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Hello dreamers and voyagers!

My name is Deep (for real ;-) ) and it is probably fate that drove me to be a Deep House DJ ;-). Actually, I am a rocket scientist by profession with two feet firmly on the ground usually, and it is in music that I seek space, and in my mind that I try to use music to go, well...deep. I started DJing a few years ago as a hobby, but in the last couple of years I have started playing gigs in Berlin, Amsterdam (where I recently played for the Gardens Of Babylon) and my current home base of Bremen (when I am not busy building and testing satellites that is).

I am a new burner, having recently popped my cherry at a regional burn in Germany earlier this summer- Kiez Burn. Despite the small scale of the gathering, I strongly felt connected with the 10 Principles and felt the satisfaction in creating my own experience physically and metaphorically. I also had the chance to DJ there and share my deep melodic vibes in a burn setting, and let's say that my burner heart was ignited.

I will be a part of Camp Drift (from the makers of the Tree of Ténéré from BM 2017), but look forward to sharing my sounds across the Playa.

My set from Kiez Burn 2018 (Alt-Tellin, Germany): https://soundcloud.com/deep_schismic/kiezburn_sunset_zersura

My 1st podcast for The Gardens Of Babylon: https://soundcloud.com/thegardensofbabylon/the-march-madness-deep-schismic

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/deep_schismic
Facebook: facebook.com/deep.schismic
E-mail: one.schism@gmail.com

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