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Looking for Trailer Pull from reno into burn on the 25t...


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Hi Looking for someone to help tow a travel trailer in from Reno in exchange for gas + vehicle... more

2 ppl looking for a rideshare option to and from the bu...

fredrik water


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Hi, we're 2 people looking for a rideshare option from PDX to the burn and back We will be part of... more

Offering a vehicle if someone can drive RV (from Las Ve...


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Hello! I have an RV booked from Las Vegas (and an alternative one from Los Angeles) but am not... more

Seeking ride to playa Aug 31 (evening)


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I am seeking a ride on Wednesday, August 31, arriving at Reno airport at 8:41pm with no check-in... more

Ride from Southern Oregon, Ashland


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Heading out Sat 27th for opening gate at midnight, though flexible, would love help with gas and... more

Denver to BRC – AUG 25th arrival – Can pick...



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I will be heading out early in my truck hauling a camper, following our 26’ box truck I have a... more

I can give you a ride, but need a vehicle pass….


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Hello Two of us in a large SUV with our camping gear need a vehicle pass and could provide... more

Need Vehicle Pass, can provide transportation from Bay ...


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Looking for a vehicle pass, 2 of us traveling to BM in large SUV, can give you a ride from Bay... more

Looking for ride to BRC 8/10-8/13



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Hey ya'll! Second year DPW, looking for a ride to Gerlach in the coming week (8/9 onward)... more

From Los Angeles to BRC and back

$$100 each way

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I am looking for company to help drive up to BRC in an RV from Los Angeles and back I would like to... more

Ride from BRC to Reno, Monday 9/5


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Hi! We are sharing an (air conditioned) bus back to Reno on Monday 9/5 and have extra seats! Will... more

Need ride from Playa to Reno 8/29

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 7.43.11 PM

$gas $/food

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Hi I am part of Suburbia but I can only stay for the build (sigh) because of a new teaching job I... more

Looking for ride – ANY major city –> BR...


$Any price

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Howdy! Got my ticket, got my camp I'm all set to go! Looking for a ride and some good company on... more

Thurs Aug 25 Ride from Truckee/Reno


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I am heading to the Playa sometime Thursday Have room for 1 for sure, dont know until I pack if I... more

San Rafael- BRC -back 8/28-9/5


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Hola! First time burner located in SAN RAFAEL in need of a ride departing Sunday 8/28 with return... more

26th Reno -> BRC 2 passengers looking for you :)


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Hello :) We are two Israeli burners - Talia and Moses - looking to join you from Reno to BRC on... more

Ride to and From Los Angeles

DSCF6460 copy

$Chip in for Gas

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Hi dusty friends, I'm a 5 year, about to be a 6 year burner I'm looking for ride from Los... more

Looking to share a ride from KY, OH, IA or surrounding ...


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hello lovely people :) I am looking for a ride from anywhere near Ky, ohio, Tennessee, etc I am... more

Free Ride to Playa and Back

bug & butter edit copy 2


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Pineapple and Butterfly here ! We've got the a new shiny Rental RV Veteran burners that have... more

SF to BRC- Sat 27th Aug. 2 people


52 total views, 1 today

Hi Fam! We are two first-time burners looking for a ride from SF to BRC on Saturday, 27th August... more

Looking for a ride in/out… have a car pass


$Shared Gas

89 total views, 3 today

I'll be looking for a ride from PDX to burning man, and back if available I have average gear plus... more

Rideshare SFO -> Reno, Afternoon 27th August

IMG_2717 (1)


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I am looking for a ride from San Francisco to Reno I will land around 3pm + time to get through... more



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PDX burner looking for a copilot

resized smurfy


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I am looking for someone to copilot with me to (and if you desire) home from the burn Ideally we... more

SF to Blackrock 8/26 return 9/6 one person door to door...

$175 ow 300rt

134 total views, 2 today

I have a van and a vehicle passI have one rider already and I have room for one more rider with a... more

Australian Ranger Needs Small Yurt Taken to Playa


59 total views, 1 today

I am travelling from Australia for the Burn I have a small Yurt in Reno and need it taken to and... more

Ride from Oakland, can bring bike, leaving 8/27 or 8/28...


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I have room for 1 person in my 2 seater van travelling from Oakland or I can pick you up from an... more

Carpool From Reno to BM


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First time burner here coming from NYC; my boyfriend and I would love to carpool with somebody... more



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Hi! Looking for transportation hopefully to and back from the Playa I live in Bloomington, Indiana... more

Looking for a ride: Van,Bc to RBC, 8/27-9/6

$split gas costs

50 total views, 2 today

Hi dusty friends, I am trying to get out there anytime between Saturday Aug 27th to Monday Aug 29,... more

Los Angeles Black Rock City

$Split Gas +

95 total views, 5 today

Hello! I'm hoping someone else will be driving LA to and from Black Rock City for this year's burn... more

My bike (not my body) needs a lift from Ventura > BR...

$Lets negotiate!

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Hi, Im Indigo I live in Ventura As does my bicycle I am heading into BRC from Montana I am looking... more

Driving across country from WV, offering a ride in my c...


$Split gas costs

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Hello! My name is Matthew AKA SEER I'm traveling from Fayetteville, WV - leaving on the 21st and... more

Reno to BRC 8/31 am

$Help with gas

87 total views, 9 today

I have a truck and room for 1-2 people plus some luggage I’m starting out in Sonoma County early... more

Looking for a ride to BRC from Oakland(roundtrip)



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I'd love to find a ride from Oakland to BRC on 8/26 and return 9/5 or 6 I'm semi flexible with... more

Need ride 8/28 Evening

Me Cocktail 2


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Hi! I'm looking to hail a ride into BRC from Reno on Sunday 8/28 Preferably in the evening I can... more

Reno to BRC Aug 7

$can contribute

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Looking for a ride from Reno to Gerlach / BRC on Aug 7 or 8th One human, one bag Can contribute gas... more

RV Share


$All expnses

123 total views, 2 today

OMG, I got a Ticket!!! Looking to Join People with RV space for me for the duration 4 times... more

Looking for a ride from reno to brc monday the 29th

$Gas money

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Hi there I am looking for a ride from reno to brc on monday the 29th Very little stuff Bike is... more

Leaving from Story, WYO on 8/27 Arrive 8/28-9


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Truck + Pull behind camper - looking for 1 or 2 passengers to join 2 of us on our drive We're... more

9/4 Ride to Reno


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I’m looking for a ride from BRC to Reno airport on 9/4 The noon bus is sold out and I’d rather... more

Early Arrival Reno Airport to BRC Friday 8/26 11am


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Flying in with just a carryon Landing at 10:50am Building on an art project and art car I’ll even... more

NEED from Portland EARLY ARRIVAL 8/26

Dustfish Fire logo

$have gas $$

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Posting for one of my WAP crew She has minimal gear, gas money, excellent driver and WAP for 8/26,... more

Looking for Ride from Playa to Reno morning of 8/31


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Looking for Ride from Playa to Reno morning of 8/31 Unfortunately I have to leave BM early for my... more

Ride Bay Area to BRC


161 total views, 2 today

I'm renting a full size truck (RAM Rebel or similar) from 8/27-9/2 I live in San Mateo and am... more

Ride To PLAYA from RENO August 25th 9:00pm burners R...

$Share costs

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Looking for a ride from Reno to the Playa on Thursday August 25th 9:00pm (Reno Airport) 2... more

Milwaukee/Chicago to Reno departing 8/23, arriving 8/25...


$split gas 50/50

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Calendar at your service here! Veteran Burner driving to BRC for the first time, making my... more

Reno to BRC Early Arrival 8/24 or 8/25

$Will share cost

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Hi everyone! looking for a ride from Reno into BRC early arrival, either Thursday or Friday anyone... more

English gal looking for a lift from San Francisco

$petrol costs

109 total views, 3 today

Hey!! Looking for a lovely person, or group of people to join on the road to BM! Will bring... more

Ride from BRC to Reno


$< 100 bucks

62 total views, 1 today

I'm looking to hitch a ride from Black Rock City to Reno on Thursday September... more

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