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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

We have a covered dance floor to share with Yoga, dance...

BM floor


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Our camp is ContraBurners Our mission is to share the joys of Contra dancing to live music with our... more

Friend finding app



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Hi all, my name is Liam and I have developed a prototype app with the Playa in mind, well it was... more



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We we in line for all ticket sales but Sold Out We are bringing A RAINBOW to shower the playa with... more

Trying to help to amazing BM virgins get tickets!


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Well we all failed at getting tickets during the OMG sale today, so I’m on the hunt for 2 more... more



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hi all im coming to shoot your crazy souls and looks come find me at shamal cosmic swingers... more

Seeking Four Tickets for Goofy, Out-of-the-box Art Lovi...



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We're all new to the scene and desperately trying to crack into the Playa! We're also interested in... more

Carpool from Oakland for BUILD WEEK 8/16/2018



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Leaving for BRC on AUG 16 @ 6:00 Room for 1 and some gear Driving Ranger with a... more

looking for tickets


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Hello lovely Burners, I thought I will post here as we are trying all possible avenues to get... more

Looking to hire driver – transport for 20 ft ship...


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Hi! I'm looking to hire someone to move my camp's shipping container to and from Black Rock City... more

Storage in Reno


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Hello! I'll be volunteering with an art project for Burning man and Im needing to store some... more

Ride after the burn, Reno to SF, Sunday late on 26th.


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Don't know if this is the place for it, but I am looking for a ride from Reno to SF after the man... more

Intuitive social skills workshop



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Hi there! I'm interested in leading a workshop, where I’d be teaching people how to improve their... more

First time goer looking for travel buddies


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Hi Burners, I am a virgin goer from China, but I will set out my trip from San Jose/Milpitas ,CA... more

Auctioneer needed for on playa “livestock” ...


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Hardly Camp, Esplanade & 430 portal is doing a "livestock" auction on the afternoon of... more

Theater Seating System

20180530_081824(1) A


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I work at San Domenico School and we are remodeling our Assembly Hall and have a Theater Seating... more

red lightning Camp prayer fire drumming circle



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This is an invitation to gather unity principles of burning... more

1st Time Burner looking for friend to travel with from ...

DSC_2552a (1)


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1st Time Burner looking for a friend to travel with from New Hampshire I have an RV and will be... more

Travel Buddy Fort Worth Texas Area


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(I Do NOT have an extra ticket for you, But I have a ticket for myself) /// (This post is still... more

Can I load all my gear on Burner Express Bus???


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Hi All! I need some advice on taking the Burner Express Bus At first I was super-excited to find... more

LUNKULU island/bay development

LUNKULU island (incl. location reference)


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Our organisation BAYIMBA (Cultural Foundation) finds itself on the exciting and magnificent road to... more

Weddings ceremonies are welcome

altar 05_r1


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The Altar Of Intentions Invite all the couples who are willing to get married on Playa this year to... more

Looking For a Film Maker – The Altar Of Intention...

Pictures from the water samples from The Altar of Intentions 2017


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Water is the most common element on planet Earth For the last 20 million years, it has surrounded,... more

Videographer / Video Needed


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Camp Canadianderthal is hosting for the sixth time two live performances covering the music of the... more

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing


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Hello, I'm excited and nervous! A first-time burner living in San Francisco, but I'm not really... more

Ride share NYC to BRC



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I have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with 155K well-maintained miles Plenty of room for our stuff New... more

Seeking graphic artist


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Seeking graphic artist to help me finesse our camp logo No more than an hour of work for someone... more