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Looking for help on an art project? This is the place for 2D or 3D art projects that need collaborators to bring the projects to life in one of the virtual worlds in the Multiverse!

Madonna Car

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Jose Benavides Attachments 9:46 AM (14 minutes ago) to Dmv-Mvowners-Announce Hope im not... more

3D digital rendering help needed. I have 3d file from s...

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 7.57.04 PM


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Hi! I am beginner artist and have made a larger than life sculpture that I had scanned and have... more

Unity Designer to Bring Charlie the Unicorn to the Mult...



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Charlie the Unicorn is a camp committed to being inclusive and bringing joy to all so we are hoping... more

Digital Artist available to create

balance on the plane


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Greetings! I'm a digital artist, musician, and animator who wants to be involved! This is my first... more

Chilopod to the Virtual Playa



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Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting incorrectly here We are an honorarium project for 2020 (now 2021)... more

Virtual Life Cube Project 2020

virtual Life Cube Project 2020

$Let's chat

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We are looking for some to help us navigate the various Multiverses for virtual Burning Man 2020 We... more

Playabeest needs help moving from solidworks to the mul...



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Hello, I've got a very detailed kinematic capable (animate-able )model in Solidworks of this... more

Looking for 3D Modelers



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LOOKING FOR A 3D MODELER to help us with Eat Me! We had plans to go this year, now we would like to... more