Listings for Visual Art / Installations (20)

Are you a painter? Sculptor? Need help with your mind-blowing art piece? The Visual Art/Art Installations category is ready and waiting.

Hookers and loopers, HELP!



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We are creating an art car that will have a coral reef on it made of crochet hyperbolic planes... more

The Man’s Army – needs artists and some vol...



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Calling all BM visual artists! We're the Man's Army - BM art grant recipient project for 2019 If... more

Body paint in the Dust !! …. Lift back to SF :)



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Ciao! a little while ago I posted on Sparks about my Body Painting @ La Playa this year and have... more

Screen artistic documentary on ANTAGON international da...



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The latest work of my father Pavel Schnabel is a doc film about the dance group Antagon which... more




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Looking for help Install and fund a large scale sculpture GUARDIANS OF TIME by Manfred... more

Sound design for art installations


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Hello, If you have an art installation that needs a soundtrack/ambient sound, I would love to... more

Looking for a male-sounding voice with a strong East Lo...



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Fucking Useless is a 2019 Honorarium art projectan eight foot tall useless box that snarks and... more

Call for Submissions – Through the Chrysalis Proj...



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Hello lovely burners This is a call for submissions (open now through August 16th) for our project... more

Sculpture and Installation Artist!


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Posted on behalf of my mom! Hi, everyone! I am a first time burner and an artist working in... more

Send Your Voice to the Playa!

Dust Telephone - small


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The Dust Telephone art project needs the voices of burners! We're collecting a bank of anonymous... more

Temple uv Enlightenment Needs on-Playa build assistance...

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 5.46.00 PM copy


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UPDATE: We have reached our limit on number of WAPs available for assistance on this project Thanks... more

Call for Art! Bring Your Art to the Burn (and let us he...

Nectar Village logo


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Have an art piece sitting in storage, yearning for another shot at life Have an installation that... more

Fragments Honoraria is looking for drone experts with p...



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Dear All, We are looking to collaborate with Black Rock Citizens who have a drone and a permit... more

Mega Mega Honorarium project



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As fantastical production experts, we strive to bring mirth and merriment to the community A... more

An Emotional Roller Coaser Art on The Playa Fundraiser



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This is An Emotional Roller Coaster, a 10 meter high 20 meter long static roller coaster We have... more

Add your art to our installation!



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Metamorphic Dis-chords is a wind-interactive art display We invite others to make and bring... more

Honoraria Project seeks TouchDesigner programmer to joi...



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Hello! Thanks for checking out our posting! We are an honoraria project, seeking an interactive... more

The Ovule Project



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HELP US FILL OUR OVULE CONTAINER! 1Small body sculptures made from sculptey, maximum 7" tall We... more

Help Build the Purr Pods



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Hello! I'm building giant metal cats that will purr when you pet them Lots of volunteer... more

What is your Art Power? How are you powering your Art? ...


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https://formsgle/vfWZa8atrLCU3VHr8 Black Rock Labs (wwwblackrocklabsorg) is requesting your help... more