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Hey! I've burned once before and am ready to return to the dust. I live in St. Louis. My partner and I will be road-trippin across the US again. I am trauma therapist, travel photographer, glitter and sparkle enthusiast. I love cats, sugar, books, Humanism, YA paranormal fiction, globe traveling on a social justice non-profit warrior budget, painting nails, volunteering with kids, creating art, empowering women, connecting with nature, laughing, going to concerts, listening to classic rock, punk, pop, oldies, and alternative music. 80's movies and the Hunger Games make me Happy. My favorite part of burning man is seeing the beauty of the lights and colors and fantastical art that makes my eyes and heart happy. I am super honest, kinda weird, genuine, friendly, a little shy when I first meet new people, Kinda feeling like I am writing a dating profile right now, also patient, dependable. I have fantasies about someone pouring an entire giant jar of glitter over me and prancing around like a sparkly, iridescent rainbow pixie.

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