Listings for Infrastructure (Shade/Structures/Common Areas/Stage/Lighting) (7)

Rejected: 8ft Hexayurt



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Selling 4x Hexayurts, used but in usable condition Assembly tape provided Available starting... more

5 Trailers/RV’s for sale or rent for burning man

smaller 2


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Have 5 Trailers/RV’s/5th wheels/bumper pull trailers for sale or rent for burning... more

Looking for used Kodiak 2 Person Truck Tent



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Keen for a deal on a used Kodiak My truck tent was recently stolen out of my truck bed in LA and I... more

Large OG Hexagonal Yurt



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Free OG yurt structure for your housing or shade needs on the playa for SERIOUS prospects able to... more

Looking for 10′ lengths of 1″ EMT conduit a...

$Name it

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Hi! We're a second year camp looking to build up our infrastructure a bit and would love to... more

Looking for bartenders for Steely Dan Happy Hour


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Hi there! I've hosted Steely Dan Happy Hour on the playa since 2011 and I'm so excited to come back... more

Looking for a camp with large workshop space infrastruc...


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We have a ton of fire dancers, flow and movement artists, aerial rig, pole, sound system/DJ's (we... more