About Captain Red 73


Hi burners.

After a NDE, I decided to scratch the BM from the bucket list and I’m going solo from Europe. I´m looking for a fun and nice Camp that admits outsiders in exchange for a hand-on work and/or a reasonable fee.

About me: 43 YO spanish male with experience in project management, sales and logistics.

Free soul and assertive sportsman who loves outdoor activities, such as trail running and alpinism, as well as biodance, music and other cultural expressions and, of course, a good party when posible.

I consider myself to be polivalent, enthusiastic and fast learner, and I´m willing to contribute in any posible way according to my skills (Thai massage, swinging a hammer, sewing, cooking…you propose the task) to help your camp become a better place.

I’m flying from Florida, where I’ll be spending some days prior to the BM and I don´t have a departure spot defined yet, but surely from San Francisco.

Please send a message if you think I’d be a good match for your camp. I appreciate if you could tell me about your attitude, goals and conditions.

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