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Are you a painter? Sculptor? Need help with your mind-blowing art piece? The Visual Art/Art Installations category is ready and waiting.

Honoraria Project Seeking Lighting and Power technician...


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The Bee Divine Hive Temple is a temple space dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and the honey bee We... more

Honoraria Project Looking for Fundraising Help



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The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance (wwwsoundcaveorg, @tysonayersarts) is looking for a fundraising... more

Honoraria project seeks videographer to add to team


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Hello! We are an art collective, excited to bring this project to the playa later this... more

I would like to contribute to an art installation

echoflower yarn bomb


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I've never been to Burning man, and not likely to because of health and finances A few years ago... more

Get involved with our Honoraria 2019 project


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Hello guys, Our project Fragments has been selected for the 2019 Black Rock city Honoraria As we... more

Looking for a Bay Area art project to be a part of for ...


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Hello- Last year (2018), I had the privilege to act as the Procurement Coordinator, Build... more

Art student Looking to Assist an Artist



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Hi! Any artists looking for some free labor I'm a MSU senior in fine art and photography, and a... more



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hey i am an industrial designer focused on Parametric/Computational designI am looking for someone... more

Assistant who anticipates your next move.



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FX PAINTER Looking to utilize my obsession to Co - create BAY AREA familiar Know the territory... more

3D sculpting services/vfx foam


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Hi all, I wanted to reach out and offer our sculpting services I operate a 3D sculpting and... more