About South Texas Fail


I'm not very good at this kind of this, but here goes nothing...
Hi I'm South Texas Fail, but you can call me Jace. I'm a big guy with a big heart. Wow this already sounds like dating site profile... Let me try this again... Okay
Hi my name is Jace.
I'm a big guy, that might look kind of scary, but I'm really just a big old teddy bear. I'm an artist (Painter of surrealist landscapes) I'm handy with tools, I can build things if needed, and I can snore in 7 languages (fluently). I'm not really sure how that last bit will every come in handy but... Um yeah. Moving on then. I'm willing to lend a hand when I can, and love to help. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling deep in side. I'm not sure if that is just heart burn, but what ever I like it. I'm a dork, and a goof. I also some times work as a striping robot... Don't ask...
If you need to know any more than that Just ask. I am willing to answer... Unless it's for the recipe for my vegetarian mushroom burgers. Taking that one to my grave!

The Robotic Barker

The Robotic Barker at burning man 2017 (BRC)


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The White faced Mother, a performance in silence.


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