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Looking for ride from Playa to Reno 8/30 or 8/31

$Can pay for gas

15 total views, 1 today

Will be in for build week, but need to leave early to catch a flight for a wedding Can leave on... more

Offering a ride in a motorhome from San Diego to the Bu...

$Up to You

44 total views, 5 today

I have room in my 29 foot Motorhome for a ride (no you don't get to stay in it) from San Diego to... more

Need ride BRC to Reno 8/29

$Will pay for ga

21 total views, 2 today

Hey friends, my husband can’t come for long pre event and needs a ride leaving BRC to the Reno... more

Seeking a ride from SD/LA to and from BRC 8/26-8/27


37 total views, 6 today

Hi friends! First time burner who found a camp last minute and just needs to set up a ride to the... more



80 total views, 17 today

Hello Lovely Burners! Anybody interested in sharing a RV Camper Van - Class B from LAX It's a 4... more

Offerring Bed @HolidayInn Reno Airport Sat. Aug. 27th


40 total views, 2 today

Hello My name is Laurent I come from France for my first BM My flight is arriving at RNO... more

Looking for a ride to Reno at Tuesday the 30th


21 total views, 4 today

Hey Burners! My name is Philipp and I am from Germany Sadly I couldn’t stay till the end of... more

Anyone have a VP and need a ride?


61 total views, 10 today

I find myself without a vehicle pass and was wondering if anyone needs a ride I have slightly... more

8/25 – looking for a ride Reno to BRC!

$Gas + Storage

19 total views, 1 today

Hello all! I'm looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on 8/25! I can squeeze into tight spaces and... more

Nyc area out west…


$Gas and driving

39 total views, 10 today

Hey leaving nyc area this weekend 20/21st ish any one need a ride Have a group going in a few... more

Hotel Room in Reno Sunday 9/5


50 total views, 4 today

I am leaving on the Burner Express Bus 10am on Sunday and heading to Reno I am getting a hotel room... more



28 total views, 0 today

Hi loves Looking for a ride from Reno Airport to BRC Saturday morning the 27th pretty please I am... more

8/25 Ride Offer! You have to help drive tho :) SF to B...

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 3.20.54 PM

$a share of gas

90 total views, 7 today

Hi there! I'm looking for a passenger to join me and my campmate leaving SF on 8/25 We're both... more

Looking for ride to Reno on Sunday/Monday the 4th/5th



30 total views, 1 today

Need a ride to Reno on Sunday or Monday the 4th/5th Also need space for backpack and suitcase... more

Ride in from Reno, Thursday 9/1 morning


36 total views, 2 today

Driving in late in the week, Thursday morning (9/1) Have room for 1 passenger and luggage Would be... more

NY (Hudson Valley) to BRC for build week

Profile Pic_HerningMan

$Shared gas

40 total views, 6 today

Hi East Coast Burnersor those along the way to BRC in PA, OH, MI, IN, IL I'd like to get... more

Offering ride from Vegas to Playa 8/28 and possible ret...


67 total views, 7 today

5th year Burner Originating in Phoenix day before but Leaving Vegas in small RV early 8/28 Sunday... more

Rideshare from Nevada City, Aug 25th, have car pass if ...

$let's talk!

30 total views, 0 today

Hey there! Looking for a rides Ahare from Nevada City on the 25th Seasoned burner, east coast... more

Need ride from Reno to BRC the 27th


$I dunno

45 total views, 3 today

Hey all, Burner Express just told me my ticket is not available because my credit card rejected the... more

Seeking ride from Durango, CO to BRC and back

$chip in

26 total views, 0 today

I'm in Durango, CO, looking for a ride to BRC and back Be there in time to help set up my camp... more

Looking for Post Burn ride from Reno to SF/Bay Area on ...

$Share fuel cost

30 total views, 2 today

I'm considering my post burn plans and thinking of going back to SF or Bay area on Sept 7th if I... more

have a parking pass, need a ride from Reno early sun 28...


40 total views, 1 today

Hi, I am a dad staying in Kidville with my son My son is going early with our camp I’m flying... more

Ride from the Playa.. to Las Vegas



46 total views, 1 today

Aloha! I'm flying from Hawaii for my 8th burn with my son 8 years old, Ronin And looking for a... more

Sept 5 BRC to Reno Airport!



26 total views, 1 today

I commend you for burning! Let's talk about our favorite moments at the burn in a ride share from... more

Dallas, TX to San Fancisco, CA

$Share fuel cost

45 total views, 3 today

I am driving to San Francisco before the burn I am pulling an empty flatbed trailer with my ‘99... more

Reno -> playa Saturday 8/27 Good company and snacks!...


$Gas money!

51 total views, 2 today

Hi all, 5th time burner needing a ride to the playa on Saturday 8/27 Good company, snacks, and... more

Offering ride in on 8/31

$Veh pass+1/2gas

67 total views, 8 today

Critical info: Must have vehicle pass or help procure one Asking for contribution to gas I'll be... more

From Detroit (or anywhere else) to BRC


$11 billion

27 total views, 3 today

I managed to score an OMG ticket and now I'm looking for a ride to BRC from pretty much anywhere... more

Drive my truck to and from Seattle to the Burn?

Gabe's Toyota1 small


101 total views, 8 today

I am offering my reliable 1991 Toyota extra-cab pick-up with or without a camper shell if anyone... more




52 total views, 4 today

HI, this is Will be my 6th burn, looking for a ride from Reno to spankys wine bar, I have a vehicle... more

Looking for ride from BRC to Reno on 5th

$will share fuel

29 total views, 1 today

Hi everyone! Looking for a ride from BRC to Reno on the 5th, as I missed the opportunity to... more

Trading spare vehicle pass for a ride vom Reno to BRC o...


65 total views, 3 today

Hello fellow burners, please help! I'm trading a spare vehicle pass for a ride from Reno to BRC on... more

Ride from Reno – Have Vehicle Pass

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.25.28 PM


99 total views, 9 today

I am based in LA - would like to find a ride from there but could also fly into Reno- Sunday to the... more

Looking for a ride 27th or 28th fr San Francisco SF or ...

$happy to share

37 total views, 3 today

Looking for a ride 27th or 28th fr San Francisco SF or Oakland I have a vehicle pass, though... more

Looking for help sending down gear


42 total views, 3 today

My friend and I are flying down and have rides back and are looking for help sending our camping... more

Ride from Reno to Playa Thur 8/25

6E28C516-C966-4301-B318-7FAAA3C54BF9 (1)

$gas + snacks

44 total views, 3 today

Hi babes - looking for a ride from Reno to playa on Thursday 8/25 for myself, my gear and maybe a... more

Need a ride to Reno from burningman early on 8/29


19 total views, 1 today

I need to catch a flight out of Reno morning of 8/29 Anyone headed that way by chance Happy to chip... more

Aug 25th – Sept 6th – Reno or Tahoe to the ...

Day I got my ticket!


108 total views, 5 today

Hey hey! Up to help drive and split cost of the vehicle pass Would be fun to at least start the... more

Looking for ride from Pacific NW Aug 28th (2 people)

Sailing photo


31 total views, 1 today

Hi all! My partner and I live in Vancouver, BC and are looking for a ride down to BRC on Aug... more

Round trip from PDX / Portland

$Gas money

36 total views, 1 today

Hey y’all! My name is Conrad and I’m looking for a ride to BRC and back If you got room for me,... more

Seeking ride from Bay Area to BRC—Sunday/ Monday


43 total views, 1 today

Hello there, Do you have an empty seat on your drive to BRC I'm a safety-oriented driver and... more

Oakland> BRC and back Sat 8/27 to Sun 9/4

$share costs

92 total views, 3 today

I am departing from Oakland Sat 8/27 are returning on Sun 9/4 I'm on the 9:00 side of BRC I know... more

BRC to Reno 8/31 morning


36 total views, 4 today

Hey all! Going in early with a WAP and need to leave on Wednesday morning (8/31) to get back to... more

Looking for a ride from LA (I have a vehicle pass)

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.25.28 PM


71 total views, 6 today

Looking for someone to ride with to/from Los Angeles BRC I have a pass so it would be ideal to... more

Offering ride from Bay Area on August 26

Alex primo piano


101 total views, 4 today

I'll be riding an RV from Antioch, CA to Black Rock on August 26 (I have a Work Access Pass) and... more

Car ride from Reno to BRC 8/30 10pm


32 total views, 2 today

We are looking for a car ride sharing from Reno airport to BRC on august 30th, around 10pm We are 2... more



$Car pass avail

29 total views, 3 today

Looking for a ride from RNO airport to BRC on Sunday Aug 28 Plane due to arrive at 11:30am from LAX... more

Ride to Playa from San Diego or Los Angeles, Sat 8/27 o...

$Will $ for gas!

41 total views, 1 today

Hi burners, I am looking to join someone on the adventure to the Playa I am in San Diego but happy... more

Wizard needs an RV Travel Trailer tow


41 total views, 2 today

I would love to leave my Ford Expedition on dry land and have someone haul my 27' bumper pull... more

Daddy’O -ticket and vehicle pass gets us to BRC (from C...



87 total views, 7 today

8 burns and 1 more to go to make it Divine Contact me on Twitter : @IneffablyOne Let’s get... more

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