looking for underwater video footage to add to your art project this year, we might be... more

Build Assistance


Does anyone need assistance building an art project or camp How can we make use of pallets for... more

Looking for Visiting Craftspeople (to hire for temp gig...

owner and buddy in Black Rock


SF METALWORKS (owned by a burner) is looking for a few skilled hands for short sprints on various... more

Artist looking to help create your vision


Hey fam , I’m looking to travel to you before the burn as a crew member for your theme camp or... more

Looking for Artist


11-year Burner 6 years as the lead of the Department of Wonder repair camp Retired from 50 years as... more

Mahsa amini Iranian revolution art


Greetings wonderful and special people I wanted to assist on an art project regarding woman, life,... more