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I have attended 11 burns since 1999, missing only '01, '10, and '11 due to extenuating circumstances. My theme camp, Camp Mystic, was co-created by Cosmic Cowboy and others formally around 2002 as it became clear that a core group of friends were looking for a home away from home to work on once a year. Cosmic Cowboy and I have collaborated on more than a half dozen art projects over the years that have been placed on the playa, performed in Center Camp or involved ritual experiences within Camp Mystic.

For 2013 we wish to take an ineractive meditation experience that Cosmic Cowboy creates out into BRC via The Time Machine UFO, where citizens of BRC will be able to listen to guided audio meditation recordings that utilize binaural beats to take them on mental journeys through time, space, and dimensions. In 2012 over 65 people experienced one of these meditations in our camp structure, the Chillax Lounge to much praise and success. Now is the time to invite all citizens of Black Rock City to journey with us.

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