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Hau, I'm Alex and my entire life has seemed like I've been waiting for a chance to be included in something meaningful, maybe not to the social quo, but personally and to the people involved. I went to one school until eighth grade and never really had that one set of friends to get close with. I got along with everyone but having strict parents I wasn't allowed to socialize outside of school. From 8th through finishing school I moved around enough to perpetuate the feeling of disconnection. I feel like it's spilled over into my adult life and I long to be a part of something. Burning man has fascinated me my entire life after hearing family friends talk about it an everything it stands for. The feelings I get from someone's creative manifestation is more profound to me than the love I have felt for anything else in my life, and I desperately desire to be surrounded by it and the people that create it. In every form. I don't have a lot to offer, I draw a broad spectrum of subjects and also tattoo, not for money, but for the ritual of the art itself. I do have humble pride in my work but it's nothing compared to the monuments I've seen captured at the burn. I do, however, have a strong back and able body to help with anything possible to aide in setting up camps, carrying equipment, cleaning, mopping the dust, keeping the energy high, and accommodating every need I possibly can. I know I'm rambling. To the point. I'm hoping to be sponsored in some way to make it to burning man 2017 with an art camp, or even just a group of people generous enough to help. I won't be able to afford a ticket on my own before they're gone so I'm hoping to trade my hardwork and lifelong friendship for any bit of help I can get. I don't know how any of it would really work but I'm ready to learn. I can only give you my words and maybe through some chit chat with you, your crew, or whoever is reading this could get to know me enough to see that I could be a valuable contribution to the camp as well as praise every being willing to help me accomplish this goal of attending. Enough rambling for now I really hope to hear from you guys and maybe have the chance to be a part of something big. All love, Alex

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