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I've been to BRC twice. Once in 2017 - I was gifted a ticket by a stranger unexpectedly and had an hour to decide if I was going to say yes! I grabbed my costume tub and my bike and crammed everything into my prius and drove to Reno. I had to study during the day - I was in paralegal school. We didn't stay for the burn...I was on his time. Just happy to have been immersed in the people - the principals. Thank you - wow! In 2019 I went back as part of a build crew for the airport tent terminals. We built 9 military tents at the airport and six at our camp. I saw three sunrises in a row - sober - work first! I took my Moms ashes to the temple. She passed the summer of 2016 and in 2017 I didn't know burning man - I knew of the temple, but wasn't ready to let go. I did a beautiful memorial to her and four others that passed in such a short time. I'm thankful to have ever had the opportunity to go to burning man - but to get to go "again" and for build crew - and deliver my (crazy fun) Mother to the temple - I can tell you it was a very magical time. She's right where she belongs - she was crazy, funny, child like - joyful and native - first peoples native - and as I walked alone to the temple that night of the temple burn - somehow I was led to a small group of natives doing a chant - I don't know how these things happen - I'm just thankful to be the luckiest girl on the planet - thankful every day! ....even the really hard ones. Love

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