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Reno – BRC anytime Thursday



Ride broke down :( Flying into Reno late Wednesday and am hoping to catch a ride to BRC anytime... more

Have vehicle pass need ride Fri/ Sept 1


$Vehicle Pass

This has been updated 08/31 Pick up at Peppermill Casino in the center of Reno at 1 PM One... more

Need Ride from Temecula, CA ASAP


Hello, I’ve had the worst luck making it out of town and all my previous options have not worked... more

Need vehicle pass. Offering ride from Sac / Reno betwee...


Driving my RV up, So I have room for bike, bags, etc Just need a vehicle pass Can pick up anywhere... more

Thursday mid day to BRC


Hi there! I decided last minute to come to the Burn, I fund a ticket but still need a vehicle... more

Ride from Reno into BRC Wed PM or Thurs AM


$Good Vibes ;)

Hello! Need a ride from Reno into BRC, late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning Just me and... more

Ride from Reno to BRC 8/30 afternoon


$Gas, Vibe

Guten Tag everyone, I am a German guy currently living in New York and looking for a spot in... more



Hey Fellow Burners, If someone is passing by Reno on Wednesday at 3:30 pm (flightr arrives in... more

Looking for a ride from Reno Airport to BRC Wednesday 8...

$Name it

Hello! My name is Lindsay, I’m in need of a ride to the playa from the Reno airport Wednesday... more

BRC to Reno 8/29 or 8/30

$gas money

Hi - my husband is at BRC, but has spotty service so I'm posting this for him He is looking for a... more

Wednesday SF, Sacramento, Truckee -> BRC


Hi all! A friend and I are looking for a ride tomorrow (Wednesday) Our things are already out... more

Reno to BRC Thursday 8/31


Looking for a ride from Reno to BRC! Will chip in for gas and snacks!... more

Filming the first generative AI film in Burning Man and...

Auto Draft

$100 USD

Hi beautiful people I just arrived in SFO airport from Bangalore, India It's my first time in... more

Have car pass. Need ride


All my rides have fallen thru with the main one still waiting for their car in the shop Help! I... more

Looking for a ride Reno –> BRC – Wednesd...


$Will help pay

I am looking for a ride for myself + 2 other people from Reno to BRC on Wednesday August 30 around... more

Offering a ride from Reno to BRC in exchange for a vehi...

$Vehicle pass

Hi I'm offering a ride from reno to BRC to anyone who has a vehicle pass or can connect me with a... more

Looking for Rideshare San Francisco to Blackrock City


Burner Express Bus tickets are all sold out! Looking to see if anyone is leaving on the 30th or... more

Bay Area > BRC


Hi, I lost my VP (was sold to someone else without letting me know!) Long story short, I have my... more

At GSR stranded and need a ride today 8/29 with an RV/V...

$VP or $150

Hey there my name is Nemo I’m a 2-time burner that had a ride fall through I need a ride to 8:15... more

Carpool from the bay Weds afternoon/evening – no ...


Hello! I'm in Santa Cruz and looking to head to BRC around 3 or 4 or Weds I can meet you... more

Reno to BRC – Wedenesday 12.30 pm



Hey Fellow Burners, If someone is passing by Reno on Wednesday at noon - 1 pm, I'll be super... more

Reno –> BRC post 1215 Tuesday


Im a builder and artist through a series of unfortunate events, I missed my bus, I'd love a ride... more

Bike LA to Burn


Hey guys, last minute changes with my bike not working So I’ve just had to get one off a friend... more

Reno > BRC 8/29 9p


Hi! I am flying into Reno at 9p today 8/29 Would love a ride to BRC and happy to drive and chip in... more

Hoping for a ride from Reno to BRC Wednesday 30/Aug


$Gas + extra

Hi all! First time burner here, joining my uncle and aunt on Wednesday and hoping to catch a ride... more

Reno to BRC 8/29 3pm


I am leaving the north bay around 11 AM on 8/29 and driving to the playa I will be driving through... more

San Francisco to BRC, Thu

$Help Drive

Hi, im driving into BRC on Thu, looking to get in by afternoon so would leave early AM from SF Just... more

Seeking a ride from Reno Int airport to Black Rock City...


Hi, I am seeking a ride from Reno International airport to BRC for the burn Please let me know if... more

Driving up from the bay Tuesday or Wednesday, but can&#...


Got scammed and am sad non-dusty boi currently, looking to carpool, can meet ya wherever from bay... more

Sending out prayers to a kind soul that can give me a r...



Hello fellow burner! I am Phoenix from Germany and would love to catch a ride with you tomorrow... more

In need of Vehicle Pass – Offering ride from Reno...


I have room in my Prius for 1 person with minimal luggage Driving up tonight 08/29, planning to... more

Riding up from Sacramento and need Vehicle pass


I'm driving up from Sacramento on 8/29 I can pick up 2 folks on the way in my RV Anywhere between... more

Seeking rideshare from Reno to Playa Tuesday or late Mo...

$Can co

Hey fellow burners, Im on an impromptu 4th burn and just arrived in reno and need a ride to the... more

Seeking a Ride thursday 31st


Hello! I am seeking a Ride into the Burn Thursday 8/31 mid day from Reno to BRC! I just missed the... more

LF Reno – BRC Tue 8/29 11pm or after


Hey, landing at 11pm at Reno airport und would love to catch a ride to BRC Only have a duffle bag... more



Heyyy all! Looking for a ride Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from SF to BRC I missed the bus on... more

LF Reno > BRC Early Wednesday Morning!

$fuel and favour

first timer landing in Reno 11pm tuesday need a ride wednesday morning to the playa I can grab... more

LF Ride from LA (8/29 after 6, 8/30 morning) or Reno (8...


Hi all! 30F LF a ride leaving 8/29 at night from LA or 8/30 from LA or Reno (I have a flight to... more

Looking for a ride into brc tonight, Monday from Reno a...



Looking for a ride into brc tonight, Monday from Reno airport after 7 pm Is just me and a backpack... more


$Can help drive

I need a ride to and from Portland PDX! Can leave immediately 28th and leave Playa whenever you do... more

(Found) Looking for Reno to BRC Tue 29th ❤࿠...

Looking for Reno to BRC Monday 28th or early 29th


Edit:I have found a ride Veteran Burner, in Reno at a friends house 5 minutes from the airport... more

Ride from ReNo



Greetings! Long time Burner/Artiste in ReNo airport, looking for rideshare to playa, pm me, thank... more

Ride to and from SFO



Hi, burner bus sold out so I'm looking for a ride from SFO on Wednesday 8/30 preferably early but... more

portland >> brc


looking for a ride to share from portland to brc first time burn! i was gifted a ticket and i'm... more

Looking for a Ride from Sacramento to Playa


Looking for a ride from Sacramento to Playa on either Thursday or Friday any time I’m bringing my... more

Need Vehicle Pass – will drive in exchange for pa...



Driving to BRC from Santa Cruz Tuesday 8/29 - Still need a vehicle parking pass - Will exchange... more

Heading out on Tuesday

$Gas & Insurance

Hey! I'm a burner of 8 years, leaving out of LA tomorrow during the day or after traffic dies down... more

seeking ride to playa – Thurs noon+

$you name it!

I'm arriving Thursday 1030a in Reno and looking to share a ride and costs with you to playa I'm a... more

Seeking ride from Burn to Santa Cruz/South Bay on Monda...

$Gas money

Due to some logistical shenanigans, my partner has to leave before the burn on Saturday I am opting... more

Looking for ride to BM from SF



Hey! Burner bus sold out Please text 2144057075 if you have space for 2 bags and bike and are... more

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