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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

Jack Murphy


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I looking to volunteer at a sober-friendly camp I will be attending my first Burning Man this year... more

Photographer – BRC Virgin – Looking for Gro...


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I’m a professional photographer who’s been wanting to photograph Burning Man for years and am... more

Academic Research on Transformational Experience and Su...


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Hi fellow Burners! After visiting a local Burning Man in Germany, I got so inspired by the... more

2009 ticket


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I was flipping through my old WWW guides and noticed my stub from 2009 (My first burn) is missing... more

Have car from Reno need parking pass will give rides


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Getting into airpor at like 8:30 can pick you up and drive to BRC just need parking... more

Ride offered from Reno


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I have a large SUV I am in Reno Be happy to give someone a ride in I could use a parking pass Call... more

Seeking Parking Pass


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Hola everybody, this is the first year the Burn has called to me and I had decided to pick up on... more

Looking to buy a vehicle pass in Reno


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Hi I am looking for a vehicle pass and can offer a ride in also Hoping to leave from Reno... more

Looking for a ride SF to playa


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Hi! I'm looking for a ride from SF either Tue or Wed from Temescal to the playa Willing to share... more

VP Pass Needed in RENO for Ride in or purchase


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Looking for a VP pass I have a car im driving in on Thursday afternoon I will give ride or purchase... more

2 Spare Tickets Up For Sale

dad and me 2019 burn


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Hi friends- My dad and I ended up with 2 extra tickets this year We are asking for Main Sale... more



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Friend canx last min ( mother in law passed away) I have 1 ticket face value 500$ I am in Reno... more

Hotel share in Reno Saturday Night?


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Have to spend a night in Reno Saturday night, traveling solo (39M live in Maui as writer and film... more



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Hi there I came across an extra FOMO ticket text me ASAP if you want to purchase through STEP... more

2 tickets and vehicle pass


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Selling 2 tickets and 1 vehicle pass All $3500 (what they were purchased... more

Looking for a bike – arriving on Thu, Sep 1st


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Hi there! I'm arriving on Thursday and looking for a bike Let me know if you or someone you know is... more

Vehicle Pass for sale


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I have an extra vehicle pass that I can leave for you at will call Call me... more

Angels seeking Miracle Tickets


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Dear Dusty Friends My wonderful friend & i are beautifully deep self sufficient explorers of... more

Need Stugg/Got Stuff: Tent Canopy, very large cooloer, ...


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Got Tent Canopy, very large cooler, water jug,... more

Playa Bike Repair Rental Help Please!


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As a first time burner I've got myself in a bit of a predicament I rented a bike thinking it would... more

Have 2 paper tickets in LA


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Hi I have 2 tickets for sale in Los Angeles Sadly I can't go this weekend I'd love to sell at face... more



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Friend canceled, got an extra ticket... more

Virgin burner seeking 1 ticket!

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 5.01.28 PM


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SEEKING: 1 burning man ticket transferred via STEP IN RETURN: face value of ticket and ice drop... more

2 bikes for free


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I have 2 bikes to gift, with suspension, one working perfectly and the other has front break and... more

Selling Vehicle Pass for Face Value


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Hey fellow burners! We're selling our vehicle pass, no need to make a profit from it, just face... more

RV available (transferring my reservation to someone) &...


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Hello, I'd reserved an RV and am transferring my reservation to someone else The details... more

Vehicle pass forvsale


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I have 1 vehicle pass for sale I’ll be in Reno weds night at the airport then to fernley till... more

Room in your Playa Bike Rental trailer for 2 more bikes...


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Wondering if anyone has already arranged to transport a trailer of bikes from Playa Bike Rental to... more

FACE VALUE vehicle pass needed


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PASS AQUIRED!! Thank U, Samantha !! & hello BRC... more

Vehicle Pass offered in exchange for ride from Reno int...



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Hello! I have access to a vehicle pass that I can sell (I'm happy to cover some of it) in... more

Princess Addy


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First time burner, super excited! Just scored a ticket and I have a ride! I’m a colorado girl in... more

[Looking to lend a tent/air matress/sleeping bag for BR...


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Dear Burners, does anyone, by chance, has a tent/air matress/sleeping bag in SF or Reno, which... more

Space Available in RV (no camp) With 2 Queer Guys



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Hey y'all! My buddy and I are have this big RV to ourselves and we're looking for a 3rd person... more

Looking for a vehicle pass.



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Have a grab bag of gifts for you too! I need a pass because I'm bringing an art project with many... more

Two hexa-yurt and one RV looking to join a camp


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Our group of 6 is looking to join a camp, we are art support for an instillation and have two... more

Bike transport help!


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Hello, I rented a bike from Playa Bike Repair but add on for bike on burner express is full Hoping... more

In need of two tickets


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My boyfriend and I are virgin burners!!! We got accepted into a really nice camp! We were able to... more

Looking for place to stay in SF Fri 8/26

pablo van


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First time back to BM in 20 years! Flying into SFO from YVR Fri night 8/26 Taking the Burner... more

Looking for an adult trike – regular or E



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Adult tricycle needed - regular or E-trike Looking to rent for the Burn or buy used I can’t... more

RV available with pick-up in Los Angeles (someone can t...


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Hello! I've decided to not use an RV this year I have an RV reservation based out of Los Angeles... more




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Returning Burner from Los Angeles I am architect / Project manager I'm a builder and craftsman and... more

Help! Playa-bikes needed!


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Hello dear Burner friends! I have managed to arrange everything to the dot, for my first burn... more