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Art Install for 2020 — Transforming Totems and Me...

MesmerElda night


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We are building two pieces that may be displayed together or separately (not sure yet) They are... more

Hookers and loopers, HELP!



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We are creating an art car that will have a coral reef on it made of different fiber arts creations... more

The Man’s Army – needs artists and some vol...



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Calling all BM visual artists! We're the Man's Army - BM art grant recipient project for 2019 If... more

Body paint in the Dust !! …. Lift back to SF :)



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Ciao! a little while ago I posted on Sparks about my Body Painting @ La Playa this year and have... more

Screen artistic documentary on ANTAGON international da...



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The latest work of my father Pavel Schnabel is a doc film about the dance group Antagon which... more




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Looking for help Install and fund a large scale sculpture GUARDIANS OF TIME by Manfred... more