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Pictures from the water samples from The Altar of Intentions 2017


Water is the most common element on planet Earth. For the last 20 million years, it has surrounded, permeated, and bound all living things. A researcher Masuru Emoto coined the term “Hado” to describe a unique elemental phenomenon. Hado is defined as, “… the intrinsic vibration pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.”
As a sacred space, the Altar of Intentions evinces the themes of both primal connection and the evolution of the human awareness.
Like us, water has a “memory.” Collections of water molecules — called clusters — have more than 440,000 information panels, each having its own, singular interaction with the environment. Experiments conducted at labs around the world have shown that water receives input — such as magnetic fields, light, or even the energy transmitted by our thoughts — and then makes molecular imprints of these inputs. In other words, water “perceives” and reacts to activities and emotions that occur in its vicinity. According to studies conducted by researcher Masaru Emoto, human emotions are one of the most powerful forces to influence molecular water clusters.
With this in mind, the Altar of Intentions invites you to experience water as a living divine element — an embodiment of how all things are connected. The water vortex within this installation captures the fundamental cyclical pattern of every force within nature, and in itself, creates a powerful energy field. By meditating on or directing one’s energy toward the water spiral, we have the power to change the structure of the water cluster.
With the collaboration of IHM Hado (Masuru Emoto) Institute, this project provides a completely unique experiment and experience for those viewing and interacting with it. Before the exhibition, samples of water will be collected and their crystalline structure photographed. During the exhibition, we will invite participants to direct their purest intentions into the water of this sacred altar, imbuing it with their dreams, aspirations, and emotions. Every day we will perform our water meditation ceremony.
After several days, additional water samples will be collected and their crystalline structure photographed. The changes in crystalline structures (before and after the exhibition) reflect how human consciousness can have an impact on our physical reality
After 5 days of exhibition, on the last two nights, we will ignite a flame inside the water vortex. Using the transformational properties of fire to offer all the intentions deposited on that water back to the source.
Through our vision into the beauty of the intention-infused water, we begin to truly and deeply see it as something not separate from us but instead a living, life giving, and therefore divine cosmic partner. And knowing this, we have the opportunity to cease the destruction of this life force, but instead, conserve and treasure it as the most precious force on earth.
We are looking for a film maker to collaborate in a very special documentary about the forces that rules existence, nature, cosmos, and Burning Man.
If you are this enlighned person with skills to fill this role, get in contact and we will provide more information.

Love and Gratitude

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