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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

Hail Mary


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Taking suggestions from friends and reaching out to see if anyone has a ticket for sale for my... more

Couple looking for a home on Playa 2019



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Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking for a home on Playa this year! We are willing to help out... more

Needing a Ride to the Playa 8/29 from Reno Airport


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Im landing in Reno on 8/29 at 7:25pm My friends will already be on the playa and so Im hoping to... more

looking for the spirit of Peter Kimmelman


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hi - Peter was my patient for approximately 7 years At our visits, I would ask him to show me... more

Ride from SF to BRC on 21st August


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Hey second time burner flying into SFO on the 19th Can leave for BRC by 21st or 22nd August have... more

Set up ride to the playa 8/16.


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arriving via public trans 8/16 i desparately need a lift to the playa i am expected to set up the... more

Solo Virgin Burner flying in from England


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This will be my first year at Burning Man and I thought I would post this to see if anyone wanted... more

Body paint in the dust!



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Ciao Burners! Giorgia here, Italian living in Sydney! This year I'm coming for the first time... more

Train travel


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Looking for burners to ride a train on over into town! The long way... more

CANCEL, clear



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Cancel, clear Changed my mind but can't see where to cancel my... more

Are you looking for chefs, videographers, fundraisers, ...


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We are here to help! We are very talented and with years of experience in many different fields We... more

Collaborate on Cacao Ceremony, Maybe with Ecstatic Danc...



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Any other cacao ceremonialists out there I host cacao ceremonies and I'm exploring offering... more

Going to BurningMan without a definite camp? First time...


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Hey burners! First timer this year and I'm still not entirely sure how it works when it comes to... more

Looking for a good camp and guides for my first time.


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I'm from middle TN area and am new to burning man I'm a somewhat pragmatic project manager in the... more

[cancelled] Is it late for looking for a camp to join?



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Edit: I couldn't get a ticket during the sales, so I'll join Black Rock City next year! Thanks a... more

Running as relaxation and mindfulness – Run leadi...


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My mate Alan and I are passionate believers in the joy and relaxation that free non competitive... more

Laser Safety Help


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I am interested in incorporating a mounted laser system into our sound camp (Bat Country) I am... more

Anyone wanna camp with me?


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This will be my first year at Burning Man and I thought I would post this to see if anyone wanted... more

Hello Tucson


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I'm a Tucson resident and thankfully going to BRC for my second burn with the Hair of the Dog camp... more