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Can you escape from Burning Man?


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If you love escape rooms, and are looking for a place to camp this year, let us... more

Dancer looking for camp


39 total views, 9 today

Artist from Kansas looking for a camp Will bring a dance pole, rusty gymnastics skills, and... more

Burner in Portland, OR, looking to lend a hand


$Good vibes

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Heya fellow burners, I am looking to help build/coordinate/participate with a camp based out of... more

European burners looking to join a theme camp!


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We are fun, curious, and loving group of 4 couples looking to join a theme camp We come from Spain,... more

Seeking Your Magick



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Comfy Cozy VooDoo Lounge has officially been placed and are excited to be spending our first year... more

Camp Exclamation Mark! still has space for some camp ma...



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Anyone still looking to #JOIN a #CAMP at #BURNINGMAN this year We still have spots open at... more

Hunting a Bus or Structure Solutions


$Read for Offers

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Usually the middle of our theme camp (Priscilla, Queen of the Doof! @ G & 6:45) has a big pink... more

Twisted Swan Celtic Pub Has a Couple of Spots Open



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Howdy! The geek haven that is The Twisted Swan Celtic Pub and Temple of Bacchus has a couple of... more

LUAP is looking for live performers at Burning Man 2022...



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PERFORM LIVE at Burning Man 2022 at Legendary theme camp The LOST PENGUIN! Seeking inspired live... more

Buddha Camp @ The Lotus Dome Looking for Members


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Buddhacamp @ the Lotus Dome is returning for our 13th Burn and we’re recruiting new campers who... more

Corner Pocket Pool Hall Recruiting Members


234 total views, 2 today

Hey everyone, We're looking to add some new members to our billiards hall camp Corner Pocket Pool... more

Got Anxiety/OCD?



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Pandemic giving you anxiety, have you been suffering all your life Want to talk to someone without... more

bring your oracle skills to our camp!


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We're a very small camp looking to expand with people who provide oracle services, such as:... more

Fluffer Camp Applications Open



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Just wanted to share that applications for our camp this year are open to all, can check out the... more

Looking for a Camp to call home!

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.48.56 PM


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Hi Burners! We are a couple from Buffalo, NY looking for a camp to call home for 2022 and future... more

Looking for Health & Wellness Camps



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Hey burners! Is anyone seeking another to help out at the camp I'm Natalie, I currently live in LA... more

Looking for a camp!


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Hello! My name is Madie and I am looking for a camp to join for the 2022 burn My previous camp... more

Looking for a camp with large workshop space infrastruc...


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We have a ton of fire dancers, flow and movement artists, aerial rig, pole, sound system/DJ's (we... more

Dr. Baron von Realz, Esq. sideshow



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We are a circus of freaks geeks and other oddities always up to some kind of shenanigans As an... more

Photographer / Storyteller seeking performance or compa...



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Going again to Burning Man this year 2022! And if this is posting to the right area of this... more

The Assless Chapel



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Fellow Burners, I am the Assless Chaplain and this year will by my first year running the... more

Small Camp With Benefits-Overseas & First Timers We...



1111 total views, 4 today

Thanks to everyone but we are now full We are looking for a maximum of four new campers for our... more

Jenni & Maja back on track to Burning Man – n...



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Hello Burners! We are Jenni and Maja and finally want to make it to Burning Man this year We... more

No Boundaries – 2022 Burning Man Theme Camp – Apply Now...



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So we’re recruiting super early, for eager Burners for Burning Man 2022! No Boundaries is an... more