Round trip RV ride from Portland Oregon


Ride in RV comfort round trip to the Playa Can accomidate a reasonable amount of gear and bikes... more

Playa Express looking for project manager

IMG_8321 (1)


We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our team and oversee the project of our... more

Mid Level Drummer looking for a band



Play drums for fun and have a couple of rock bands Not a professional at all, but can keep the... more




An inspiring dj experience put on by 2 girl dj’s from the Midwest! Hit us up... more

First-time burner from Hotlanta: seeking a camp and tic...



Hey there, my name is Ian and I'm a 30 year old Burning Man newbie from Atlanta! I'm super excited... more

Seeking Bamboo Workers and Fire Leads for PādaP’goda

build plan


PādaP’goda is 20’x20’ double-layered kinetic pagoda which explores the dynamics of social... more

Ride from Portland, OR to BRC and Back Sought



Hello, I'm looking to ride with someone to BRC and back Hoping to leave Aug 23 or 24 and then... more

The Kingdom looking for diverse and dynamic campers!

image000002 (1) (1)


The Kingdom Camp still has a few spots open for new campers Check out our website to learn more... more

Solo Burner Camp


Hello, This is Scott aka Gunny from Sarasota, Florida I am attending Burning Man for the 1st time... more

Looking for a Tech House artist on Burning Man?

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-20 om 11.36.34


Belgian DJ & producer 'Hermanez' has been creating waves in the music industry with his unique... more

FLIGHT!! like a BIRD! into Backrock Desert Airport from...


Im looking for a ticket Can take 2 people with a couple of bags Super flexible Could get a ticket... more

Single Camper Seeking Fun Camp



Hello! My name is Sunrise, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada I am a 36 year-old neurodivergent camper... more

In search of rented time on a VR (variable reach) lift


Hi all! Baby Grandpa from Miso, formerly known as Miso horny here We're looking to team up with... more

Immersive Audio Lounge looking for performers!



Hey there! Camp Half No Sphere is Black Rock City's finest immersive audio lounge and we are... more

Looking for Art to Greet Visitors at the BRC Airport!

Looking for Art to Greet Visitors at the Airport!


Black Rock Transit Agency (BRTA) is the Black Rock City Airport Theme Camp We are looking for... more

Serpent Queen Mutant Vehicle Support Camp Seeks a few G...



Greetings, We have space available in our Camp which is home-base for the SS Serpent Queen Our... more

EDM Producer/DJ



EDM Producer/DJ/Audio Engineer, looking to perform(DJ) and help create an amazing stage for people... more

Dj house electronic



I'm Superbeppedj Italian dj, I would like to be able to propose some electronic house music, here... more

Two Canadian Dykes looking to Volunteer!!!

70284756078 - 1E9333CB-FA42-49E9-AA32-3B06843FBA80-min (1)-compressed


We are currently renovating a 1978 Beachcomber Trailer that we plan on bringing to the playa We... more

Mate Brewer/Barista Needed


We are looking for an experienced mate brewer to show us how to brew South American Mate We run a... more

We LOVE Motorhomes and RVs!!


We are a bunch of full time RV dwellers and Nomads We are starting a new camp for folks just like... more

Burner RV Gift


In a bit of a pickle but if you read this and you have a mechanical/problem-solver mind, you might... more

Karma Love Camp – 2023 Applications Open!



updated We have 2 RV spots remaining! We are accepting tent campers! Within the heart of the... more

Karma Love Camp – 2023 Applications Open!



updated We have 2 RV spots remaining! We are accepting tent campers! Within the heart of the... more

Looking for Camp Acculturation Lead


Looking for a camp acculturation lead to assist with acculturation of camp members Primary duties... more

Honorarium Artwork Seeks Structural Trusses Rental



Hello fellow Burners! We are seeking to rent, borrow, or buy at a reasonable cost structural... more

Seeking 2-way ride for two people!

$See description

Hi y’all! I’m seeking a two-way ride for two people (with a decent amount of stuff) from either... more

2 burners looking for camp to join



Hi  My best friend Tomas and I are looking for a camp to join We are both world travelers and... more

Single Guy (47)


47 year old single guy looking for love before the playa so we can optimize our time on the playa... more

Southwest New Mexico


Who from SW New Mex or SE Arizona would like to join a virgin burner this year Share expenses and... more



This year I finally decided to go to Burning Man for the first time solo , and I’d be glad to... more

Buddha Camp @ The Lotus Dome Looking for Members


Buddhacamp @ the Lotus Dome is returning for our 14th Burn and we’re recruiting new campers who... more

DJ MagicGrizzlyBear for your Zone/Space/Hub/Camp



You lucky so and so! You are about to accept an awesome and eclectic soundtrack to your 2023... more

DJ available to spin some house



Sup y'all, I'm a Denver DJ/Producer, first time at Burning man and would love to find a place to... more

First Time Burner seeking support and/or rides :)



Hey there! I'm a first-time Burner who is looking for support as I prepare for the Playa :) :) I've... more

Looking to join a camp

20180826_124852 1


I have viewing tower,Solar power, bike racks and much more Not looking for free entry Our camp is... more

Arizona Burners or others…..


Anyone going to 2023 burn Anyone building a project Do you need assistance on the Playa with an... more

Seeking help with lighting for art piece!


Hi all, I'm a long time burner but first time artist Looking to bring an installation to the burn... more

Looking for a Button Maker – Bay Area if possible...


Hi folksI'm looking for a specialist button/badge maker to make about 100-200 buttons, about 2" or... more

Virgin Burner looking to help out in exchange for tix a...

Scott Drums and Nagels


Hey fellow burners! My buddy (experienced burner Excalibur) and I are looking to attend BM this... more

First Time Burner!!



Hello all! It is my first time attending burning Man this year I need all the help I can get! I’m... more

Female DJ looking to bring some funky bangin’ bea...



Hello my dusty friends! My name's Niki and I'm looking play at your camp or art car! I can also... more

Looking to host Yoga/DJ class at camp or art car



Hello dusty friends! My name is, Niki and my husband and I, Sean lead a yoga dj class that we... more

We have solar powered fridge, small AC,.. ALL solar sim...


We have 4Runner with 2 dudes, one an EMT and other is solar energy instructor We are FULLY self... more

Tribe hunting scrap metal sculptor



Hello, I'm Stick, I'm looking for a camp to join in 2023 and hopefully 2024, currently working on a... more

Offering rideshare from San Francisco (and back) for 2 ...


$Pay as you want

Hi ! We are a couple of French people who have rent a RV in San Francisco from Friday August 25th... more

Elvis Needs Campers!

Typical Wedding at EWC 2017


ELVIS WEDDING CHAPEL needs campers, especially those based in SCOTTSDALE or PHOENIX area, ARIZONA,... more

Honoraria Art Support Team is looking to join a camp!


Hello ~ My name is Zea, She/ Her Based in Portland OR :) As a lead artist, I'm super thankful... more

Looking to be part of a HUB


Hello, We are looking to become part of HUB! We are a small camp (30 people) most coming from... more





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