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A space for all the random things Burners may need. And we do mean random.

Seeking a Camp

Ry and Liv


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Hello! My name is Olivia, I am a Reno local hoping to attend this year’s Burn with my partner... more

Looking for electric Trike


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Looking for an electric trike - Recently blew my knee out and can't ride a bike :( Looking to... more

Looking for a camp (for 2) & opportunities to DJ at...


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Aloha fellow earthlings! I'm a DJ from India, stoked to finally embark on my first Burning Man... more

Seeking Buddhist-informed Participant(s) for Refuge Vow...


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Hi! I've been a Buddhist practitioner for several years and I think I'd like to go steady by... more

Would you be interested in using our 20′ x 40R...


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Hello awesome burning peeps! We will have a 20' x 40' canopy space as part of our camp We are... more

Gear from Buffalo to Bay Area.



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Looking for help! I am from Costa Rica and I have one a backpack with gear in Buffalo New York that... more

Spark Community Guidelines Update


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Please read before... more

Cargo transport


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I'm on the burner express this year and need help with transporting my Kodiak tent, swamp cooler,... more

Looking for a parking pass


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Manifesting a parking... more

stair lift


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have a almost new 20 foot stair lift any one wanta to make a stairway to heaven ect needs a new... more

Travelling from Ontario to BM by car



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I’m travelling from Ontario Canada by car with our camp in a trailer to Burning Man looking to... more

Seeking Muggle Teachers!



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Comfy Cozy Community College has officially been placed and we are excited to be spending our first... more



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I'm going to BM from San Antonio, if you can help with gas I can come out of my way! Please no... more



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hello guys it's my first time and I'm looking for a group to go from austin texas to BRC hola... more

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