Karma Love Camp is Recruiting for 2024!

2023 activity collage copy


WE HAVE TICKETS FOR NEW MEMBERS Within the heart of the din & cacophony of BRC, you will... more

Karma Love Camp is Recruiting for 2024!

2023 activity collage copy


WE HAVE TICKETS FOR NEW MEMBERS! Within the heart of the din & cacophony of BRC, you will... more

Looking to pool resources


Two non-placed burners driving a truck and car hauler from the DC/ Baltimore area are looking to... more

Will You Host an Irish Music Session?



The Crusty Swan is an Irish-themed "mini-pub" located in Hushville Each year we host a Tuesday... more

Traveling From Tampa To Burning Man in Bronco

$Split Costs

I'm still figuring out details but open to it playing out in different ways I have a Bronco with... more



Attention Burners! We are a DJ-SIster-Duo and would love to provide you with a DJ-Set We play... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, https://wwwinstagramcom/ssserpentqueen/hl=en We have space available in our... more

Looking to Share Driving from Philly to BRC (22 ft RV)



I have a 22 ft class C RV that I'd love some help driving out to the desert I'm paying gas either... more

Meditation Station Installation



Hello! I love meditating in the deep playa, especially under art installations so I want to... more

Looking to Share an RV in 2024


I would like to share the expenses of somebody else's RV I am a long time Burner, starting in... more

Seeking cross stitchers/embroiderers for Center Plaza P...

backup of waking dreams sampler 2022


Hi friends! I'm running a Burning Man themed cross stitch and embroidery project at Center Plaza... more

NEW campers – Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet


Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is open to new campers!! We help people connect with soulmates on... more

Houston To Burning Man



I'm looking for a Group to go to burning man with, i will have my own ticket Don't think its a good... more

Looking for someone going from Miami and back.


Hi burners! Going to need help to bring stuff to BM this year from Miami and back (back is a must)... more

Invoke The Fiery

small size picture


We are creating Invoke the Fiery for this 2024 Burn ! We are looking for help and collaborators,... more

MOOT: Matter Out Of Time



Matter Out Of Time, or MOOT for short, is a theremin-powered time machine headed to Burning Man... more

First Time Burner offering ride from SoCal that include...



My buddy and I are meeting in Reno for our first Burn I’ll be driving up from SoCal / OC and... more

Phoenix to Burning Man

Phoenix to Burning Man


Was wondering if anyone in Phoenix or surrounding areas is driving to Burning Man and would be... more

Commercial generator and camp power grid support



Hello "Big Tooth" your somewhat friendly playa power guy (as long as you don't touch the generator)... more

Looking for a Camp!

Looking for a Camp!


Hi there, my name is Aleksei, and I'm actively seeking an opportunity to contribute to a camp this... more

Offering Help on Installations, Art Cars, etc.


Hello! I am based in SLC, UT and reaching out to see if anyone needs additional hands in building... more

International Camp Accepting New Members

Screenshot 2024-03-23 164633


Hello ! We are an International Camp in it’s 5th year at Black Rock City In the past we have... more

Exhibit Your Playa Art in a Burner Supportive Public Sc...

Eva with Tyrannosaurus Rex by Joe Treat at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Dondi Budde of Oak Harbor


Do you have large scale sculptural artwork from the playa that would enjoy a new home to continue... more

dj from seattle looking to play at other camps.


Hello! my name is Kristian, and im a local dj of 30yrs in Seattle Ill be attending the burn this... more

looking for a ride to/from south Dakota

$1500 - 2000

Hello I'm looking for a ride to and from burning man i am looking for someone who is staying the... more

Black Rock Film Festival

BRFF Front Entry


The Black Rock Film Festival theme camp is coming to life We are building two movie theatres and... more

Dallas, TX to San Francisco


$Share Fuel Cost

I am planning on leaving the North Dallas area on August 20th or 21st to head to San Francisco to... more

Rides needed there and back from/to Portland

$Share gas/drive

Need to arrive on playa Aug 21 or early morning on Aug 22 Planning to leave Sep 1 or Sep 2 Longtime... more

Can help drive to/from airport city


I usually tow my RV and our camp's stuff from Texas to BRC and back, but to save vacation days, my... more

Got Your Back!


Got Your Back! Camp is looking to add 3 to 4 massage therapist/ physical therapist or Chiropractor... more

Need a Camp? – Accepting Applications


Hey there, radiant Burners and future Burners! Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and create... more

Musical Journey



Hi! I would really like to join any burnig man camp that gives young artists the opportunity to... more

Nobo House – 2024 Burning Man Theme Camp – Apply Now

Nobo House 2023 Burning Man


Nobo House, previously known as No Boundaries is an international community of veteran and... more

Mild ‘N Minty 10th anniversary & DJ story tel...



3rd decade into electronic music culture, dance electric boggie and jet I would like to keep doing... more

Virgin Burner looking for a multicultural camp



Hola everyone! I'm Beatriz from Uruguay, born and raised in a town called "33", moved to the US 2... more

International Camp Accepting New Members this year



Hello ! We are an International Camp in it's 5th year at Black Rock City In the past we have... more

2 Costa Rican Gyals Looking for a Camp!

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 8.10.55 PM


Hola! Hello! 2024 will be my third Burn (participated the past two years and loved it!) and my... more

DJ seeking 2024 Project



Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my listing! As a passionate DJ, I find joy in... more

DJ / Sound Technician looking for 2024 Project



Hi! This is Ferdi from Germany I'm a professional DJ offering my art to any of your stages I used... more

Carpenter looking for a 2024 project



Hi there Skipper here - I was one of the lead builders for the Solar Shrine (2022) and I'm... more




Hi Dear Burningers! How can be play any event on this wonderful festival Please contact me and i... more

Jerome Doherty Bigara


Hi! Virgin Burner and eager to make a contribution to a Themed Camp with like-minded folks... more

camp looking for a tarot reader or other oracle


Oracle Camp needs at least one additional Tarot reader Last year we were solidly hooked up with... more

Two Poly Clowns + Baby Burner looking for camps at Love...



My partner, her brother, and I are planning to go to Loveburn in Miami, and we're looking for a... more

looking for help to create a new theme camp/community v...

starck-club entrance front


FULL TIME Burner seeking grant writers, builders, doers, artist and musicians and ALL strangers to... more

Looking for experienced artists / leaders / recycled ma...

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 11.02.36 AM


Hi all! I have this crazy idea of art I would like to apply to the Honoraria Grant but need... more




I have a Generac;130kw, LPG powered generator that I need to get rid of It has less than 30 hours... more

Party Trick Seeks SaxCock


Hello Community, My name is Party Trick (Kaleb) and I am seeking SaxCock SaxCock is a magical... more

left my camera on MOON RAKER art car


$whatever u want

i got up on the moon raker art car and set my camera down and then noticed i was missing it but it... more

Missed your Hug


For all the people I didn't get to hug, all my love... more

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