Listings for Building/Construction (9)

Builder? Welder? Carpenter? Like drilling things? Can generally avoid your thumb with the hammer? Need someone who does? Link up with teams who are building things or need help with construction projects.

Pipe bender needed to repair geodesic dome!


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Our camp inherited a geodesic dome this offseason! It came with a few bent poles though so I'm... more

Honoraria art project seeks CNC machine/machinist


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Hello! Our honoraria project is seeking the assistance of a Cnc machine and machinist to cut... more

Seeking art project or camp build



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Hello Burn Fam! This will be my third burn Last year I worked build and strike for an OSS vendor I... more

Honoraria Project seeks Engineering Input


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Hello! Our team is seeking engineering input for our project Archaeopteryx Further details... more



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I am an architect living in New York City and I am looking to volunteer to help build an art /camp... more

Looking for a welder/metal worker and an electrician fo...

cocoon outer


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Hi fellow participants, I'm looking for someone with creative metal working and welding skills... more

Wood worker / Art volunteer!

BM  Sue Gene duststorm


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Hello BM Family! I'm looking for volunteer opportunities where I can help build art installations,... more

Get involved with our Honoraria 2019 project


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Hello guys, Our project Fragments has been selected for the 2019 Black Rock city Honoraria As we... more

Looking for Building place & materials in USA



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Hi ! I'm a french artist and I'm looking for a place near Nevada & BM to work before next 2019... more