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Are you a painter? Sculptor? Need help with your mind-blowing art piece? The Visual Art/Art Installations category is ready and waiting.

3D sculpting services/vfx foam


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Hi all, I wanted to reach out and offer our sculpting services I operate a 3D sculpting and... more

Magic Universe seeks placement near center


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Magicuniverses World puzzle is an ever-expanding collaborative piece of art I have been working on... more

Builder Needed – for art installation


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Looking for a seasoned Burner who really wants to meaningfully help us build our art installation... more

Animation for traffic lights



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Hi! We creating art installation for Burning Man 2018, "The Intersection" - it is a real-size... more

Photographer’s best ever images

1 First Fire Inside Installation, BRC, Cargo Cult. Photo by Scott London


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A decade of creating monuments that become playa artifacts, the only known to survive their burn... more

Ichiro Sacred Beings



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Hi, we are a group artists from Mexico that are building two beautiful dinosaur replicas covered... more

Need Lighting help

jjjttt 2


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I have a 15 white LED lighting project I what to have a set sequence for the lights Including... more

Lodestar guides and technicians



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Volunteers needed to help guide visitors at Lodestar, Safety, traffic direction, and discussion or... more

Graphic Artist Wanted



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Our theme camp located on the D-Ring in 9:00 sector We're seeking a computer graphic artist to... more

Animation with LED Light Strips

LED Strip 1


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Learn how to program LED light strips to add color and animation to your home, yard, and Burning... more

advice sought


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Hello! I am an art instructor in West Africa and want to build a large sculpture with my students... more

Art Support Camp needs Campers!



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Hello friends! Camp Infinite Community is an art support camp looking for campers toosupport our... more

Electrical Wizard needed



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My Honorarium winning piece Singularity is looking for an experienced Electrical Engineer bad ass... more