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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

Theater Seating System

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I work at San Domenico School and we are remodeling our Assembly Hall and have a Theater Seating... more

decompression location offering



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This is an invitation to gather at 110 acres and decompress no fees and no time limit this is a... more

1st Time Burner looking for friend to travel with from ...

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1st Time Burner looking for a friend to travel with from New Hampshire I have an RV and will be... more

Travel Buddy Fort Worth Texas Area


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(I Do NOT have an extra ticket for you, But I have a ticket for myself) /// (This post is still... more

Can I load all my gear on Burner Express Bus???


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Hi All! I need some advice on taking the Burner Express Bus At first I was super-excited to find... more

LUNKULU island/bay development

LUNKULU island (incl. location reference)


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Our organisation BAYIMBA (Cultural Foundation) finds itself on the exciting and magnificent road to... more

Weddings ceremonies are welcome

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The Altar Of Intentions Invite all the couples who are willing to get married on Playa this year to... more

Looking For a Film Maker – The Altar Of Intention...

Pictures from the water samples from The Altar of Intentions 2017


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Water is the most common element on planet Earth For the last 20 million years, it has surrounded,... more

Videographer / Video Needed


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Camp Canadianderthal is hosting for the sixth time two live performances covering the music of the... more

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing


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Hello, I'm excited and nervous! A first-time burner living in San Francisco, but I'm not really... more

Ride share opportunity



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I plan to drive cross country from New York to the playa No side trips, 4-5 days, relaxed pace, ETA... more

Seeking graphic artist


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Seeking graphic artist to help me finesse our camp logo No more than an hour of work for someone... more

Looking for a way to participate


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My husband and I are new to Burning Man We would love to find a way to participate in a project or... more

Research on Interspirituality


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Hello I am a professor who is writing a book about understanding one's own spirituality more deeply... more