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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

2nd year burner girl looking for a camp to join



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Hey guys, I’m excited for my 2nd year at Burning Man I look forward to finding a really fun crew... more

Help make shirtcocking great again 2020


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Need help planing this project and... more

Run the Perimeter with IRöNDAD


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If you'd like to run the trash fence (or some part thereof) with me, find yourself under the man at... more

Extra Room In Car Leaving SF on Sunday


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Hi - I will be leaving San Francisco on Sunday afternoon and I will have extra room for 1 - 2... more

Hail Mary


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Taking suggestions from friends and reaching out to see if anyone has a ticket for sale for my... more

Couple looking for a home on Playa 2019



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Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking for a home on Playa this year! We are willing to help out... more