About Hohm


I've been to the Burn in 2009, 10, 11, and 15 and will be going again in 2017.

This year I'm designing and bringing:

Scavenge hunt called Man Saves World (see:ManSavesWorld.org).

Icebreaker game for 2 or more people called Honest Flirt.

Two Person stethoscope that allows two people to hear both their heartbeats simultaneously (one in one ear and another in the other). It is called Do Your Hearts Beat as One.

I write serious things as Brooke Allen and write and perform humorous things as Len Bakerloo (LenBakerloo.com).

How can a person live/vacation like a Burner the rest o...



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In 2015 when my college roommate couldn't join me for the Burn, when I returned we took a cruise to... more